For Our Mothers Breaking Sea Chains

Calling Petwo!
Seeing Petwo- the roaring red breaking sea chains.

For our mothers breaking sea chains. Nou la – we’re here.
On mother’s day, again we lay this breaking-sea-chains’ work down, our offering to honor the Black women who do not submit, love self and do not integrate with injustice:

unwashed by the space that turns an ocean into a ditch, she crossed her own seas, was reborn in her own waters. She pushed the tide wide, alternating between suffering and expanding. She wouldn’t yield. She was the too loud wave, beating it at its own game, too versed in the up and down motion’s curves. She was too liquid to be swept away, too Black, too stacked, too electric, elastic, fertile, WOMAN… and assertive, too. All that! Sisterwoman left her waterfalls – six babies behind.Nou la. We’re here. (See Breaking Sea Chains: video excerpt, text here and here.)


Ezili | Breaking Chains
The Bloods: Distant Shores, Ancestral Grounds from The Kenbe La books by Ezili Dantò of HLLN

I am Black. The dark matter. We raise up a Black ruled independent Haiti where the assets of the country are equitably divided amongst all Haitians. We are the Three Ideals of Desalin manifested. This is how we serve the Ancestors.

The larger part of the human is spirit. Religion is the deification of white culture. How a human reaches their spirit is a matter of their own conscience and capacity.

I am Black. Dark Energy.  True Vodouist do not tell others how to reach their inner source. I will though, publicly answer any questions you might have about our work to Free Haiti. At the Ezili HLLNetwork, in this time, we work to:

Void the SOFA Agreement, signed by Florida resident, Gerald Latortue in 2004, to give the UN/US military a veneer of Haitian acceptance. We’re working to get the UN military cover for the US occupation OUT OF HAITI. We reject elections while the UN/US controls Haiti, the ballot box, the electricity, everything. The billionaire oligarchs in Haiti own the economic system on behalf of empire as its subcontractors. The electoral charade and electric computer system to tabulate votes is lave men siye l a tè – US financed elections are like washing your hand and drying it on the ground. Nou pap pran ladan – It’s not for the conscious human.

— We will take justice for Haiti, not charity.

— We’re urging for Russia or China to VETO the UN presence in Haiti this October. But we’ll make our liberation alone, nixing all genocidal collaborators having no moral compass. We stand in solidarity with local, grassroots Haitian communities who are FOCUSING on liberating Haiti from the clutches of the criminal UN and US Embassy and on getting the Latin American countries out of MINUSTAH, not sham elections.

Stop Star Destruction
Stop Star Destruction. See, Until She Spoke.

–We’re demanding justice for the 1.5 million earthquake victims whom the Clintons leave to DIE in slums and streets in Haiti while they enjoy over $10 billion in donation dollars with their corporate cronies with no accountability to the homeless quake victims. We’re in solidarity with all peoples worldwide and grassroots local Haitians FOCUSED on the revelations in the media about the Clintons’ use of Haiti suffering to enrich themselves. The Republicans do the same thing. Foreign aid is meant to cripple people and keep the Europeans in jobs overseas. Responsible Haiti Blacks in the Diaspora are weekly protesting in front of candidate Hillary Clinton’s offices in Brooklyn demanding that Hillary Clinton is indicted not elected in the US! Local Haitians are also showing care for the 1.5 million quake victims, the Canaan slums dwellers left abandoned so that the warmongering whites (Blan Kolon) and their Black legal bandits will have a continuous excuse to keep the military and their poverty pimps in Haiti.

— At HLLN, Free Haiti Movement, we won’t stop until there’s justice for the regime change victims, justice for the cholera victims, restitution and the de-poisoning of Haiti water. Clean water and sanitation, not UN vaccines is the solution to cholera.

–We WILL a stop to the criminal UN, the criminal World Bank/IMF rewriting Haiti constitution. We WILL a stop to the taking of Haiti riches (gold, oil, iridium, uranium, lands, labor, et al). We WILL a stop to the slow genocide in Haiti, the slaughter, foreign diseases, cultural destruction and incarceration of our people. We live for Afrikan sovereignty.

