Haiti: Until She Spoke

1. Fulfilling Leclerc’s imperative through debt, privatization, free trade, UN occupation and wage slavery.
2. Until She Spoke by Frederick Douglass- and Until Desalin Spoke by Èzili Dantò, a Free Haiti Sept 20-Oct 17 posting.
3. Dr.Edward Scobie on the Haitian Revolution and Dr. Scobie on The Haitian Revolution Revisited
4. Prof. Bayyinah Bello: Jean Jacques Dessalines ; on Decoding Haiti Revolution; on Importance of women in Haitian Society 

5. Haiti Warrior Queen Defile, like the Goddess Aset, gathered the scattered pieces of Asar(Heru)/Desalin for the rebirth we await.
6.Kouwòn pou Defile (Marie Sainte Dédé Bazile) by Michel Sanon, 2006.
[See also,  Mumia Abu Jamal on Black August 1791: Bwa Kayiman and  Ezili Dantò of HLLN on Great Mother Roots in Haiti and Africa – Dark Matter of Creation, Primordial Genesis, Haiti Revolution and Vodun.]

Excerpt From Lecture on Haiti by Frederick Douglass

Until she spoke, no Christian nation had abolished Negro slavery.

Until she spoke, no Christian nation had given to the world an organized effort to abolish slavery.

Until she spoke, the slave trade was sanctioned by all the Christian nations of the world, and our land of liberty and light included.

Men made fortunes by this infernal traffic, and were esteemed as good Christians, and the standing types and representations of the Savior of the World.

Until Haiti spoke, the church was silent, and the pulpit was dumb.
Slave-traders lived and slave-traders died.

Funeral sermons were preached over them, and of them it was said that they died in the triumphs of the Christian faith and went to heaven among the just.”-Excerpt From Lecture on Haiti by Frederick Douglass (See, Until Desalin Spoke – A Sept 20 to Oct 17 Free Posting)

Afrikan Women in Ayiti’s War of Independence from Anacaona to Mari Klè Erez – Prof. Bayinnah Bello, 1992

We cannot go back to Afrika. Let us make it our Afrika wherever we are.” — Boukman at Bwa Kayiman The Haiti Revolution – Dr. Edward Scobie

Bayyinah Bello : Jean Jacques Dessalines

Dr. Edward Scobie – The Haitian Revolution Revisited
Lessons From Boukman and Dessalines (PT1)

Quoted by Dr. Edward Scobie
Dessalines talks to Toussaint Louverture and he’s giving Toussaint advice.

“Somethings we do not need…
Somethings Toussaint make sense only in some places.
Food, we will grow.
Homes, we will built.
Our women and children, we will protect with blood.
With blood we made them free.
We are all we need.
We are all we have.
We will sustain us.” – Jean Jacques Dessalines (at 1:31:37 Dr. Edward Scobie – The Haitian Revolution Revisited)

AUGUST 25, 2009 2:52PM

Fulfilling Leclerc imperative:debt, free trade, wage slavery



Fulfilling Leclerc’s imperative through debt, privatization, free trade and wage slavery

New Slavery Model: Sonthonax, the Commissioner from France back during revolutionary days landed in Haiti not to end slavery but to give rights to the mulatto oligarchs and maintain the slavery of the African masses. The African masses overcame Sonthonax, won their freedom in combat, eradicating physical slavery. The UN and Bill “Sonthonax” Clinton are helping to fulfill Leclerc’s imperative through debt, privatization, free trade, UN occupation and wage slavery.


Stop Star Destruction
Stop the Destruction: For Our Mothers

A genocide is going on in Haiti right now. When only a handful of Haitians are working, when there’s 70% unemployment and those actually formally working are only making .22 cents (70 gourdes) an hour and forced to pay the Haitian Oligarchs for food to eat at high U.S. import prices, starvation is a given. It’s economic slavery. The slavery in Haiti the media won’t expose.

