UN rape, pedophilia, enforced prostitution in Haiti

UN rape, pedophilia, sex slavery and enforced prostitution in Haiti

1. Ezili’s Legal Analysis and Discussion: UN rape, pedophilia, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy and sexual slavery in Haiti. Video of the HuffPostLive Ezili Dantò Interview on the UN report showing vastly understated numbers of UN sexual abuse of Haiti women and girls.

2. Comment One: Regarding Sean Penn Huffington Post article titled: “Our Cross to Bear”– Sean Penn and the White Savior Industrial Complex are Haiti’s Cross to Bear

3. Comment Two: Regarding Sean Penn Huffington Post article titled: “Our Cross to Bear” at Huffington Post 4. In Kreyòl: June 1, 2015 Interview with Ezili on UN rapes, sexual slavery and prostitution in Haiti. Brief summary of the radio segment with Dahoud Andre of Eritye Papa Desalin, June 1, 2015


The United Nations Stabilisation Mission In Haiti (MINUSTAH) forced children and women to have sex with them in order to receive a meal , clean water, or medicine. Items mostly donated for the victims’ benefit. Photo Source: guardian.co.tt/news
UN Rape, Pedophilia, Sex Slavery, Enforced Prostitution, Forced Pregnancy and Ethnic Cleansing in Haiti
by Ezili Dantò , June 2015
Summary: UN Forces in Haiti Rape Haiti Women and Girls – UN Massively Under Reports the Rapes, Sexual Tortures & Prostitution. Lie by Omission. Worst, the UN Minimizes and Normalizes the Abuse as “Transactional Sex” for food, water, medicine or as “Sex-For-Food” Scandal, not War Crimes.

Number of Children and Women Raped By UN Perpetrators In Haiti Are Vastly Understated

The Associated Press reported that UN perpetrators in Haiti were found, by a leaked UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) report, to have engaged in “transactional” sexual relationships for food, water and medicine with over 225 women and underage girls. The AP did not mention the “transactional sex” the UN perpetrators have with men and boys in Haiti. A third of the 225 sexual exploitation and abuse cases involved minors under 18.

First of all, the numbers of sexualized violence committed by UN perpetrators are vastly understated. If more than 5% of the Haitian population has been infected with UN cholera since 2010, the numbers are even more systematic and widespread for UN worker sexual abuse, violence and rape of Haiti people over the last 11-years since the US occupation, outsourced to the UN, began in 2004.  So, it’s pretty laughable to Haitians when we read that the UN report on its misconduct in Haiti finds only 225 “transactional sex” victims.

To understate the enormity of the sexualized violence horrors in Haiti, let’s just consider a mere 1% of the population in Haiti are subject to this vile and daily affront.

There are more than ten million Haitians in Haiti.  Based on the numbers of testimonies and widespread local reports on UN sexual abuse, violence and rape we are aware of, it’s safe to say that at least 1% of the population have been raped or, to use the UN euphemism, are having “transactional sex for aid” with the UN perpetrators. 1% per year over the last eleven-years of their presence. That’s 100,000 victims per year and 1,100,000 over an eleven year period and these figures are vastly understated. We’re just giving concerned citizens a truer look into the UN tyranny, support of sex trafficking, bullying, abuse of fiduciary responsibility, ethnic cleansing, degradation, indignities and national disempowerment Haitians are forced to endure and that’s hidden by the Clintons’ aid debacles in Haiti, the Hollywood celebrity “feel-good” spiels about the aid racket, the fake elections under military occupation and the NGO-crisis caravan poverty pimps who take up most of the air time on Haiti.

It’s reported that UN peacekeepers have fathered an estimated 24, 500 babies in Cambodia and 6,600 in Liberia. Haiti hasn’t even began to count the numbers of children left behind since 2004.

UN rape, pedophilia, sex slavery and enforced prostitution in Haiti
UN forces trade aid for sexual access to children bodies in Haiti

Haiti Women, Girls Under Siege by UN Sexual Abusers

Worldwide, up to 50% of sexual assaults are committed against girls under the age of 16. The UN is a major factor in these assaults. Yet, it’s the arbiter for human rights in the world.

In Haiti, women, girls, boys, even men, cannot walk too far away from their homes without encountering a UN soldier trying to flag them down for sexualized violence, what the UN wants to downplay, for legal reasons, as not a crime but “transactional sex.”

