Hollande's Visit to Haiti

The French returned: Demand Justice for Haiti, not Charity by Doumafis Lafontan, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

2. Norluck Dorange​ on Hollande’s Visit to Haiti France, a country that can’t even pay its own government workers, is incredulously announcing it’s flying to Haiti tomorrow to “gift” us money! In the response below, Norluck Dorange from a free Haiti tells French president Francois Hollande what to do with this veiled attempt to use our pain for white gain.

3. Ezili Dantò on Hollande’s Visit to Haiti Free Haiti tells Francois Hollande: Go put your “gift” to Haiti on defeated Napoleon’s grave

4. Nous devons faire une rupture totale et radicale avec l’Occident pour construire l’Afrique ! We need a total and radical break with the West to build Africa!


End US colonial occupation of Haiti, Free Haiti Movement, Ezili Danto
End the colonial occupation of Haiti. Free Haiti.

Whether it’s Hollande or Sarkorzy, the Bushes or the Clintons, their visits to Haiti never bode well for Afrikans.

Francois Hollande’s visit to Haiti can be properly compared to a buzzard looking for a free meal. The French president would “build Haiti back better,” “invest” or “do good for Haiti,” in the same manner the Obama/Clinton administration let the Haiti quake victims die; in the same manner the Bush/Condoleeleza Rice administration let the Hurricane Katrina Black victims die.

Demand Justice for Haiti, not Charity
Until lions get to tell their story!
It is likely that most Haitians, who gave a warm welcome to John Paul II, Pope, during his visit to the Republic of Haiti (Haiti) circa 1983, were unaware of the real purpose of his historic tour. In front of millions of cheering Haitians, Paul II solemnly declared, “Something must change in this country.”

Paul II came to Haiti with nothing, except the clothes on his back. However, by the time, he left, he took something from the late Jean-Claude Duvalier, President-for-Life. Duvalier, unlike his late father Francois Duvalier, President-for-Life, no longer had the power to choose a cardinal for the Haitian Catholic Church.

According to Marcus Plaisimond, a former Journalist of Radio Haiti:

“This papal takeaway is a piece of history unknown to most people.”

The French are coming!
Here we are decades later, some Haitians once again are excited about another visit to Haiti by a new foreign emissary.

Haiti protestors remind French president, Francois Holland, France can pay restitution and reparation, yes. But never the moral debt. To even think so is immoral. Toussaint Louverture’s life cannot be returned. 300 years of Euro-slavery and over 200 years of containment in poverty, of French ecclesiastic education, propaganda religion and financial colonialism. France’s moral debt will take the same amount of time to wipe out, if ever.- Tues, May 12, 2015 video

Francois Hollande, President of France, is scheduled to visit Haiti on Tuesday, May 12th. For those Haitians, this is an important stay because they expect Hollande to settle France’s financial debt to Haiti even though he denies any such debt.

A quick survey, amongst concerned Haitians, reveals France does not have the moral power to unilaterally settle the crimes against humanity it committed in Africa, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and other regions of the world. And further, free Haitians are asking the citizens of other nations who are equally concerned with ending impunity to find any singular gesture by Hollande inadmissible. Meaning, whatever decision he makes while visiting Haiti, it will not be the end of worldwide demand for restitution and reparations.

In fact, most Haitians insist, the best way to disassociate France from its colonial past would be for Hollande to unconditionally relinquish any territorial claims to Guadeloupe, Martinique, and other countries it occupies. Meanwhile in France, Hollande is facing an austerity revolt. In a Forbes article, it is revealed, he converted to a program of austerity and lower taxes to boost the French Economy. Trading Economics, on its website, listed statistics from France, showing youth unemployment is 25.4 percent.

Jamaica, like Haiti, had its own star-studded visitor. On April 9th, Barack H. Obama, President of the United States, on his way to this year’s Meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS), made a stop-over to Kingston, Jamaica.

During his stay, Obama visited Reggae Legend Bob Marley’s home and held a town hall meeting at the University of the West-Indies.

Surrounded by several youths, Obama promised $71 million on development program, through education, training, and employment.

“This type of visit is highly symbolic of imperialism and, right now, Obama is the face of it.” –Myia X

Myia X went on to reference a report, showing Jamaica has the most severe austerity budget on the planet, and its economy is under neoliberal policies, which the US, through its leadership of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has imposed.

