What's Missing About Haiti In the Hillary Emails?

It’s hard to believe that no investigative reporter has picked up on the glaring fact…Hillary Clinton’s Haiti emails stopped on December 15, 2010.” — Ezili Dantò of HLLN
at Juicy Tidbits on Hillary Clinton’s Missing Haiti Emails

SEPTEMBER 2015 UPDATE: In Sept 2015, heavily redacted 2010, 2011 Hillary Clinton emails were released after this article was written. But the general analysis still holds. The newly released emails showed Hillary Clinton and Cheryl Mills discussing altering the Haiti Electoral Commission results to put Martelly in office.)

What’s Missing About Haiti In the Hillary Emails?

Let’s take one fact the US will hide: Michel Martelly was a passport carrying US citizen not eligible to be president of Haiti

Haiti Electoral Director Pierre Louis Opont With his Foreign Bosses deciding on the  Haiti vote
Haiti Electoral Director Pierre Louis Opont With his Foreign Bosses deciding on the August 9, 2015 Haiti vote

Haiti is the most named country in the released Hillary Clinton emails. Hillary Clinton was Obama’s U.S. Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013. But there are, as of this writing, still years of Hillary Clinton emails on Haiti missing, noticeably missing is the entire (presidential election and earthquake fundraising year) of 2011.* What does this cover-up?

Doesn’t the US State Department tell all and sundry that Haiti is not important to US strategic interest? Yet, it is mentioned more times than Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, China, Africa, Europe? Why are nearly three years of Haiti correspondences classified and even with that, Haiti is still the most named country in the released Hillary Clinton emails? You’d think professional journalists, think tanks or enterprising political analyst would want to investigate? But you’d be wrong.

To date, other than the outlets which regularly re-post HLLN’s reports, such as Global Research, Georgina Nienaber is the only journalist to pick up on the current missing emails on Haiti after Dec 15, 2010. Maybe she’ll start a trend in truthful US reporting on Haiti? Find the link and read highlights from the Nienaber article, here

In addition to the facts Nienaber outlines in her article on US politically-influenced reporting regarding the missing Haiti emails, we add that Ezili’s HLLN actually put out a recording from a well known Haiti source with Washington connections that gave evidence that the State Department also changed not just Haiti election results, but US official records to push through Michel Martelly, Haiti’s second great disaster, for president of Haiti.

Martelly held a US passport, US ambassador Kenneth Merten coded language implying Martelly had not violated the Haiti Constitution to become President is as corrupt and lawless as Martelly-Lamothe Regime
Martelly held a US passport, US ambassador Kenneth Merten coded language implying Martelly had not violated the Haiti Constitution to become President is as corrupt and lawless as Martelly-Lamothe Regime- See article, Former US Ambassador to Haiti lied, Martelly held a U.S. passport

This was done, even though (as stated by Seitenfus and Opont) Michel Martelly didn’t legally qualify to go to the second round but also with the Obama/Clinton State Department knowing Michel Martelly was a passport carrying US citizen and therefore not  legally ELIGIBLE, under the Haiti Constitution, to be president of Haiti. NO JOURNALIST even picked up our story, much less ever mentioned some of what the missing Clinton emails are hiding. (See, Ezili Dantò 2010 Haiti Teach-In Florida.)

Haitians believe the top secret missing Clinton emails probably hides early US knowledge that the Nepalese soldiers brought cholera to Haiti. Hides US liability under international law. Hides a myriad of conflicting interests. Probably hides the CDC/Paul Farmer medical cover-ups in order for them to sell cholera vaccines. May explain Bill Clinton’s sudden acknowledgment, years after the fact, that the Nepalese did bring in cholera. Probably illustrates how the HOPE Act, HOPE II Act, HELP Act and Caracol giving-jobs-to-Haitians-is a foreign policy hoax since everyone knows the Western Hemisphere labor market is unable to compete with the lower wages in Asia. There are 10 million Haitians in Haiti, but over a billion workers each in India and China alone. Hides the US swapping of Haiti domestic development to give favors to nations like South Korean, Rwanda, Pakistan, et al… with fake peacekeeping jobs.  May hide discussions that would show a deliberate circumvention of US quota limits for fabric imports from China, South Korea, et al by laundering raw materials supposedly in Haiti factories except the past-through happens without giving Haitians jobs (Selling off Haiti trade preference quota credits?); and hides the racist downplaying of UN-Euro child molestation and rape epidemic in Haiti.