There are UN bases dotted all round Haiti, a country not at war and with less violence than all 14 of the tourist-bound Caribbean Island nations put together. Besides, the 52 nations that provide nearly 9,000 military and police personnel for the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (“MINUSTAH”), there are at least 18 other UN organizations with offices in Haiti. The UN is omnipresent in Haiti, along with tens of thousands of charitable organizations.

UN Rapes are Widespread, It’s Not Transactional Sex, Not Food-For-Sex-Scandal But Legally Punishable Criminal Actions

Sexualized UN violence is not “transactional sex” as trumpeted by the media and the UN.  It’s not sex. It’s rape. Rape cannot be consented to.

The UN cannot have it both ways. It cannot recognize the inherently unequal power dynamics between staff and beneficiaries, between protector and the protected and report that enforced prostitution and rape are “transactional sex.” The very wording of the report further abuses the victims, self-servingly protects UN legitimacy and maintains the impunity of the perpetrators.

A man with a gun having exploitative and oftentimes torturous physical activities with a native of a country he’s supposed to be bringing justice and democracy to; a foreigner in authority with access to money, medicine, clean water, employment power and other basic life necessities and resources, voids out consent. The power is too unequal for adult consent to be effective. As for the children, minors cannot give consent.

The UN report has not even been released and we can readily see their narrative is touted to hide the shocking horrors of UN misconduct in Haiti.

“The rape and destruction of Haiti and Afrikan peoples goes un-reported behind their charity facades. And when the physical rapes gets reported, the headlines frame it, not as rape of children or poor people but “Sex-for-Food Scandals” or the UN gives them their title “Transactional Sex.” The media parrots it, with little scrutiny. Like most of the human rights organizations, the corporate media is mostly funded and beholden to empire also.” — Excerpted from Ezili’s Comment Two: Regarding Sean Penn Huffington Post article titled: “Our Cross to Bear” at Huffington Post

It’s a good thing that HuffPost Live was courageous enough to interview an expert indigenous Haiti voice on this issue.

Watch this HuffPost Live interview with Ezili Dantò on UN rape and prostitution broadcast June 11, 2015. “A draft United Nations report reveals new details on “transactional sex” by U.N. Peacekeepers, with some of the most startling findings concerning Haiti. Ezili Dantò, a human rights lawyer, joins to discuss the report.”


UN has History Of Covering-Up Its Sexualized Violence In Haiti

Most UN sexual abuse cases that are reported are covered-up, buried in fake investigations to taper-down public outrage.  The UN’s culture of silence and endless “reports” are matched only by the complicity of the human rights organizations and the aid-industrial complex‘ silence about the crimes against humanity perpetrated in Haiti. country, not at war and with less violence than any other Caribbean nation. Charges of UN underreporting the numbers of UN peacekeepers involved in illegal sex are not new.

From the archives and eye witness reports of the Ezili Dantò Witness Project, we know dozens upon dozens of cases, where the Haiti police and the parents of victims, were intimidated by UN personnel or paid-off to keep quiet when their children or wives were raped, tortured, or forced into sexual slavery.

In this French language video, the child advocate explains that little Haiti girls ages, from 4 to 10 years old, are taken off the streets, from their little homes and put into brothels, or forced to have sex, sometimes by their guardians who sell them to the UN soldiers and others. Haitian authorities are mostly in total denial, simply turning their heads so that they don’t lose the approvals and dollars of the global white domination system.

In fact, instead of denouncing the UN rapes and calling on the puppet Haiti president to sue the UN for committing these crimes; instead of protecting Haiti women and children, 71 Haitians have posted their candidacy and are running as candidates to be ELECTED as the next puppet president of militarily occupied Haiti.

Defining the Crime: UN Abuse of Fiduciary Power, the Legalized Ethnic Cleansing of Haiti

Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and the Free Haiti Movement has been gathering UN rape victim testimonies and speaking out against the UN rapes and sexual abuse for over a decade, since they got to Haiti in 2004. Mostly, no one in power would echo our concerns. Not until very recently. Even so, it’s been lots of lip service about investigating the complaints and great fanfare about issuing “reports.”  But, there are mostly no UN actions taken to make the victims whole, provide long-term health care and counseling for rape victims, child support for the tens of thousands of UN/MINUSTAH babies left behind or to curtail the rapes, sodomy and violent pedophilia crimes and sexual abuses by UN personnel, not just in Haiti but across the globe.

