Barbarians Inside and at Haiti Gates: Israeli HLSI and Eva Peled

US/Israeli-HLSI Plunder of Haiti: The Gold Pillage at Mona Bossa/Loma Miranda Mountains and The Coastal/Offshore Oil Excavations

Martelly continues to plunder and pillage Haiti while the media focus folks on the US election scam in Haiti. Eva Peled signs, in plain sight, an illegal agreement with US strongman Martelly in Haiti to replace the discredited UN military with Israeli former military and its South African mercenaries
Martelly continues to plunder and pillage Haiti while the media focus folks on the US election scam in Haiti. Eva Peled signs, in plain sight, an illegal agreement with US strongman Martelly in Haiti to replace the discredited UN military with Israeli former military and its South African mercenaries.

Israeli-HLSI Former Military: New Mercenaries taking over the discredited and downsized UN Troops’ Role in Haiti

Signature D’un Protocole D’accord Entre Le Gouvernment Haitiene et la Firme Israelienne “HLSI”

Nos frontières gérées par une firme Israélienne
,–Radio Television Caraibes

Ezili Dantò on Mark Thompson “Make it Plain” show speak about the October 15, 2015 (s)elections.

Who will the US-Euros declare “winner” of the Haiti (s)elections?

Why did the illegitimate Martelly privatize Haiti borders – land, air and sea to former Israeli military officers at HLSI with a $50 million dollar illegitimate contract? Where will that $50million come from? Is it to be paid out of Haiti oil/mineral resources in the manner South African and other white mercenaries at EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES were paid with Sierra Leone diamonds to protect the Sierra Leone government that hired them, or in oil and diamonds in Angola? These white mercenaries are the international oil communities private army. Is this how Haiti’s oil is about to be exploited? Are the Israeli/Lebanese/Syrian/Jordanian mercenary families in Haiti bringing in their own private army with US/Clinton connivance? (See the Clinton Foundation connection to Eva Peled’s Mitrelli Group and $24,800,000 Clinton Global Initiative/Adama Angola link with Mitrelli Group, Eytan M. Stibbe and Luminar Finance.) Executive Outcomes and their offshoot “security companies” are linked to apartheid Africa’s notorious death Squads.

Conflict in Sierra Leone – True Story of South African Mercenaries: Executive Outcomes

Ex SAS officer and Private military contractor Simon Mann (Executive Outcomes) interviewed by Sophie Shevardnadze, July 5, 2014

Nov. 5, 2015 update at: Who will the U.S. declare President of Haiti this time?

North Haiti’s resource area is one of the chief economic reasons for the US occupation behind UN mercenary guns and the NGO-poverty-pimp’s humanitarian front. While many have bought into the scam that (s)election under occupation can result in a positive outcome for Ayiti, the unelected Martelly team just, on October 23, 2015 signed a massive border “surveillance” agreement for land, air and sea with an Israeli company identified as HLSI. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Haitian government, represented by Laleau Wilson, the defacto Minister of Economy and the HLSI Israeli firm, represented by its Vice-President Eva Peled. Ms. Peled is a former lieutenant in the Israeli air force and is the CEO of Geomine and Vice President of Mitrelli Group.

The un-elected Haiti government, without Parliament, transferred the sovereign Haiti border management functions to a private sector.  That’s right. Foreign Private Military Security Contractors – not the newly trained 11,000 Haiti police and special teams – are taking over the role of the downsized UN/Minustah troops. 

Just when you thought the white man’s profit-over-people system had done its worst to voiceless and disenfranchised Haiti? Washington shows you its barbarity is without limit when it wants Black lands, resources, labor and sex. (See, UN rape, pedophilia, sex slavery and enforced prostitution in Haiti.) The parasites and invaders newest bite into Haiti with this agreement is about as anti-Haiti sovereignty in nature as you can get.

Living under the rule of barbarians requires all our resources, material and spiritual. Will Haiti, once again, be that traumatized place that must answer these beasts in the name of all humans on planet earth? It seems so. Alaso Piti Desalin/Dantò, alaso. We’ve got a legacy to reach. ( Ale wè: Vòl e Piyaj Nan Ayiti – Israeli/HLSI e Kontra Yo ak Bandi Legal Martelly Yo.)