In the final analysis
Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (“HLLN”) is strongly urging Haitians to work toward voiding the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), that the de-facto regime of Gerard Latortue signed in 2004, giving the UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti (MINUSTAH) a veneer of Haitian acceptance.

“We are working to get the UN military cover for US occupation out of Haiti. Holding elections, while the US controls the finances, ballot box, and electricity and; with the oligarchs owning the computers tabulating the votes, is a fraud in the making. We demand justice for Haiti, not charity. That is to say, fairness and equity for the 1.5 million earthquake victims, which Bill Clinton, as co-President of the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC), left dying in the slums and shantytowns of a twenty first century Canaan, while cashing-in $10 billion in donation dollars with the assistance of his wife Hillary Clinton, formerly at the Obama State Department and currently a candidate for President of the US. We demand fairness and equity for the cholera victims and the de-poisoning of the Haiti waterways caused by MINUSTAH. Clean water, not UN vaccination, is the solution to cholera” –Ezili Dantò, HLLN/Free Haiti Movement.

Ezili’s HLLN recommends Haitians:
– prioritize every strategy to urge for a veto of the UN presence in Haiti; to stop the renewal of MINUSTAH when its scheduled for renewal in October 2015;

– prioritize the need for relief for the nearly 1.5 million Haitians made homeless by the 2010 Haiti earthquake, that the weekly protests against Bill and Hillary Clinton by Haitians in Brooklyn, New York and in Haiti, demanding accountability, are highlighting;

– Not participate in the sham elections in Haiti. To do so is to  collaborate in our own oppression. Elections while Haiti is under occupation are a mockery and not a sovereign priority;

-Prioritize booting out of Haiti the NGO charitable industrial complex and its humanitarian imperialism. Haiti riches – gold, oil, natural gas, iridium, uranium, et al – should be used to lift up the living standards of impoverished Haitians, the quake and cholera victims, not to help pay for back child support payments for Hillary Clinton’s deadbeat brother.

Poor Feed Rich
Barack Obama & Bill Clinton did not “build Haiti back better.” Where did the money go? Haiti recovery was about US land grabbing, privatization of Haiti assets, militarizing Haiti police, amending Haiti Constitution to better dominate and tightening the occupation further with Martelly puppet government. Francois Hollande’s France and Canada rode out the world economic crises off of Haiti/Afrika’s back as well.

Written by Norluck Dorange​:

“Petit papa Hollande
Quand tu descendras de ton Avion Falcon
Avec ton sac rempli de joujous
Et de bijoux or plaqué par milliers
Sache que ceux qui vont t’applaudir demain
Ce sont ces meutes de chiens
Des mutants de chacals
Des vauriens en tenues sanglées
Des ignorants sans mémoire, sans histoire
Que votre France a façonnés, formattés, dressés pour être les applaudisseurs de vos crimes d’hier, d’aujourd’hui et de demain.
Oui, Tonton François,
Ces ignorants qui se nomment poètes, écrivains, hommes d’affaires, journalistes, chroniqueurs qui se sont émerveillés comme des gamins du 24 décembre devant ton fameux tweet de Dette par la suite adjectivée Morale, ne savent sûrement pas que votre France est une puissance décadente qui emprunte pour payer ses fonctionnaires, qui emprunte à un taux 4 pour emprunter aux autres à un taux 8. Afè Lafrance pa bon. Yo pa konn Sa. Podyab yo.

Comment peut-on rembourser une dette Morale Tonton Holande? En reconnaissant être l’héritier des crimes des Flibustiers, des Pirates, des Colons, du Colbertisme, des combines avec les héritiers et fils de Pétion pour viderles ressources Haitiennes dans les coffres de la France. Tonton Hollande vient-il reconnaitre que quoi qu’il veuille parraitre, il reste Le Prédateur au service de la France à l’égal de De Gaule, Giscard d”Estaing, Mitterand, Chirac et Sarkozy.

Les hommes d’affaires qui accompangneront Tonton Hollande demain passeront, comme une lettre à la poste. Il n’y a rien à croquer, rien à se mettre sous les dents en Haiti. Il n”y a ni eau, ni électricité, ni port, ni aéroport à gérer, ni ponts, ni autoroutes, ni logements sociaux à construire. Il n’ont aucune tradition d’installation d’usine de transformation de matières premières dans les pays nègres.