The fact of the matter is that UN sexual activity in Haiti is rape, pedophilia, sexual exploitation, enforced prostitution, supporting sex trafficking, enforced sterilization, forced pregnancy, ethnic cleansing, subjecting local boys into homosexual relations for food and water, and in most cases, sexual slavery.

All, are crimes, not fair exchanges between relatively equally situated consenting adults. There’s a dictatorship and military occupation in Haiti, no sovereignty. And, since we know Haiti has been defined by the UN Chapter 7 mission there, as a war zone, a conflict zone, then a strict application of international law, renders the widespread and systematic rape of Haiti minors, women, girls, boys, men in Haiti as a crime against humanity. Rape is a war crime.

Since rape is a war crime when widespread and done in a conflict situation, the legal liability issue explains why widespread and systematic rape of Haiti minors and women are minimized in UN reports as “transactional sex.” The UN places itself above the law with semantics, cover-ups and a culture of silence about the horrors visited upon the Haitian people by UN police, soldier and their other powerful representatives. Notwithstanding the obfuscations, sexual violence is used as a tool of war.

It’s also Theft and Public Fraud

Imagine, some of the UN perpetrators are withholding aid – donated food, medicine, clean water and supplies – that they have a moral responsibility to provide for free to a population in crisis. Using donated supplies for personal use is thievery and a public fraud.

When the UN perpetrators use their own monies or gifts of cell phones or laptops, clothes, et al, to bribe minors or adults into giving them access to Black bodies, besides committing the crimes of rape, pedophilia, enforced prostitution and sometimes forced pregnancy and sexual slavery, they’re violating their fiduciary responsibility. The US soldiers and charity workers actually bring in porn videos and all sorts of sexual paraphernalia into Haiti to teach their young Haiti victims how to better service their appetites.

Quiet Genocide: The Aid Racket in Haiti
Quiet Genocide: The Aid Racket in Haiti

By minimizing the gravity of withholding basic necessities for organized, unfettered access to Haiti bodies, and calling it “have-money-will-buy” (transactional sex), the UN is adding stigma to injury for the Haiti women and girls. “Prostitution is legal in France,” some of the international perps will say. This normalizes the sexualized violence in Haiti to just an inappropriate behavior. It implies there’s a fair trade when a child of four or six can be bought by a UN perpetrator, for a bottle of clean water, for a $1. Or, a mother forced to subject her body to any harm from the UN perpetrator in exchange for diapers for her babies has express legal consent. This is a horrifying spectacle to subject any human being to, as well as a systematic public fraud when these perpetrators hold themselves out as “peacekeepers.”

Essentially, the UN is a colonial enterprise. Rape and/or the gun-toting sexual release of the UN soldier, police and other foreign personnel -who’ve taken away Haiti sovereignty- are merely the spoils of war. Except, in Haiti, there is no war.

Haiti is the only UN mission with a Chapter 7, shoot-to-kill mission where there is no armed conflict, no peace agreement for peacekeepers to mediate. Haiti people are targeted as dispensable. The UN and the charitable industrial complex are covers for US-Euro colonialism, thievery, pillage and resource plunder.

Rape, Sexual torture, Enforced Prostitution, Forced Pregnancy and Sexual Slavery

Rape terrorizes the victim, breaks up families, destroys communities, spread sexually transmitted foreign diseases and, with all the UN babies being born in Haiti, along with the culture of porn and prostitution imported with the soldiers, the charitable institutions and other white settlers, the foreigners are changing the ethnic make-up of the next generation of Haitians.

Unfortunately making poor people sick gives the pharmaceutical industry that the charity workers work for, more reason to buy their own vaccines and drugs. More excuses to stay in Haiti.

The apologists for empire, cloaked in the robe of humanitarian, take turns moving donation monies around to themselves, like the nearly $3 million the Red Cross funneled to the inexperienced Sean Penn organization. Once funded, these powerful colonial apologists work to pull the world’s attention away from the atrocities being committed against the nation and peoples of Haiti.


The Haitian Lawyers Leadership has tracked these abuses, rapes and sexual slavery horrors and written about their effects on Haitian society and the already traumatized population for eleven years. (See, Jordanian soldier who brutally rape and sodomized a Haitian mother of five in Haiti; You may read: Haitian lawyers condemn impunity for Sri Lankan soldiers; The Collar of Impunity: Sexual abuse of Haiti children by Priests, Charity Workers; Or, consult some HLLN links from the last eleven decades at: UN Peacekeepers and Humanitarian Aid Workers raping, molesting and abusing Haitian children.)