What else is scrubbed in the Hillary Clinton emails? We know there was a US Obama Administration hand in the return of Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier to Haiti in mid January 2011. (See, Haiti: Interview with Ezili Danto on return of Duvalier.) Certainly, we know that Barack Obama, the UN, the OAS and the French president called President Zuma of South Africa to stop the return to Haiti of Haiti’s first democratically elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, a couple of months later in 2011. Not only did Hillary Clinton/Cheryl Mills manipulate the 2010 election results to make Michel Martelly the winner, her State Department ignored or were complicit in his corruption. In March, 2011 Dominican investigative reporter Nuria Piera accused Michel Martelly of receiving kickbacks from Dominican Senator Felix Bautista in exchange for future reconstruction contracts. Hillary Clintons emails on Haiti for the entire 2011 year may be classified top secret, but HLLN and other published articles of her State Department‘s complicity and inciting corruption, theft and fraud in Haiti are clear:

We are behind him. We have a great deal of enthusiasm. This is not only a goal of our foreign policy, but it is a personal priority for me, my husband, and many of us here in Washington.” Hillary Clinton talking about president-elect Michel Martelly (AFP, April 21, 2011)”–From Rags to Riches: Michel Martelly and the Haitian El Dorado.

The corporate media regularly skips informing the public about the above-the-law-international-gansters in Haiti despite their consistent history of corruption, the recent August 9, 2015 voting fraud, the 2010 electronic fraud and the constant Haitian people’s resistance. In general, today, the controlled media blithely writes about US Congress wanting new presidential and parliamentary “elections” in Haiti this coming October 2015! Reporting as if Haiti was free, sovereign and allowed democracy. See, ‘A political coup’ in Haiti and Anatomy of an Electoral Coup.

Haitians are not surprised at this US tyranny, terror, lack of candor nor at the immorality of the intellectual dwarfs working for the major world media outlets, think tanks and academia. We’ve seen it all before. Since the time of slavery to current, unreported, US occupation of Haiti behind UN guns and the charitable industrial complex. The international media and their paid academics can’t see. After all, vampires do not see their reflections in the mirror either.

See the recommended articles below and Former US Ambassador to Haiti lied, Martelly held a U.S. passport; Juicy Tidbits on Hillary Clinton’s Missing Haiti Emails ; The profoundly silent Chelsea Clinton; and Do U.S. Women Know Hillary & Co. support a Haiti president who calls for men to beat and rape women to shut them up?

Ezili Dantò, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement, September 14, 2015

The West has two faces. One evil.”

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*There are just 7 Benghazi-Cheryl Mills emails still showing for 2012 when the parameter “Hillary Clinton” -sender/receiver and “Haiti” are searched. Otherwise today’s search revealed no emails after Dec 15, 2010 for 2010, none for 2011, none for 2013. Before today, when “Hillary Clinton”- “Haiti” was put in the 7 Benghazi-Cheryl Mills emails did not show up. So there were no Haiti emails for the parameter “Hillary Clinton”- “Haiti” for 2012 also.


Highlights from the “What Are We Missing About Haiti In the Hillary Emails?”
article by Georgianne Nienaber, Sept 14, 2015. Source: Huffington Post

“…In 2010, Haiti faced the triple whammy of an apocalyptic earthquake, a cholera epidemic courtesy of the United Nations, and an election cover-up orchestrated while a good portion of the population was still homeless. 307 emails would barely cover it…”

“…the real scandal resides in politically motivated reporting…corruption has been a part of our foreign policy for hundreds of years…the malfeasance of USAID, NGO’s, the United Nations, foreign church groups, and international banking institutions…It is our fault and our fault alone if we assume a kind of fake innocence that the truth is unavailable or too confusing to pursue..we need more than whining fake innocence to justify jettisoning critical thinking…In case you don’t know, Seitenfus was fired from his OAS position in December 2010 for telling the truth to the Swiss newspaper Le Temps about Cholera, NGOs, and a rigged election…”

In an article published in the Haiti Sentinel, an article that has since been scrubbed from the Internet except in cached form, CEP President Pierre Louis Opont says “that as director general he gave the official recount results to the international observers. He says that Cheryl Mills, the Chief of State for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the observers from the Organization of American States then gave results different then what were passed to them.”

The American press has not yet investigated this claim.

“..From 1804 to 1915 Haiti was a sovereign state under a republican form of government. She won her independence from France in 1804. She was deprived of it in 1915 by the United States. Since then we have been in virtual control of her territory, our marines have been in military occupation of the country, and the former republic has been stripped by us of every vestige of her sovereignty.”
There is no beginning and no end to the continuing rape of Haiti by just about everyone.

Note: The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) provided valuable tips and leads which have been vetted in this post.”

—Read the complete article here


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