Barbarians Inside and at Haiti Gates: Israeli HLSI and Eva Peled
On October 23, 2015, the transitional Haiti government, charge only with the task of organizing elections, signed another massive illegal agreement with an Israeli firm with connection to mining security, mine decontamination, arms trafficking, South African mercenaries, blood diamonds and wars in the oil/diamond rich areas of Angola, Congo, Sierra Leone and even diamonds in Mexico.

The stage is all set for the White Domination Vampires to pull the strings to make it seems like it’s Haitians going to war against Haitians in the resource rich areas in the North of Haiti.

The story of Israeli weapons in Haiti that holds up the Oligarchs
Putting it all together. We’ve previously explained the connection between the US occupation, the Bigio Group’s Port Lafito with ethnic cleansing, resource pillage and the Dominican Republic expulsions. How it fits. The Israeli-HLSI customs-border deal works hand-in-hand with the US Customs and Border Patrol in the Dominican Republic.

Big business and the rapacious oligarchs are complicit and benefit from the Dominican Republic deportations. At last count, over 80,000 Haitian/Haitian-Dominicans, have been deported from the DR to the land border areas of Haiti that HSLI will presumably control? It’s a well known fact that Haiti billionaires and monopolistic companies, like Gilbert Bigio’s Bigio Group, have stronger Israeli and old Canaan allegiances than domestic Haiti loyalty.  Gilbert Bigio’s family maintains a controlling interests in at least sixteen of Haiti’s largest companies. US imperialism/ racism, working with the light-skinned and white Haiti Oligarchy – aka the Mercenary Families – make Haiti a nightmare for most Haitians and a fiscal paradise for any mediocre non-Haitian.

Israel has been furnishing arms to the Duvalierist-oligarchs and unelected Haiti puppet governments/dictators since before 2005 to the present. At the article, Israel not always a force for good in Haiti, it’s written:

“..weapons of Israeli origin were being smuggled through Florida and ending up with armed gangs in Port-au-Prince in this period-some in collaboration with the junta, and some opposed.”

Do not be surprise when those arms end up in the hands of the new refugees “looking for a homeland.” Nor the Israeli/South African mercenary template to be used to radicalize the Haiti-Dominican refugees at the border. This is the Jewish expertise in Palestine, South Africa, Lybia with ISIL, Sudan, Congo, et al….

Why are there Israeli military grade weapons in Haiti when Haiti has not had an army since 2004?

Over the years Israel has sold weapons-and often along with the weapons come Israeli advisers-to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua (under Somoza), Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Nigeria, Rhodesia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua-New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Iran, and a number of European countries and several non-governmental actions. Sometimes even the least desirable customers have required some softening up: “Greatly detailed stories abound of the huge bribes Israel has used to suborn defense ministries, with the sole objective of nailing down arms deals.”–Israeli Foreign Policy: Weapons Manufacturing Industry by Jane Hunter

Let’s look at the information currently available on the unelected Haiti government’s attempt to sell-off what’s left of Haiti, after the Bill Clinton’s quake auctioning off – to sell Haiti land, air, sea, lock stock ‘n barrel to mercenaries and invaders at HLSI. Examine it and come up with your own conclusion.

The US-Euros Replacing UN Troops with More Israeli Mercenaries – Fè yon ti koudèy:
1. HLLN/Doumafis Lafontan has put the information in Kreyòl here at Elek-syon Prezidan nan Canaan

2. In the midst of the election fury, the US-imposed Martelly government in Haiti signs a border “surveillance” agreement with “HLSI.” This acronym for an Israeli company is a deliberate subterfuge and re-direction. HLSI is hard to pin down on the internet. But we’ve caught a glimpse of it, here and other places. Which, if so, explains all. (HLSI = Israeli Homeland Security? Say it isn’t so! ) But there’s also a variation found under the link: Coastal Surveillance Africa, that’s identified as HLS International (HLSI). The people of Haiti are deserving of transparency and have a constitutional right to demand that the Martelly government imposters immediately release the entire HLSI contract for public perusal. If they had not been so sneaky, we wouldn’t have to decipher this newest foreign military presence in Haiti for ourselves.

3. Former Israeli airforce lieutenant, Eva Peled, is also the frontman for mining company Geomine and finance company (?) Mitrelli Group.