The UN cannot have it both ways. It cannot get paid, over half-a-billion per year, to be in a “conflict zone” as its chapter 7 mission defines Haiti and have soldiers massively raping women and girls but not be subject to liability for this as a war crime.

Ezili Dantò
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement, June, 2015

The West has two faces. One evil.”

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UN panel suggest banning nations from missions over sexual offenders


Regarding Sean Penn’s defense of the Red Cross’ Haiti disgrace.
The Red Cross spent half a billion dollars, built only six homes, but  Sean Penn took wrote to defend the Red Cross, US imperialism and Haiti as wonderful playground for the white settlers, foreign soldiers, powerful Hollywood celebrities and mining magnates enjoying the good ol’ Dixie lifestyle.

After reading Mr. Penn’s immoral defense of empire and thievery in Haiti. I wrote to the Network:

OK folks, Sean Penn is writing about the “White Men’s Burden” in Haiti to defend the thievery of the Red Cross. This, from a paid actor whose organization the Red Cross gave nearly $3 million dollars while experienced local Haiti relief organization went without.

Do you guys remember how when Penn first got to Haiti, he used to sport around a gun at his waistband? Strutting around with his white privilege, US military commanders all around.

Before Haiti, there was no love lost on  “Baghdad Penn” by the US military. It who took umbrage to his denouncing the US military attack in Iraq. But in Haiti, Penn switched sides. Had no problem with the covered-up US military attack in Haiti. The US military even gave him an award during his first year in Haiti, for deflecting media criticism of the 20,000 troops there hiding the causes of the earthquake, pushing imperialism.

Penn’s ego trip, fueled by rides in military helicopters, coming in with the guns, recreating the M.A.S.H television series fantasy in Haiti, never went away. Power corrupts absolutely they say. Why the gun at the ready in Haiti, if Sean Penn wasn’t terrified of the “violent Haitians?” That very effective colonial lie. Then, when he quickly learned the truth, Penn lost the gun. Haiti is the least violent nation in the Caribbean. But Penn saw no reason to go spread that unprofitable fact around. The colonial stereotype gives a certain plantation mindset, much comfort. Fact is, the white supremacist’s narrative works to create the white hero narrative. Penn and others of the quake crisis caravan quickly joined in with the liars, Haiti justice saboteurs and colonial destabilizers in Haiti- learned attentively from the thieving Red Cross and USAID experts – about how to lie and trumpet how vastly, incomparably, corrupt and violent Haitians are!!! And about how in 60 years of USAID or similar “help”, Haitians simply are too incompetent to absorb real aid. So, Penn, like the rest in the white savior crisis caravans, gallivanting the globe, appointed himself to a trusteeship position for Haitian relief and reconstruction. He then racistly opined that to encourage Haiti independence is to encourage “premature and murder!”

Conscious people, well versed about the charitable industrial complex, understand that Penn’s trashing about in Haiti’s internal affairs is for his own profit, access and lucrative image-making as a “courageous humanitarian.” So, I couldn’t even be bothered getting incensed at his racist “our cross to bear” article. I just copied and paste our regular messages to the poverty pimping white saviors in the comment section of Mr. Sean Penn’s self-serving mumbo jumbo. Check the comment section on-line at Huffington Post. Add your support for an END to the US occupation and resource plunder hidden behind (Sean Penn’s) Humanitarian Imperialism. Forward.


For those who can’t get to the HuffPost comment section, here’s the info:

Ezili Analysis Comment One
Regarding Sean Penn article titled: “Our Cross to Bear” on Huffington Post

“The white man’s burden by Sean Penn? SMH/LOL
What does Free Haiti say, Hey Penn, you, the Red Cross and the rest of the POVERTY PIMPS MASTURBATING ON BLACK PAIN, please LEAVE HAITI, get out of Afrika. Our every action is to END the US military occupation of Haiti behind UN uniforms and NGO humanitarian imperialism. Stop the white savior industrial complex pushing US imperialism and resource mongering and calling it “aid.” The new missionaries are as self-serving and racist as the 1492 genocidal bunch. Only the spineless Negropeans are fooled, not Desalin’s Haitians. We say, stop the stealing of Haiti gold, oil, iridium, uranium, copper behind these humanitarian facades. I am not going to even revise what we-Haitians send out regularly about the racist Charitable Industrial Complex. Here’s a sample, it’s a bit dated since one of the political prisoners was finally released after the courageous people demonstrations that toppled one of the legal bandits put into office by the warmongering Obama/Clinton State Department. But take your time folks, understand the greatest battle on planet earth is happening right there in tiny Haiti to create a new paradigm. Ask yourself these questions and understand we will expose the likes of Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Sean Penn and the rest of the corporatocracy’s cover-up minions:

The three Haiti questions all Haitians and world citizens should have an answer for:

1. QUESTION: What’s so important in Haiti that the US would built its fourth largest embassy in the world there, while funding a UN proxy occupation force for 11-years now? During the period since US-led regime change in 2004, the US managed to build, in “corrupt” and “resource-less” Haiti, the largest US Embassy in the Western Hemisphere and the 4th largest US Embassy in the world after Afghanistan, China, Germany.

Haiti homicide rate is 6.9 per 100,000. But the Dominican Republic has FOUR times more violence than Haiti at 25.0 per 100,000. Why is the UN not bringing stability to the more violent DR? Or, in Brazil, Detroit, Washington DC, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas – all with greater violence than Haiti?

2. QUESTION: Why is there a UN, Chapter 7 peace enforcement mission in Haiti for over 11 years? A country not at war, without a peace agreement to enforce and with less violence than most countries in the Western Hemisphere? (See, UN peacekeepers sexually abused hundreds of Haitian women & girls – report.)

3. QUESTION: Haiti has trillions of dollars in natural resources – billions in gold, largest oil reserve, natural gas, iridium, copper, uranium, et al– why does Haiti need Obama/Bush/Clinton’s meager 41cent an hour sweatshop jobs or US charity (false aid of the poverty pimps) with so much of its own resources to develop the local economy?


Free Haiti says no to this 2nd US occupation of Haiti behind UN mercenary guns, their PMSCs and mock elections.

Haitians are demanding and battling for

1. An end to the US occupation and the Ferguson-like militarized police
2. Saying NO to mock elections
3. Demanding justice for the cholera and regime change victims, a stop to resource pillage, clandestine thievery and the germ/pollution warfare, we demand the release of political prisoners, the indefinitely detained political prisoners never charged or given a trial, and
4. Demanding an end to Haiti membership in the criminal UN organization, et al…. For the truth about the majority Haiti voice against US-imposed Cholera Democracy and the return to Duvalierist dictatorship with Martelly-Lamothe, See “Open Letter From Haiti Human Right Activists to US Congress: No to Sham Elections and US Occupation” ; and, The US financed UN-MINUSTAH mission in Haiti is America’s AFRICOM in the Western Hemisphere.

The US-leads a quiet genocide in Haiti and the international press is complicit in American imperialism and resource pillage. It represents corporate interests in Haiti and the international governments serving the corporate interests of the few families ruling the planet. Haitians are being warehoused in prisons, denied basic rights under this 2nd US occupation behind mock elections and UN hired guns and PMSCs. Haitians like Jean Lamy Maltunes, the Vice President of KOPI protesting the landgrab at Ile a Vache was put in prison suffering DIRECTLY due to the international silence about the US occupation. But the press, that is, the media industrial complex, is not the only one complicit. So is the charitable industrial complex (the poverty pimps masturbating on Black pain led by Dr. Paul Farmer as the State Dept/big pharma’s “useful idiot” and the likes of Sean Penn); the human rights industrial complex, and the 11 countries in Latin America who take part in the US colonial army called MINUSTAH, as well as the colonized AU countries. Jean Lamy Maltunes and other Haiti political prisoners are warehoused in prison, directly, because of Venezuelan, Cuba, the Caribbean & Latin Americas’ refusal to condemn the US occupation and its privatization of public wealth from the poor to the wealthy…. Silence is complicity. Silence to the on-going international crimes in Haiti is obstruction of justice and accessory before and after the fact to the gross and genocidal criminal activities against the people of Haiti.

Here’s the truth, racism and indifference to Haiti suffering and death hides: Haiti is America’s Gaza. The US is the respondiat superior that took out Haiti democracy, put in the UN colonial army that brought in cholera, and the colonial hero/villain pathology that is play acting democracy and charity with the NGOs and the human rights industry= African exploitation, death, resource pillage and re-enslavement. NOT justice for victims of American imperialism or cholera.

See, The Quiet Genocide in Haiti. How it is wielded from From Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Barack Obama: The United Nations, a criminal organization from Lumumba to Aristide” by Ezili Dantò, HLLN/Free Haiti Movement.