That’s what the Ezili Network agitates to achieve at each battle. Ginen poze. We are not the servile Haitians. We are not COLLABORATORS in our own oppression. Self-defense is a human right. We are the humans – the Black women’s children called Haitians. The ones ascended from Dantò and Ogou – the collective consciousness of the people original to planet earth. We’ve listen to Boukman and thrown away the image of the white man’s god that’s so pitiless. We reMEMBER and focus only on the God within us that wants to do good. Alaso Ayisyen. Sa ki mouri n’ap vanje yo.”— Ezili Dantò, of HLLN and Free Haiti Movement, for mothers day May 10, 2015

“Grenadye alaso sa ki mouri n’ap vanje yo!” –Indigenous Army of Ayiti, 1791

Ezili Dantò
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement, May, 2015

The West has two faces. One evil.”

To help sustain this work become a
paid monthly subscriber at $12 per month. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you.

Frantz Louis's photo.

Generals, Officers, Soldiers, somewhat unlike him who has preceded me, the Ex-General Toussaint L’Ouverture, I have been faithful to the promise I made to you, when I took up arms against tyranny, and whilst the last spark of life remains in me I will keep my oath. “Never again shall a colonist, or an European, set his foot upon this territory with the title of master or proprietor.” This resolution shall henceforward form the fundamental basis of our constitution. Should other chiefs, after me, by pursuing a conduct diametrically opposite to mine, dig their own graves, and those of their own species, you will have to accuse only the law of destiny, which shall have taken me away from the happiness and welfare of my fellow-citizens. May my successors follow the path I shall have traced for them!

It is the system best adapted for consolidating their power it is the highest homage they can render to my memory.

As it is derogatory to my character and my dignity to punish the innocent for the crimes of the guilty, a handful of whites commendable by the religion they have always professed and who have beside taken the oath to live with us in the woods have experienced my clemency.

I order that the sword respect them and that they be unmolested. I recommend anew and order to all the generals of departments to grant succours [help], encouragement and protection to all neutral and friendly nations who may wish to establish commercial relations in this Island.” –Jean Jacques Dessalines (Janjak Desalin) / Head-Quarters at the Cape, 28th April, 1804, first year of independence.”

Ezili Dantò's photo.

Until She Spoke
Haiti: Foreign “Investment” means Death and Repression: A Historical Perspective

Foreign Aid is Meant to Cripple People


The Three Ideals of Janjak Desalin (Jean Jacques Dessalines), Haiti’s founding father
1. Dessalines ideal #1 -All Haitians shall be known only by the generic appellation of Blacks (1805 Constitution); -Black is the color of liberty, self-defense is a human right. Live free or die.-

Ideal 2=What Ayiti calls forth?
2. Dessalines ideal #2 – What’s in a name?
“Ayiti” is the Taino name for the Island freed by Jean Jacques Dessalines’ people. The word Ayi in the Fon African language means “earth.” The word Ayiti is both Amerindian and African and means old sacred highland or sacred homeland. Besides “Ayiti”, the Taino Ayisyen also referred to the island as Kiskeya (“mother of the earth”) and Bohio (“home”). But Ayiti was the more widely used name, meaning an ancient and sacred soil/land/earth, a sacred highland or hallowed ground. The amalgamated African tribes became “Ayisyen” in Ayiti, thereby honoring Africa’s strengths and the spirit of the fallen Taino Ayisyen.”

3. Black ruled independent Haiti nation where the assets of the country are equitably divided amongst all Haitians
Dessalines ideal #3 – Haiti shall be a Black ruled Independent nation NOT a Black rule Euro or US colony. Dessalines v. Toussaint (Black ruled Independent Nation vs. Black ruled French Colony, with Black overseers/feudal lords governing for the colonist/imperialist. (Compare, Dessalines’ 1805 Independence Constitution and Toussaint’s 1801 Colonial, Catholic and Eurocentric Constitution.

Toussaint’s paradigm reigns supreme in occupied Haiti, the colonized Caribbean, Africa and colonized Asia, et al. Haiti freedom fighters continue to battle to bring Desalin’s ideal #3 into application. ‪#‎StoptheHumanitarians‬!


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