Touring Season

Touring Season – Sept to April
Ezili Dantò’s performances and Arts-With-the Ancestors Workshop programming season continues from September to April every year (with one seasonal Bwa Kayiman show each August). Our touring season begins in September with the Story of Janjak, leading into the Red, Black and Moonlight series, ending with the Bwa Kayiman show.

Ezili Dantò of HLLN at Colleges, Universities and as special invited guest – on the current situation in Haiti, HLLN’s work and the Art-with-Soul performance poetry pieces from RBM – Between Falling and Hitting the Ground. (See, Interview with Ezili Dantò on Haiti work and on Haiti’s Riches.)

The To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti-Forums and the FreeHaitiMovement events are on-going throughout the year (See Haiti Forum 2009). Join our Ezili Dantò mailing list to keep up-to-date with bookings, current events in Haiti, Ezili Dantò presentations, workshop times and locations. Write “Subscribe” to:

January 1 Special presentation are available for Jan 1st – Haiti’s Independence Day and Nov 18 for Vertieres, The Greatest Battle ever fought
Sept/October Dessalines Is Rising
Celebrating the life, philosophy and legacy of Haiti’s Liberator, Jean Jacques Dessalines with Ezili Dantò’s “The Story of Janjak: The Greatest Hero who ever Lived”  (Locations and times for the October 17 shows are announced on our Ezili Dantò Listserve mailings.)
February zilibuttonEzili Dantò artists at Kwaanza, Dr. Martin Luther King and Black History month celebrations and presentations throughout United States. (Not always available. Depends on demand at least six months-to-a-year before February of each year to assure Ezili’s artists are available.)
August Bwa Kayiman Ceremony – A Vodun Theater Dance Show
Celebrating the Gathering that started the Haitian Revolution

zilibuttonBwa Kayiman Clip (Ezili Dantò with master drummer Frisner Augustin and Troupe Makandal)

Performances of The Bwa Kayiman Play with the Ezili Dantò artists to celebrate the Bicentennial of Haiti’s Independence in New York City, NY – Exact venues to be announced

(For more performance info – See also Press Kit and Photo Gallery)