This conversation for dual citizenship won’t change the miserable status quo for Haiti’s majority, only allow for the white colonial blueprint to continue. Haiti’s Parliament is already too non-Haitian as it is. These folks are not only paid by foreigners, they’ve adapted wholesale foreign methods, modes and values that make no practical sense to Haitian existence. There could be a 110-degree heat wave outside and these folks are wearing dark, three piece suits, speaking in ecclesiastic French most don’t even understand and mimicking English debating rules that have no root in Haitian traditional conflict resolution! They’re using Roberts Rules as their Parliamentary procedure when African mediation have little to do with Western notions of Bourgeois democracy or other such values, Euro-cultural profit-over-people imperatives and so-called cost-effectiveness rules. They’ve been pacified into fighting using Queensbury rules when the Haitian people’s mortal enemies use no rules, only overwhelming power and shock and awe to paralyze and destroy the poor’s will to fight. Tout se makak madigra. Kiyes politisyen sa yo ap sevi si se pa blan kolon? Jounen jodi a, se yo ki zouti kap tranche nashon an. Afè Lakou a, konbit la, travay tè, pataj, Kreyòl, Vodun, Sevi lasosyete, kòmand Desalin, paròl Grandèt yo, ah! Sa pa gade yo. Yo vle fè sa blan ap fè. Anbasadè Meriken e Bill “Sonthonax” Clinton se Dye pa yo.

Moreover, it not hard to imagine the mentally colonized, visa-carrying privilege Diaspora, exerting their power over the Haitian, without dollars, jobs and visa power, living inside Haiti. Thus increasing our fear of each other. Said fear, divides and thereby assist our traditional enemies and keep Haiti from moving forward. Let’s recall Sonthonax came to uphold the rights of the Mulatto to vote and to maintain slavery of the Africans in Haiti. The Haitian revolution got rid of physical enslavement. Today, economic enslavement reigns unfettered.

Fifty years from now, if the paradigm doesn’t change, what the Spanish did, within 30 years of setting foot in Haiti, – that is, cause the death of all the inhabitants, one million Taino-Haitians, will be matched by today’s “International Community” with the genocide of perhaps 10-million African-Haitians living in Haiti. That’s when Haiti shall be developed, no longer stigmatized and at peace. For, Lecler’s imperative shall have been fulfilled, albeit over two centuries later with the Blan’s bicentennial return conquest of Africa’s Blacks in Haiti that started in 2004. (See, The Kidnapping Coup).

It is not everything to have removed Toussaint, there are two thousand other chiefs here to have taken away…Here is my opinion of this country. It is necessary to destroy all the negroes of the mountains, men and women, sparing only children under the age of twelve, and destroy half of those of the plain, without leaving a single colored man in the colony who ever wore an epaulette. Without that, the colony will never be at peace.” —French General Charles Victor Emmanuel Leclerc

Part of the reason Leclerc’s peace and security has not been accomplished sooner is because, for close to two centuries, the Haitian majority did not depend on the Euro/US dollar to eat. They grew their own food, had the Lakou and Konbit (cooperatives) and went to market to barter for what they did not grow. That system has been destroyed by free trade in the last 30 or so years. Dependency on the Mulatto/Freedmen/Affranchi or “Black” bourgeoisie as metastasized today in the new face of the deracinated Haitian oligarchy, who get their liberty by being more into the US/Euro monetary system/capitalism and white profit-over-people culture than the whitest of white man, to bring Africa’s children food is death. Who doesn’t understand that? (To understand further the US/Euro monetary system, go to: Zeitgeist Addendum; for this entire article, go to: Ezili’s HLLN on Dual Citizenship, No, Not a Priority.)

Calling the Petwo within.
Ezili Dantò: For Our Mothers Breaking Sea Chains Knowing The Afrikan Trickster.

Human Rights Lawyer, Ezili Dantò is dedicated to correcting the media lies and colonial narratives about Haiti. An award winning playwright, a performance poet, author and lawyer, Ezili Dantò is founder of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, runs the Ezili Dantò websites, blogs, listserve, eyewitness project, FreeHaitiMovement, the on-line journal, Haitian Perspectives and Zili Dlo, an Ezili Network project for clean water, renewable power, cultural education and skills transfer for Haiti.