4. What we do know from the Haiti government video is that Eva Peled, who has a power of attorney for Geomines signed the Haiti illegitimate “border surveillance?” agreement with the illegitimate Martelly team. Hiding all they are, in plain sight.

We’ve tried to find more info on HLSI without success. But Eva Peled’s Mitrelli Group is connected to the Clinton Foundation. We found a $24,800,000 Clinton Global Initiative/Adama Angola link with Mitrelli Group, Eytan M. Stibbe and Luminar Finance. Did Eva Peled’s Mitrelli Group donations to the Clinton Foundation buy HLSI a $50million contract in Haiti with the Clintons’ puppet Martelly team? See the signature line, here. The Mitrelli Group is also into phosphate mining in Angola with Minbos Resources. Are there also large amounts of phosphate resources, besides the gold, iridium, oil, diamonds and other minerals to mine in Haiti? More eyes and investigation are required on this so that we all get a better understanding of the containment of Haiti in perpetual poverty and the US government’s auctioning off of Haiti resources.

HLLN and the Free Haiti Movement has followed the Israeli presence in Haiti for quite some years and at How Big Business Fuels Haitian-Dominican Tensions and elsewhere to our Ezili Newsletter, wrote:

“Martelly and his unelected Transitional Team are busy signing off more responsibility to the Haitian people while they still can. On Friday, October 23, 2015, just before the Sunday elections, a border construction and surveillance (air, land and sea) agreement was signed between Haiti and the controversial HLSI Israeli firm, represented by its Vice-President Mrs. Eva Peled. Other such shady deals to bring in different private military security contractors to replace the discredited MINUSTAH abound while the Haitian people’s attention is riveted to the US election scam carnival. “The enforcement model the Dominican Republic uses to police its boundary with Haiti is an import from the United States.”

See, Will Haiti get a wall, checkpoints, settlements, outpost as the Israelis do to the Palestinians? by Èzili Dantò ; US Military Aid Supports Anti-Haitian Deportations in the Dominican Republic;  The US-DR forces control the Haiti-DR border with the Israeli government, uhmm “eyeing clean energy at border.” See video, the Quisqueya Binational Economic Council. It’s not Haiti immigrants invading the DR, but DR oligarchs, like the Vicini family, et al  are pushing westward into Haiti. What are US Border Patrol Agents Doing in the Dominican Republic? ” – Ezili Dantó

5. HLLN suspects the intention is to eventually use the newly imported stateless Haitian and Haitian-Dominican refugees from the Dominican Republic who are milling around at the border area of Haiti to cover up the resource thievery? With Adama villages for a more Avatar Haiti?

Or, maybe the nefarious plot is to use the DR’s civil genocide to manipulate a partition, a separate nation out the resource areas (a new homeland for the stateless Haitian-Dominicans?) in Northern Haiti so that Empire may have it’s South Koreans covering up resource pillage at the sweatshop hoax in Caracol, the disaffected Arab/Syrian oligarchs from old Canaan (present-day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel) Haiti gives asylum to and the stateless Dominican/Haitians operate this resource area as the East Congo and Southern Sudan new states they came up with in Africa’s resource-rich areas? We always hope we’re wrong. But we’ve been able, in the pass, to decipher the plots and get the bloodsucking plotters to re-route their evil or postpone massacres. Perhaps if we publicly decipher this one, it may force the vampires to re-think us Haitians as easy prey. Any thoughts our readers might add are welcomed.

6. Expertise of the inter-connected Eva Peled/HLSI companies lie in mine detection and demining. Nothing points to “border surveillance” expertise that we’ve found yet. But Ms Peled is former air force. The company touts having a proprietary technology to find landmines. Obviously that same technology would be adaptable to finding other minerals and metals. It has enormous surveillance equipment that is touted as environmental hardware to re-route and protect “fish?”

7. Mitrelli has connections to Angola (oil/diamond wars). Geomine’s technology allows aerial detection of landmines and UXO.

Eva Peled/Geomine in Angola

According to more public information:

“Geomine’s revolutionary technology has been invented to radically reduce landmine contamination around the world. … Eva Peled Chief Executive Officer.

Looks like the Geomine technology can sense other stuff as well mineralogical mapping.

