Haiti Says: Indict not elect Hillary Clinton

“Hey, hey Hillary, Hey hey Obama, Hey hey CIA, Hey hey Council on Foreign Relations: Haiti Demonstrators Say: ‘Go Pick Up Your Trash in Haiti’— Haiti protestors outside Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters, April 23, 2015

Haiti Earthquake Used to Enrich the Clintons

Source: Fox News


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During the two terms of the Obama Administration, the super rich got richer on the man-made and foreigner-exacerbated natural disasters visited upon Haiti at an unimaginable level. The Clintons used US government power to conduct their private business and called it “helping poor Haitians.”

In a preview to the one hour Fox News Channel special that will be aired on April 24 at 10PM, Bret Baier reports on the accusations that Bill and Hillary Clinton used the Haiti earthquake to enrich themselves by making sure many of the more lucrative contracts to help rebuild the country went to either Clinton supporters or donors. ‘Fox News Reporting: The Tangled Clinton Web’ is based on a book by Schweitzer called Clinton Cash. Airs April 24, 2015 at 10PM on FOX News Channel. Go to: Firms tied to Clintons profited in post-quake Haiti and ‘Relationship With the Clintons’ Requirement for Getting Lucrative Contract to Rebuild Haiti. (Check back for more updates.)

[Video] Report: ‘Relationship With the Clintons’ Requirement to Get Contract for Rebuilding Haiti | American Action News //cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js(Watch it on youtube)

NYC Haitian community April 23rd Protest at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn Headquarters

On April 23, 2015, the NYC Haitian community continued the protest at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn Headquarters.

Haiti demonstrations against US imperialism and pillage in Haiti have been going on since the US occupation began in 2004 with the George W. Bush regime change and deportation of Haiti’s duly elected, democratic president back to Africa for seven years. The demonstration continues against the non-for-profit and NGO spies and agents, funded to do empire’s bidding, sent in to pacify the Haitians but disguised as “humanitarians.” The protest against US-Euro return to dictatorship under the Clinton’s and the Barack Obama administrations continued yesterday in front of Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters.

The main Haiti message to all the agents of the world oligarchs stealing from the poor to enrich the few, stealing from the sick, from the weak, from the earthquake-crushed down, from the US-regime-changed crushed down, and colonially exploited is that retribution is coming. Haiti shall be avenged. If not in this generation, then in the next. Black lives matter. Haiti says: Indict not elect Hillary Clinton.

The KOMOKODA press release on the rally stated:

“Thursday, April 23rd, 2015, KOMOKODA (The Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti) held another “non-Republican funded” protest outside Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters.

We denounced Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton for the thieves and liars that they are. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finagled to get Bill put in charge of Haiti Reconstruction money. Bill got $6 billion. Haitians got chicken coops as homes. We demanded that Hillary be prosecuted for selling her office in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation and then destroying the evidence in the form of her email records.

Again, we asked everyone to call the Democratic National Committee @ 202-863-8000 to tell them that you understand that “Hilliary” is history but you want another woman candidate.”

ReMEMBERing Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, Fondasyon 30 Septam and Jean Dominique. Listen here. To forget the bi-partisan US occupation in Haiti and not fight for justice for empire’s victims is to be rendered into the non-humans the Obama/Clinton/Bush middlemen for the military-industrial-complex are terrorizing and pushing Haiti innocence to endure. (See on US-IMF/World Bank destruction of Haiti food sovereignty, Investigative Report Finds World Bank Displaced 3.4 Million People (1/2). Recall the Frank Guistra, Canadian mining, Bill Clinton connection in Haiti as you read the latest NYT’s report on how, the Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal.)

Kote Ayisyen an ki ka monte Galipòt? Dat “Galipòt” ap tann nou.
Ayisyen alaso! Non, m pa di al lan fo eleksyon Blan kolon ak tchoul li yo mete devan nou. Saa se pa libete, se pa pouvwa. M di: Pitit Desalin, Pitit Grann Guitonn alaso, sa ki mouri zafè yayo. Nanpren manman nanpren papa. Sa ki mouri zafè yayo! Kote nou ye Aysisyen? Premye etap nan direksyon libète se pou nou debarase tè Desalin lan – retire okipasyon Meriken, Solda Nasyonzini ak ONG mèsenè yo. Eleksyon pa ka fèt lan manti moun sa yo. Eleksyon malachong pa pral bese lavi chè chomaj grangou; pa pral bay viktim kolera-Nasyonzini yo jistis, pa pral retounen souverènte Ayiti. Se jis yon kouvèti lap bay pou djab Imperyalis yo kotinye zak bandi yo.

Galipòt – travay Koralen (Jean Claude Martineau)

Grenadye alaso sa ki mouri n’ap vanje yo!” –Indigenous Army of Ayiti, 1791

Ezili Dantò
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement, April 24, 2015

The West has two faces. One evil.”

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HLLN Statement Regarding the Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails: The US Undeclared War in Haiti hidden behind UN mercenary guns and NGO false benevolence by Ezili Dantò



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