Ezili Dantò of HLLN on Great Mother Roots in Haiti and Africa

Dark Matter of Creation, Primordial Genesis, Haiti Revolution and Vodun (download). Original source: Black Womniverse Recorded not too long after the apocalyptic Haiti earthquake on May 30, 2010

Haiti Warrior Queen Defile, like the Goddess Aset, gathered the pieces of Asar(Heru)/Desalin for the rebirth we await

Kouwòn pou Defile - Haiti Warrior queen Defile, who like Goddess Aset, gathered the pieced of Heru/Desalin for the rebirth
Kouwòn pou Defile (Marie Sainte Dédée Bazile)- Haiti Warrior queen Defile, who like Goddess Aset, carrying the hacked-up pieces of Asar(Heru)/Desalin for the rebirth

Women warriors of the Haitian revolution by Ezili Dantò at Vodun, the Light and Beauty of Haiti (Photo Essay)


After Defile killed the French rapist who had been raping her all her life, Defile known formally as Marie Sainte Dédé Brazil, joined the Haitian revolution at Bwa Kayiman. (See, Dr. Scobie, Haiti Revolution at 1:15.)

Like warrior-mothers Anacaona before her and alongside spiritual advisor Gran Guitonn, Manbo Cécile Fatiman, warrior Tante Toya and combat specialist Mari-Jann Lamartinière, Defile took up arms and fought against the European slavers and rapists in Haiti. Defile was a fierce soldier who loved, shared the liberation visions and had a close relationship with General Janjak Desalin, Haiti’s founding father. (See also, Janjak Desalin – The women who influenced him, his ideals and legacy remembered, Desalin’s Law  and the Three ideals of Dessalines.)

Manman Defile, not only led her own female fighting regiment who fought alongside the Haiti men during the revolution, but she also gathered other warrior women and merchants to supply General Desalin’s troops with food, supplies, ammunition and special ops activities. Her troops of women fighters maintained Desalin’s supplies transporting them to the lines in rear or front as required assuring maximum effectiveness against the Europeans enslavers, despots and tyrants.

On October 17, 1806, the mulatto sons of France led a plot and assassinated Haiti’s founding father. Their henchmen hacked him to pieces and left his remains as garbage on the side of the Pon Rouj road. Defile, braved the wrath of the mob and soldiers there to make sure that Desalin’s remains were left to publicly rot as a lesson to terrorize anyone who would defied the mulatto generals. When this lone woman, named Defile stepped up with her guns in hand and face death in order to properly bury Haiti’s founding father, the mob fell silent and stepped aside. Her lone act of courage is recalled and glorified, as the years go by, in direct, proportion to the increasing rejection of Desalin’s butchers – – the Petion and Boyer-led plots to murder all the Black generals. Defile (Marie Sainte Dédé Brazil) gathered the pieces, like Aset did for Asar, like Isis did Osiris, and gathered up our dignity, properly burying the greatest hero to ever live. The mentally colonized Haitians, immersed in European neocolonialism, who wrote Haiti HIS-story called her “crazy.” But Queen Defile was the most sane. Not numbered in our history amongst the murdering Negropean collaborators.

Defile was an enslaved Haitian woman who freed herself, thought for herself, took action even some warrior men may have been hesitant to take, and left us a legacy of courage. Manman Defile went against the mob violence and group thinking, preserved our nation’s dignity, faced the powers of the mulatto generals, and faced France to honor our fallen founding father. Kouwòn pou Defile.

Free Haiti sings the glorious warrior tales of Vodun queen and revolutionary woman soldier, Defile. The French and their Catholic historians in Haiti, write her in history as crazy because she killed the French rapists and slavers and loved the Liberator, Janjak Desalin, without end.