Eva Peled/HLSI is also the VP the Mitrelli Group, an Israeli company boasting some massive thermal and weapons technology.

“..four radar systems, five regional coastal centers and eight coastal observation points, all of which were connected to a central command and control data room.”

Monitoring “fishing” with some serious gear! But Ms. Eva Peled’s online resume, explains that:

“Mitrelli operates in emerging countries, providing turn-key projects to governments in the fields of agriculture, water, health, construction and education..projects in Angola.”

What’s the connection to the needs of Haiti “border” surveillance. Haiti is not at war and doesn’t wish to be at war. Why all this border arming? Are we that far into the hidden US-Euro mining process in Haiti that there’s a need for “mine decontamination,” or is it preventive? Why the subterfuge as “border surveillance” when this new pillaging foreign presence is no doubt also about Haiti mining. Which we’ve already shown is part of the Clinton/Obama Caracol hoax where a great parcel of Haiti lands are hidden under cover of a South Korean sweatshop to dig underground our resources.

Why does this company, Geomine, have a Croation, a Croatian (?) power of attorney for Eval Peled’s Geomine?

A journalist friend with experience in the Congo that we sent some of this info to, wrote back:

Them fish be sneaky….companies posing as environmental entities are part of the biggest intelligence gathering networks in Africa.”

What HLLN can do is bring this information to the attention of Haitians and conscious world citizens. Perhaps your knowledge base might see more or at least begin to discuss this. Share it with Haiti media and peoples.

Martelly’s lawless pillage of the Haiti treasury  by giving each of his departing cabinet ministers $50,000, his electoral manipulations to impose a successor, illegal decrees and uncontrollable contracts with foreigners while the Haiti masses are disenfranchised, all, violate due process, Haiti laws and constitution. They’re illegal. Pye kout pran devan. In witness. — Èzili Dantò, HLLN/Free Haiti Movement- October 29, 2015

HLSI - Eva Peled***

Aero Partner, Eva Peled and HLSI
Aero Partner, Eva Peled, ex Yugoslavia military, HLSI Aviation, the import and export of military and special products and services. Source: here.


HLSI - Israeli Homeland Security in Haiti?
HLSI – Israeli Homeland Security in Haiti, a country not a war and without an army?           Source: here

Èzili Dantò, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement, October 29, 2015

The West has two faces. One evil.”

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Nov.5, 2015 update at: Who will the U.S. declare President of Haiti this time?

October 25th electoral fraud occurred not with violence but through ballot stuffing, discarding votes for government opposition candidates, gov monitors, observers voting multiple times
October 25th electoral fraud occurred not with violence but through ballot stuffing, discarding votes for government opposition candidates, gov monitors, poll-watchers voting multiple times. See, US Election Scams in Haiti and The October 25th US election masquerade in Haiti.


The second part of the fraudulent August 9, 2015 elections where held on October 25th. Haiti analysts report that no more than two million people were qualified to vote. Yet, there are “9,650,000” votes cast. The same Haiti analysts say, in essence, that more than half these votes were cast by monitors/observers and poll-watchers not Haiti voters. The rest from fake ballots brought into the system by the sitting government. Others specified that they witnessed instances where the new BOID paramilitary unit go to the voting centers, throw everyone out and then stuff the voting boxes with already prepared votes.

The Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) distributed 915,675 accreditation cards to political party monitors and observers for Haiti’s Oct. 25 elections. Most of the political monitors and observers were from parties affiliated with the Martelly government which assisted in multiple voting, the massive fraud and the October 25 election comedy.

The CEP’s 915,675 accreditation cards represents over 16% of the electorate. Local observers estimated the turnout for the second round October 25 elections for local majors and Parliament and first round presidential election was between 25 percent and 30 percent. The party monitors/observers made up more than half of the voters who are said to have participated in the vote.– See also, Haitian observers: ‘Massive fraud’ in vote

Arrêté Scandale: Président Michel Martelly jure de piller les caisses du trésor public avant de partir
Voici la copie de l`arrêté offrant des privilèges énormes aux dignitaires tèt kale! —


