The website account is off-line

If you are looking for the domain, our website is temporarily off-line due to a massive cyber attack to silence the Haiti voice against the US occupation in Haiti behind UN guns, fake elections and the poverty pimping charitable industrial complex. Our team is hard at work to protect the files and restore the site. Here’s what our web host says about the massive DDOS cyber attack we’re enduring:

“A typical UDP flood would be 200-500mbs megabytes per second and last a few hours a a day, but the hackers going after your site were hitting our network to cause 8.74GBS 16- 30 times larger and lasted days which tells us they control thousands of bot computers and are capable of taking down or harming most any site making them extremely dangerous.”

The severity of the attack took down the hosts servers and our commercial host has indicated that they cannot risk the taking down of all their servers or network again at this time. For now, we’re asking our readers and supporters to follow our Ezili Network Media Youtube Channel for the latest Haiti news. Like, subscribe and make a donation to get us safely back on line. This coming year, Ezili’s HLLN will celebrate our 22th anniversary. With your help and generous donation, we won’t be silenced.

As the 2015 U.S. fake election, U.S. support of Martelly-K-Plum regime massacres of dissenters on the streets in Haiti and their other silencing methods ramps up in more poor Black people bloodshed, know that we are redoubling our efforts to continue to defend, protect and give voice to the voiceless in Haiti. Watch the new Èzili video interview giving face to the exploitation in Haiti:  Ezili Dantò: The Secrets A Western Education Hides

Make a donation to sustain this work. Consider re-posting our videos, joining Ezili Dantò on Facebook, subscribing to our youtube channel. This is the time to let the one percenters know they will not silence all of us.***

The blood of Haiti protestors and police shed during the 2015 Jovenel Moise electoral fraud is on the hands of Michel Martelly, Antonio “Sal” Sola (“King of the Dirty Campaign”), Barack Obama and the big business corporatocracy they work for.” — Èzili Dantò, HLLN/Free Haiti Movement, November 10, 2015