Braconniers ils sont, Braconniers ils resteront. Alors, Tonton Hollande, vous vous trouverez certainement en companie de gens qui mangeront votre pain et buveront votre vin demain soir. Sachez que parmi eux se comptent les français de l”etranger qui font d”Haiti, un pays nègre, où le Front National enregistre son plus haut score. Sachez aussi que les intellos qui défileront devant vous, viendront baiser votre main comme leur patron en remerciement des primes et décorations pour des oeuvres simplement littéraires qui n’ont contribuées en rien en l’émancipation de la majorité des Haitienns.

Tonton Hollande, après votre passage en Haiti, je vous demande de circuler. Débarassez nous de la présence emmerdante de votre France chez nous. Reprennez vos codes de Lois, repartee avec votre Eglise que vous avez vous même déchue depuis 1905. Laissez nous concevoir notre propre systême éducatif afin de créer le nouveau citoyen Haitien du 21ème siècle. Si vous le pou vez aussi, rapatriez cette élite française, ramener les dans votre avion. Nous n’en avons plus besoin.” — Norluck Dorange​

veve_eziliEzili Dantò Note on Hollande’s Visit to Haiti
Ezili’s HLLN message’s sent out five years ago, will do. No need to rewrite. Just substitute the name “Hollande” for “Sarkozy.”

For Hollande’s visit to Haiti, go to Sarkozy, The Independence Debt and Haiti’s Sovereignty, here. The French president is a buzzard looking for an easy free meal, y’all. The other vultures have already felled Haiti. Parasites and poverty pimps, latched onto a hurting host to suck the blood dry, feed and gorge themselves. France like the US are in such economic crisis they have to borrow from China to keep afloat, yet France’s president like the Clinton’s are bringing “wealth” and “investments” to Haiti. Sounds like the wealth Cecile Rhodes brought to the Congo. There’s no issue of a moral compass about Yurugu France to discuss. Not for those Desalin/Dantò warriors ascending. We shall not sing our agony to the Destroyers aspiring to extinguish us. We’ll resurrect the dead to vomit the remains in Hollande’s face.  Roule – roll like this, y’all. Making jazz out of pain, like Norluck Dorange​, y’all. Like this:

It takes 52 nations with billions in their combined populations to hold back 10 million Africans in tiny Haiti. A country not at war, with no army and the lowest violence rate in the Western Hemisphere.

France, like most white nations in relations to Afrikans, simply can’t see themselves through our eyes. If they could, they would stop embarrassing themselves with these media pronouncements about giving European “gifts” to Black nations. Lol! (See, France to cancel Haiti’s debt . Haiti debt! SMH.) Just crawl back small man. Hollande, go put your “gift” on defeated Napoleon’s grave. Use whatever blood money France has, from murdering Africans worldwide like Toussaint Louverture, to get your own people out of poverty in France. Haiti intends to raise the dead, if we have to, to get rid of all Blan Kolon/colonialists, your repugnant Black collaborators and all your murderous, stinking, cholera-bringing presence in Haiti. Out of our Afrikan faces you back-stabbing bloody vampire! We’re not all suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome, you cretin. We’re the Blacks who LOVE ourselves. Ourselves. Al jwenn lòt lougarou pa w yo.

When this outrage is judged beloved…
When Ezili’s Morning Star rules on Ogou’s judgement day.
Just one Afrikan’s bare foot,
slammed down to earth
will vanquished all the decadent police and brutal military enslavers in UN uniforms
raping innocent Afrikans blind in Haiti.
The Hollandes, the Clintons, the Obombas, the Martellys and their Billionaire Jew, South Korean and Arab merchant clientelle-classes, pouring pitiless pain upon pain upon Haiti’s bare back, will evaporate.
We’re not to be crushed.
Bowed, not broken.
Desalin’s children are rising.
France will have to remove their Nazi Catholic Clergy, pèpè educational system and UN troops from our soil.
Take the opportunity now Hollande.
End of story.

Beloved, greet Hollande, as we did for Sarkorzy’s visit to Haiti: with the signed petition for France to repay Haiti the Independence Debt. It’s not a demand letter, just a notice accepting we’re at war, to be cashed in against the 52 nations who won’t go peacefully out of Haiti. Although not part of the 52 nations holding Haiti handcuffed, super-leftist Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro also readily cozy-up to the US-installed Haiti dictator, Michel Martelly. Racism comes first for Latin America. Haiti’s racial survival and sovereignty threatens this mindset.