Haitian observers: ‘Massive fraud’ in vote

Oct. 29, 2015, Miami Herald

“On election day, a Herald reporter saw young men surreptitiously passing the cards around and instructing people to go vote. At the Lycée National de Pétionville voting center,an exasperated supervisor complained to a colleague that a party monitor had already voted at least three times using the card. And on a street near the station in Nazon, a Herald reporter overheard a man on the phone negotiating the purchase of 300 cards.” — Haitian observers: ‘Massive fraud’ in vote


In Haiti, tire barricades burn as candidate alleges fraud

Thursday, October 29,  2015 | Source:
AP Photo: Supporters of Jean-Charles said they discovered partially burned ballots on Thursday behind the concrete wall of a home in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Delmas 41. The candidate insists that numerous ballots supporting his bid have gone missing elsewhere.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — One of Haiti’s top presidential candidates insisted Thursday that ballots checked with his name have been destroyed or discarded, prompting small groups of supporters to burn tire barricades in a few sections of the country’s capital.

Former Sen. Moise Jean-Charles, candidate of the Petit Dessalines faction, is considered one of a few major contenders out of the 54 hopefuls who appeared on presidential ballots in Sunday’s first-round elections. The two top finishers are expected to compete in a Dec. 27 runoff.

With official preliminary results still days away, tire-burning supporters of Jean-Charles said they discovered partially burned ballots on Thursday behind the concrete wall of a home in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Delmas 41. The candidate insists that numerous ballots supporting his bid have gone missing elsewhere.

Without discussing specifics or presenting evidence, Jean-Charles told reporters at a Thursday press conference that there was also a plot at a tabulation center in Port-au-Prince to prevent votes in his favor from being entered into computers.

“This is going to lead to political turmoil,” he warned, prompting cheers from about three dozen backers gathered at a Port-au-Prince school.

The tabulation warehouse is under guard by police and U.N. peacekeepers and Haitian electoral workers are monitored by a rotating cast of international observers 24 hours a day.

Although it is prohibited for results to be released by anyone other than the Provisional Electoral Council, Jean-Charles’ camp released its own calculations from Sunday’s vote after reviewing 85 percent of the returns. He insisted Thursday that he dominated voting in half of Haiti’s 10 departments and accused the government-backed candidate’s team of trying to steal the elections.

It was not immediately clear if the council planned on sanctioning Jean-Charles or any other candidates for releasing such information.

Gregory Mayard-Paul, a spokesman for the Tet Kale party of outgoing President Michel Martelly, dismissed Jean-Charles’ allegations as “pure fiction.”

“I don’t think Moise Jean-Charles has ever told the truth in his life. This looks like something he planned himself,” Mayard-Paul said of the partially burned ballots.

Jean-Charles was one of several opposition lawmakers whose disagreements with Martelly’s administration resulted in lengthy political gridlock. He is a career politician who brands himself as a voice for Haiti’s poor and disenfranchised.

On Thursday, Jean-Charles vowed to fight for a spot in the runoffs, which he said would be automatic if the elections are honest. “Either elections or revolution,” he told supporters of his Petit Dessalines faction, named after a hero of the Haitian Revolution.



2 thoughts on “Barbarians Inside and at Haiti Gates: Israeli HLSI and Eva Peled

  1. An on point deconstruction of the malfeasance of the barbarians posing as benefactors and civilized. Thank you for showing them as they are: vampires and vulture capitalists coupled as invaders and mercenaries.


  2. There are no words to explain the wrongs and destruction that a handful of families controlling over 50% of the wealth of the country have done to Haiti. Besides Monopolies, exploitation and corruption, they have contributed highly to the destruction of Haiti. It does not matter what government is in power, they have the control of everything, from ministers, high ranking army officers and police. They have their own ports, control all imports, always ready to buy anyone in the government holding some kind of power, sold weapons to military and police, even when supposedly the country was under embargo. Very few men and women have the courage to denounce them, because even the medias are controlled and some of them would not even be able to function with the money received… They have created “HELL ON EARTH” for millions. Their lobbyists in the US, Canada, France are too happy to keep the rape of poor country, as long as the money keep coming. This is a very unhealthy situation that has been going on for years and must one day change. Enough is enough! Whether it is MEVS – ACCRA – BIGIO – BOULOS – etc… their actions and acts of corruption, destruction, complete control, are unforgivable.


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