US Election Scams in Haiti

October 25th electoral fraud occurred not with violence but through ballot stuffing, discarding votes for government opposition candidates, gov monitors, observers voting multiple times
October 25th electoral fraud occurred not with violence but through ballot stuffing, discarding votes for government opposition candidates, gov monitors, observers voting multiple times

Watch the Real News Network interview part one and part two with Jessica Desvarieux on eve of the October 25, 2015 long delayed Haiti presidential (1st round), parliamentary (2nd round) and local elections (2nd round).

Èzili Dantò speaks on how critical these elections are to US-Euro corporatocracy and International Community who need a functioning Haiti Parliament to approve their new mining law that the World Bank has already submitted to a Haitian Parliament that has not yet even been elected.

The puppet Martelly dictatorship, ruling with a US-orchestrated unelected transition team since Jan 12, 2015, has also, by decree, added an additional 19 new deputy seats to the Haiti Parliament. The gerrymandering disenfranchise communities heralding mostly from the mining, coastal and oil rich areas in question, in an effort to stack the Parliamentary vote with new 19 deputies in foreign pockets to more easily approve the World Bank interests and the decrees their Martelly puppet presidency has submitted to a new Parliament and a new President not yet elected. Clinton emails reveal that Martelly was put into the presidency not by the Haiti vote, but Washington. Now that this fact is well known, the international community shall continue with the exploitation with a brand new Parliament and president presumably that are (s) elected in a less blatantly controversial manner than when the US-Euros took advantage of the earthquake grief to violently bring in Martelly’s cholera democracy. There was less security issues, disorder or violence on October 25 than during the first round of legislative elections on August 9, 2015. But the vote is just as rigged as it was in 2010.

Firstly the electronic system is owned by the oligarchs pushing the government candidate and status quo. Most of the 128 political parties on the ground are affiliated with Martelly’s PHTK party. They had access to the voting booth. Martelly government observers and the over 2500 monitors the foreign-owned Haiti Electoral Council approved of, are also said to have had access to multiple voting centers and these “monitors” voted multiple times and at multiple voting centers. Most of the violence occurred after the elections. Ballots were burned at four polling stations in northern Haiti. Police and UN troops are said to have made 234 arrests for various irregularities and seized 13 guns. Ballot box were also altered in transit to the electoral office. Analyst believe the US, the OAS and their puppet Haiti government are not beyond the fraud of not delivering the cast votes during the transportation and committing fraud in the counting and certification of ballots. It happened in 2010 and in 2006 while Haiti was ruled by UN military proxy for US interests.

The October 25th and Dec. 27th elections are critical for the International Community to legitimize the Bill Clinton Interim Haiti Recovery Commission reconstruction laws, its foreign landgrabs and the World Bank mining amendments to Haiti Constitution that were never passed by a fully seated Haiti Legislature. (For more info, go to: Who will the U.S. declare President of Haiti this time?; The October 25th US election masquerade in Haiti and to World Bank already has mining law in Parliament, says Jean-Charles Moïse.)

No matter what the actual vote count is, the US will select among the top four popular candidates – Jude Celestin, Moise Jean Charles, Jovenel Moise (Michel Martelly’s candidate) and Maryse Narcisse (Jean Bertrand Aristide’s candidate) – the one who promises to approve Martelly’s shady deals with the Clintons and to the mining companies and the Washington military industrial complex. Martelly’s team will do whatever’s necessary to push through his hand-picked presidential candidate to office or any one of the popular candidates who promise not to prosecute him or his family for their abuse of power. The people of Haiti are left to survive the US occupation and to keep what the Ancestors fought for, on their own.

US Drone "cameras" at the Haiti voting centers, Oct. 24, 2015
US Drone “cameras” at the Haiti voting centers, Oct. 24, 2015. The ABCs of Election Violence in Haiti. See, Des caméras et des drones devant les centres de vote

Clinton Emails Reveal Foreign Meddling in Last Haitian Presidential Election (1/2).
Real News interview to discuss the past and present influence of the international community in Haiti election results part 1.

Writing about the October 25th vote, Miami Herald reported that:

“United Nations security forces reported that 224 people were arrested, including a candidate for the lower chamber of Deputies and two Haiti National Police officers. Firearms were seized and there were no reported election-related fatalities.” — Patience, calm urged as votes counted in Haiti.


Real News interview part 2

Senator Moise Jean Charles Speaks about Haiti Mining
and His Resolution and Efforts to Preserve
Haiti Resources for Haitians (In Kreyòl)


Behind the US Election Carnival in Haiti
Martelly and his unelected Transitional Team are busy signing off more responsibility to the Haitian people while they still can. On Saturday, October 24, 2015, before the Sunday elections, a border construction and surveillance agreement (air, land and sea) was signed between Haiti and the controversial HLSI Israeli firm, represented by its Vice-President Eva Peled. Other such shady deals to bring in different private military security contractors to replace the discredited MINUSTAH abound while the Haitian people’s attention is riveted to the US election scam carnival. “The enforcement model the Dominican Republic uses to police its boundary with Haiti is an import from the United States.” (See,Will Haiti get a wall, checkpoints, settlements, outpost as the Israelis do to the Palestinians? by Èzili Dantò ; US Military Aid Supports Anti-Haitian Deportations in the Dominican RepublicQuisqueya Binational Economic Council – YouTube and the Nation article, titled, What are US Border Patrol Agents Doing in the Dominican Republic?)


See, more HLLN 2015, US Election Scams in Haiti coverage, click here:
Nov.5, 2015 update at Who will the U.S. declare President of Haiti this time?

The October 25th US election masquerade in Haiti


The ABCs of Election Violence in Haiti

The Diaspora’s Fly-in Militia to manipulate the selections in the poor but populous West Dept – The Trench Town Model in Haiti


“In downtown Port-au-Prince, the skinned heads are ready to party until wee hours. Win or lose, they will claim victory. The bogeymen are a frantic rendezvous with Baron Samedi. Sadistic and cannibalistic as they are, thousands of living-beings will be slaughtered as “holy” sacrifices to save their “Nèg Bannan Nan.” But the election is largely muted by the vast majority of Haitians who see no interests in political charades. Most importantly, millions of Haitians are not foolish enough to let themselves be the cannon fodders for opportunist politicians.”–Sweet Micky in a spiritual pitch for his dude, CSMS Magazine, Oct. 24, 2015


Présidentielle 2016 : Jude Célestin dénonce les fraudes du parti PHTK
Conférence de Presse ce lundi de Moise Jean Charles. Oct. 26, 2015

Haiti Electoral Director Pierre Louis Opont With his Foreign Bosses deciding on the Haiti vote
Haiti Electoral Director Pierre Louis Opont With his Foreign Bosses deciding on the fraudulent Aug 9, 2015 “Haiti” vote

Des bulletins de vote calcinés découverts par des partisans de Moïse Jean-Charles (Also at Tout Haiti.)

Èzili Dantò, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement, October 25, 2015
(Last updated Oct 26, 2015)

The West has two faces. One evil.”

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Oct. 25, 2015 Haiti Election News Round-up
October 26, 2005:

Fraudes électorales : Céant et Steven Benoit réclament le départ de Martelly !
Parmi le top 7 des candidats les plus populaires durant les élections présidentielles de 2015, deux d`entre eux ont réagi d`une manière énergique face aux.-


Election du 25 Octobre 2015 : Réussite sécuritaire, mais fraude massive a révélé les observateurs locaux dont le RNDDH

M. Desras a expliqué que malgré l’apparence calme des élections, des cas de fraudes ont été énormes. Il a parlé d’une prise d’otage en silence de la machine électorale.


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