Press Release: Haitians Condemn the Jovenel Moise Electoral Fraud

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Download press release)
PRESS RELEASE – November 10, 2015

Haitians and Haitian Americans Condemn the Jovenel Moise Electoral Fraud, Call for A Stop to the Brutal Silencing of Peaceful Protests

Contact: Jean Yves Point-du-Jour
at: 301 254 5185

We, Haitians and Haitian-Americans, living in the Diaspora protest and forcefully condemn the recent waves of gross human rights violations happening in Haiti.

In 1986, the Haitian people liberated Haiti from a brutal dictatorship. By doing so, they planted the seeds of democracy and were in hope that Haiti will become a democratic country with democratic institutions.

Twenty-nine years later, that dream of democracy is being threatened and is on the verge of being evaporated. Elections become selections. The people’s constitutional rights of free speech and assembly are being systematically violated by the current regime. Peoples’ rights to peacefully demonstrate are being hampered. People have been summarily arrested, beaten, tear-gassed and killed after the October 25th fraudulent election result was announced. We, Haitians and Haitian-Americans, living abroad protest these violations and ask that the people’s rights to free speech, assembly, peaceful demonstration, free and fair elections be respected and that sanctions be taken against the perpetrators.

Down with fake elections. Down with dictatorship. Long live with justice and democracy in Haiti!


Jean Yves Point-du-Jour, Maryland USA
Èzili Dantò, Free Haiti Movement NY/Haiti
Eugenia Charles, Washington DC
Marc Telusma, Miami Florida
Farah Juste, Miami Florida
Tony Jean Thenor, Miami Florida
Marleine Bastien, Miami Florida
Alina Sixto, Stamford Connecticut
Doumafis Lafontan, Boston Massachusetts


See corresponding paper:
Haitian Referendum to End the Selection Scam Referandòm Pou Libere Ayiti (in Kreyòl)
Haitian Authority police used excessive and brutal tactics

This tormenting brutality and terror conducted by UN-US militarized police in Haiti visited upon peaceful and unarmed citizens is horrific, unacceptable and intolerable



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