Latin and Caribbean countries wishing to prove they’re not as morally bankrupt as the imperial powers of the US, France and Canada, need to pull out of the MINUSTAH/UN mercenary troops. MINUSTAH is the AFRICOM of the Western Hemisphere. The 54 countries destroying Haiti’s liberty, need to go home. Go protect they’re own homeland’s freedom from the global corporatocracy.

Merciless psychopaths like these “police” and “justice-bringers” are not qualified to teach equality to the people who first put liberty into application in the Western Hemisphere.

It’s as hard to watch these killer cops in action as it is to listen to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talk about ending the mass incarceration of Blacks in the USA. Clinton and her husband are building prisons after prisons in Haiti.

Free Haitians, name and face straight on, the country contributors to the re-enslavement of Haiti. Haiti is a country not at war and with the lowest violence rate in the Caribbean. It is also the only country where Afrikans own more land, seas, mountains and strategic resources than all the other Caribbean and Latin American nations in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti wasn’t gifted to Haitians. It’s the blood of our Ancestors that flowed for it to exist. Generations of Haitians have fought against France’s return. Oceans of Afrikan blood has poured. It’s our interminable battling that’s kept Haiti from suffering a total loss of Afrikan identity.

French president Francois Hollande and the other back-stabbing, murdering, raping, thieving whites and their slave-raiding Black collaborators are there to make us like the rest of the Caribbean and poor Latin Americans they own: strung-out, violent, landless, mere semen receptacles for shrivelled up non-melanated pods with calcified pineal glands.

Tande: N’ap sèmante swasann disèt fwa…7777. N’ap di saa twa fwa. Banm sèt kout kouto.  Sèt kout ponya. Prete m dedin a, pou m vomi san mwen.  San m ap koule, men ou pa ka touye m. The unborn cannot be killed.

The military personnel doing the US-Euro re-enslavement biddings in Haiti are:

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, United States and Uruguay.

The Police personnel doing the US-Euro re-enslavement biddings in Haiti are:

Argentina, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Egypt, France, Grenada, Guinea, India, Jamaica, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Madagascar, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Senegal, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka , Tunisia, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Vanuatu and Yemen.

“There is a place Ayisyen know, where no statistics, clocks or calendars can enter. Where grace lives. Dancing Yanvalou. Swinging between time. Cutting Petwo’s rhymes. Doing Rada’s parigòl, its fast-paced Zepòl. Fireballing like a burning comet – buck wild in Banda’s life and death falls. Coursing beneath La-La-Land’s realms – leading from source.

In that place the second Bwa Kayiman that’s coming has come. We looked outwards together. That motion carried a sound so pure, it broke through time. Waking up the dead in corporate-land, in La-La-Land, in academia and at the State Department. It woke the dead in Haiti’s dirt streets and palmed beaches and resorts. Once again, all Africa that had lived and was yet to live, responded; rising up as one thunderous wave, way up, a rainbow touching the sky. A voice beyond the ozone, forcing mind activity back to earth; arching the human tribes’ technicolored rainbow back into the sky; tearing that ol’ boy’s WORLD WAVE apart.

In that place, in that place, Ibo Lele chatters on. Making jazz out of pain, sewing Catherine Fon’s cloth, suturing up our more than 200-years of containment in poverty, lifting it as a cleansed mirror where Zèb Ginen can come to behold and validate each other.

In that place, in that place, we-connected-to-our-umbilical-chords Ayisyens know, no dollar diplomacy or new Cold War politics or US/European semantics will ever put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” –Excerpted from Beyond 2004: Ceremony Bwa Kayiman, Part 2 by Ezili Dantò (c) 2000

Calling Petwo!
Loving ourselves: Doing the Yanvalou Dance of creation

Ezili Dantò, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement, May 11, 2015

The West has two faces. One evil.”

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Pandan ke otorite ayisyèn yo te woule tapi wouj pou Prezidan Fransè a François Hollande ki te twouve l nan kapital ayisyèn nan Pòtoprens pou kèlke zè, yon gwoup manifestan tap reklame nan men Lafrans reparasyon pou dèt endepandans Ayiti. Assade Volcy se youn nan lidè platfòm Pitit Dessalines.

Posted by VOA Kreyòl on Wednesday, May 13, 2015


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