Ezili’s Analysis- Comment Two

Recorded domestic abuser, Sean Penn is getting paid to “help” abuse Haiti women!? or is it, to play out the role of apologist for Red Cross thievery, US Empire pillage, occupation and dictatorship in Haiti? The self-defining “white hero role” pays handsomely and elevates Hollywood careers, politician careers, the colonial narrative, white supremacist imperialism, et al… as Black get “rescued” to death. (See our response to the Sean Penn opinion piece “Our Cross to Bear” ; Sean Penn Is a Violent, Abusive, Terrible Human Being  ; See also, In Haiti, the aid-industrial complex revives colonial stereotypes and UN peacekeepers sexually abused hundreds of Haitian women & girls – report.)

In Haiti and elsewhere, Afrikans are forced to endure these degenerates with their narcissistic “Cross to bear” spiels only by the barrel of a US occupation outsourced to UN guns and PMSCs in UN uniforms. The degenerate activities of the poverty pimps (Charitable Industrial Complex/White Saviors Industrial Complex) make the headlines constantly. But since these narcissists only talk to sycophants and Neropeans, they screen out reality. Besides the Red Cross pillages of Haiti quake funds that’s explained here (at “The Red Cross’ Haiti disgrace: Half a billion dollars spent, six homes built“), another current poverty pimp’s perversion is getting press time. For once, it’s not Hillary or Bill Clinton and their mining-Haiti-resource thievery or quake funds thievery, but another head poverty pimp. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is the former president of the IMF is charged with PIMPING, in “a trial which exposed lurid details of champagne-fuelled orgies and prostitution.” (SMH, can’t make this stuff up!)

“At his trial in February, the former head of the International Monetary Fund calmly fended off the accusations, saying that while he was a libertine who enjoyed group sex, he was unaware any of the woman attending the soirees had been paid to be there. However he lost his temper as lawyers pushed the former prostitutes to recount brutal scenes in which he sodomised them, allegedly without their permission, saying he was not on trial for “deviant practices.” —Go to: Pimp or libertine? Strauss-Kahn to hear verdict in French trial,” June 10, 2015, France24.com.

The rape and destruction of Haiti and Afrikan peoples behind the charity facades goes un-reported. And when the physical rapes gets reported, the headlines frame it, not as rape of children or poor people but “Sex-for-Food Scandals.” (UN peacekeepers sexually abused hundreds of Haitian women & girls – report .)

Audio/Ezili Dantò 2012 – Interview with Ezili Dantò on US False Benevolence in Haiti, failed aid and the “Objective” Masquerade of the Republican/Demon’crat political system.

Audio/Ezili on US fake aid, the Red Cross and the Professional Poverty Pimps

Audio 2011 /Ezili on the NGOs living off of adulation providing no structural changes, USAID lies to Congress, the Duopoly…as listen think about 2015 just released USAID “mixed result” on aid to Haiti


“Yo pral lan eleksyon pou yo ka RESTAVEK.”– Dahoud Andre, Eritye Papa Deslin

In Kreyòl: June 1, 2015 Interview with Ezili on the UN rapes and prostitution in Haiti. Eritye Papa Desalin broadcast, June 1, 2015
Brief English translation of the Section on MINUSTAH and other UN troops raping, abusing Haiti and African children, women and men starts at 29:15.

Eritye Papa Desalin radio host, Dahoud Andre, reports about the group of French UN peacekeepers in Afrikan countries, in particular in the Central West African republic, raping and abusing (in the months of June/May 2014) Afrikan children. This group of French UN soldiers raped Afrikan children, forcing children as young as 6 to 8 years old to give them blow jobs. The children where so young, so innocent they didn’t know what they were doing. Some who were interviewed said they thought the French UN soldiers where peeing in their mouths.

(At 38:20 through 42:25) Ezili Dantò speaks with Dahoud about these horrific abuses, recalling the 2007 Sri Lanka soldiers rape crimes in Haiti. The rampant abuse of Afrikan children by the white supremacist military occupational forces wearing UN uniforms, continues. Dantò and Dahoud discuss how if the 2007 rapes in Haiti had been properly punished by the UN, perhaps the orgy of rapes and murders by UN Sri Lankan soldiers of young Tamil girls would not have happened. In reference to the upcoming (s)elections in Haiti, Dahoud Andre says those entering the sham US-supported upcoming elections are going into it so they may service their masters. His exact words are: “Yo pral lan eleksyon pou yo ka RESTAVEK.”– Dahoud Andre, June 1, 2015


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