♫♫Boukman o nan Bwa Kayiman
Nou lonmen non w
Nou pa denounen w, nan Bwa Kayiman
Papa Boukman o, nou wè ase
Papa Boukman o,nou rive nan tobouto
Peyi nou divize, lafanmi doz-a-do.
Nou pa te fè Bwa Kayiman
Pou n sèvi etranje.♫♫

Defile’s Song by Chantal Laurent

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Kouwòn pou Defile (Marie Sainte Dédé Bazile)

by Michel Sanon
Youn mesaj pou tout Ayisyen k’ ap viv ak konsyans yo nan limyè

Lè nou sonje Desalin, nou paka pa wè Defile.

Se Defile ki te ranmase diyite Ayisyen nan pousyè ak san kote l tap drive nan Pon-Wouj.

Valè nou bay Defile, se valè nou bay diyite nou.

Nan okazyon saa, mwen envite tout Ayisyen bòn volonte mete kè yo ansanm avè m nan youn basen pwezi pou prezante oun kokennchenn kouwòn pou Defile.

Kouwòn pou Defile by Michel Sanon, 2006

Defile, fanm vanyan
Fanm santiman
Fanm diyite…
Se pou bèl zanj nan paradi
Vide lwil pafen sou tèt ou.
Move lang sou latè
Kouri bri tèt ou te loke
Istoryen malpouwont
Pase non w nan rizib
Pou pitit-pitit Ayiti
Pa gen respè pou ou.
Yo pa janm chache konnen
Ki zèklè k te kale w
Konmkwa w te kèk sanmanman
Kochon te bay tete.

Defile, fanm santibon
Bèlte simbi ak kè bonbon
Lè nou mande
Kikote w te rete
Yo di nou: kay kraze
Achiv pa make dat
Pou Nèg Ginen sonje w
Pou tilezanj fete w
Nan tout jenerasyon
Fanm kalite tankou w…
Ala lapenn, manman!
Epoutan, ou te fèt
Ou viv, epi w mouri
Anplis, ou fè bon zèv
Depase moundebyen
Ki ekri liv istwa
Fè konnen w se moun fou
Paske konsyans yo nan fènwa.

Pou lonè w, Defile
Pawòl twòp pou pale.
Mwen trense you kouwòn
You bèl kouwòn pwezi
Ki pou fè moun sonje
Kisa, kilès ou ye
Chak fwa yo panse “diyite”.
Defile, rèn tout rèn
Ou se solèy konsyans
Ou se manman tout Ayisyen
Ki viv ak nanm yo nan limyè.

Decoding the Haiti Revolution

Haitian History with Professor Bayyinah Bello

Completing The Haitian Revolution Pt 1 Of 2 Prof Bayyinah Bello
“Success is being who you are in such a complete and stable way that you become the foundation upon which the next generation will feel secure.” – Haiti peasant, quoted by Prof. Bayyinah E. Bello (1:08).

“If there is one revolution that we could say was run by women, it is the Haitian revolution. One-third of the battalions were made up of women…It was the women’s job to go to the enemies’ camp and render the cannons unusable…Mari Jann assured Janjak Desalin’s security…The first Minister of Financed in an Independent free Haiti was a woman.” – Completing The Haitian Revolution Pt 2 Of 2 Prof Bayyinah Bello.

(A side note: As you see clearly on this page, we love, honor the awesome Prof. Bayyinah Bello, always. Highly recommend this 2nd presentation also. Except for one tiny note. At Ezili Network we DO NOT recommend the Divine Horsemen as a good book on Vodun. NO. Absolutely not. There’s no such thing as the “white darkness” to describe Afrikan spirit possession or the divine blending. That’s just cultural appropriation, a Bourgeois insertion of the glaring light/white into Dark Matter/Divine Mother. A Maya Deren lie-or limited imagination/spirit.)

Importance of women in the Haitian Society


Blacklooks: Interview with Haitian historian Bayyinah Bello

Stop Star Destruction
Stop Star Destruction

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