Ayiti Mande Eleksyon Pa Seleksyon- Siw Dakò Gaye Dokiman Sa Yo Toupatou

Kreyòl – Referandòm Pèp Souvrèn Ayisyen Pou Libere Ayiti – Download Kreyòl PDF Version.
(See English at Haitian Street Referendum to Stop the 2015 Selection Scam)

Antonio Solá “Sal” Reche: Wa Eleksyon Sal – King of the Dirty Campaign

See also, Haitians and Haitian Americans Condemn the Jovenel Moise Electoral Fraud, Call for A Stop to the Brutal Silencing of Peaceful Protests

Haitian Referendum to End the (S)election Scam – Referandòm Pou Libere Ayiti (in Kreyòl). Siw Dakò Siyen e Gaye Dokiman Saa Toupatou Pèp

Eleksyon pa seleksyon
Eleksyon pa seleksyon



Referandòm pou libere Pèp Souverèn Ayisyen
Pèp la mande pou eleksyon pa seleksyon!

Dokiman saa se pou ede Ayisyen yo ki vle fè yon deklarasyon piblik oubyen yon  referandòmp ou wetire iminite ki anpeche pwosekisyon Michel J. Martelly pandan li Prezidan, e egzije demisyon li pou kowipsyon, fwod, vòl elektowal, e twayizon.

Ayisyen mande jistis e demokrasi pa magouy. Pèp la di Eleksyon Sola pap regle anyen pou yo. Li di: “kònte tout vòt pèp la. Pa vòt Mandatè volè Martelly e Antonio Sola sal yo.” Pèp la mande Blan Kolon pou kite Ayiti an pè. Tanpri. Li egzije demisyon Martelly pou kowipsyon, fwod, vòl elektoral e twayizon. (Ale lan lyen saa: Referandòm Pou Libere Ayiti e an Anglè isit: Haitian Street Referendum to Stop the 2015 Selection Scam)


Antonio Sola “Sal” Reche of Ostos and Sola is nicknamed the King of Dirty Campaigns

Antonio Sola the man behind Jovenel Moise
Antonio “Sal” Sola the man behind Jovenel Moise. Sola is nicknamed “King of the dirty campaign

El Salvador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala not just Haitian people are visited with accusations of Antonio “Sal” Sola corruption, bribery and electoral fraud. It was reported, “Sal” Solá began to be investigated in Central America after authorities leveled allegations of bribes taking from a politically influential Brazilian construction company. At 4:53 into the Tele Image video, we see testimony of a PHTK monitor who said he was paid to vote and the monitors where paid 1000 gourds or in cell phones, motorcycles, et al… to vote for the ruling party candidates. Later on in the video at 6:42, a witness shows one burnt ballot numbered and verified by the polling center showing a presidential vote for Moise Jean Charles. He says activists found it in Roro Nelson’s house where thousands of votes from opposition areas where burnt. Ronald Nelson and Woodly Éthéart, known as Sonson Lafamilia are close associate to Michel Martelly known for their extra-legal tactics and as coordinators of the ground campaigns to manufacture consent for Martelly’s legal bandit team. Antonia “Sal” Sola Peche, like Michel Martelly’s close associates ex-convict, Ronald Nelson and accused kidnapper for the Galil Gang, Sonson Lafamilia, are  not unfamiliar to legal authorities.

The attorney generals for Costa Rica and Guatemala were forced to announce that Brazil asked for information on a corruption scheme splashing Petrobras, the largest transnational in that country. Sola, a Spanish nationalized Mexican, and a close friend of José María Aznar is under suspicions of trafficking donations to OAS, the largest construction company in Brazil, and to politicians in the region.

Brazil, Guatemala and Costa Rica has reported that the president of the construction company, the Brazilian José Aldemario Pinheiro Filho, who is imprisoned in his country, gave monies that alone influenced at least two presidential elections in Costa Rica…Sola has participated in the management of more than 500 political campaigns on the continent.“– Sismo en región por pesquisas contra Solá, asesor de ARENA)

Antonio “Sal” Solá Reche strategy is regularly based on six steps: 1) attacking institutions, 2) manipulating information, 3) causing scandals with respect to key political players and 4) the operating structures 5) interrupting the regular established conditions to vote, 6) annulling elections.

Ayiti pa vle eleksyon Sola:
Kònte Vòt Pèp la. Pa Vòt Mandatè Volè Martelly e Antonio “Sal” Sola Yo.
(Ale lan lyen saa: Referandòm Pèp Souveren Ayisyen and Haiti Resistance to 2015 Electoral Scam)

Ostos and Sola

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Haiti Resistance to 2015 Electoral Scam

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Pierre Espérance réclame la dissolution de la BOID


ELECTIONS-LATAM: Brains Behind Dirty Campaigns Go Global
Source: here

“In Mexico, Antonio Solá from Spain, who has ties to Spain’s rightwing opposition Popular Party, and Dick Morris of the U.S., ex-consultant to former President Bill Clinton (1993-2001), advised current president Felipe Calderón during the tense electoral campaign in 2006 that led to his victory.

Solá and Morris – who in 1996 resigned from the Clinton reelection campaign after his own affair with a prostitute, who revealed private White House information, came to light – have been identified as the people behind Calderón’s smear campaign against his opponent Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who was the candidate of the leftwing Democratic Revolution Party (PRD).”


Efrain Alegre hires expert nicknamed “King of the dirty campaign”


Antonio Sola, the author of the dirty war vs Zavala and the PRI

Alejandro Amenta M. has pointed to Antonio Solá Reche as responsible for the discredited campaign which Rafael Moreno Valle launched against Javier López Zavala and the PRI government in Puebla.

The leader of the “priísta” (PRI) government, at a press conference, spoke of the continued actions of Antonio Solá and his “dirty war” and spoke of the song “Un Peligro para México” (A danger for México) in his attempt to discredit the opposition leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Solá uses a distinctive “black and dirty” campaign consisting of the publishing of “pasquines” containing false information as well as the encouragement of street riots among voters.

Antonio Solá Reche strategy is regularly based on six steps: 1) attacking institutions, 2) manipulating information, 3) causing scandals with respect to key political players and 4) the operating structures 5) interrupting the regular established conditions to vote, 6) annulling elections.


Criminal collapse of Antonio Solá, Spanish Popular Party strategist in Latin America


Unanimous: Guatemalan Congress strips President Pérez Molina’s immunity

Otto Pérez Molina of Guatemala Is Jailed Hours After Resigning Presidency

Antonio Sola has been spinning the truth for Martelly since the 2010 rigged elections


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