Foreign Aid is meant to cripple people

Ayisyen ki gen “Blan pa yo” ki pral mete yo sou pouvwa lan fo eleksyon geyen pou yo gade video sa yo. Se yon ti mesaj HLLN voye pou tout Ayisyen yo kap pede mache di yo pwal lan eleksyon paske yo gen “bon jan Blan” deyè yo. Presidan Eritrea a di, nou pakapab manje lòr e li pap devlope anyen pou nou lan jenerasyon saa si nou pa fout mete lokipasyon Meriken, NGO yo ak LONU deyò.

On Western Fake Elections and Fake Democracy

“Gold glitters but it blinds people…If you forgo agriculture because you have gold, you go into a trap. If you forgo comparative advantage that you have because you have gold, then you make a big mistake.”

Foreign Aid is meant to cripple people

Interview with President Isaias Afwerki:
“Anyone who takes aid is crippled. Aid is meant to cripple people… Governments in Africa and elsewhere are not allowed to write their own programs. And when it comes to implementing programs, it deprives you of building institutions and the capacity to implement your programs…We need to write our own programs in the first place. We need to articulate on the projects we write. We need to have a comprehensive strategy, plans on how to implement those programs…Unless we do that on our own, we can’t possibly imagine that we are achieving any of the goals – millennium or non millennium.” — President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea

Eritrean’s president has kicked the U.S. NGOs out of Eritrea. The tactics of President Afwerki of Eritrea defies the US and its imperialist policies toward Africa. All African Heads of State need to kick out the NGO charitable industrial complex and design their own reforms by themselves for their own implementation and independence.

President Isaias Afwerki says African mineral resources are not sustainable for economic development in the immediacy. Developing infrastructure for this will take generations to come. Comparative advantage are of greater immediate importance. “Your location could be a comparative advantage. If you have a long coastline, then you develop fisheries, develop your services industry – shipping, transportation – air, land. Provide industry and manufacturing.”

“Africa can produce its own food and grow more. Why aren’t we able to do that?” You have to produce something. Emphasize sustainable sectors. Agriculture is a sustainable sector. You need to put in place agriculture infrastructure. It’s a strategy commodity for communities.

“You need to think least on mineral resources (for economic development)… Gold glitters but it blinds people…If you forgo agriculture because you have gold, you go into a trap. If you forgo comparative advantage that you have because you have gold, then you make a big mistake.”

Food sovereignty and local production, local manufacturing and development are more critical than depending on resource exploitation. You must have a balance, comprehensive program that takes stock of your comparative advantages in different sectors and local needs first.

“Local markets are everything.”


On Western Fake Elections and Fake Democracy

President Afwerki points to special interests groups that want to take resources unjustly. He says they have global networks and allies. They control the world by proxy. It’s the Nixon doctrine. The US cannot overstretch, so it has to control nations through agents. “When people don’t confirm to their policies, they’re targeted.”

“The special interests believe they can control the world…This small minority controls everything…(They’re) vultures.”

(From 30:14  through to 36:15 on the video), President Isaias Afwerki makes critical points on the West’s fake elections and fake democracy. He talks about this small globalist minority that controls everything. They control elections and have totally undermined and abused the concept of democracy. The majority of these special interests stakeholders, he says, are in the oil industry, manufacturing industry, technology industry. He says they even control of our minds through media, culture and schools of learning institutions.

“99% of the people of the United States are victims of the special interests, and maybe more… What does democracy mean to people, what does representation mean to people… I don’t exaggerate if I say that the most undemocratic nation on earth is the United States…. It’s a controlled democracy. It’s anarchic totalitarianism. Anarchy for a small minority- the special interests. But it’s totalitarian. It’s totalitarian because they control everything. They control the economy, they control resources, they control the lives of human beings. They control almost everything: culture, social life of human beings. They control everything.”

Erosion of values…They have undermined and abused the concept of democracy

Do you need lobbyists? Do you need corporations to come and finance? (Elections), it’s a joke in the United States -Democrats and Republicans. Soros financing the Democrats. Someone else financing the Republicans. And when you know the inside story of how this is manipulated. It’s very sad. That these value of representation of the people have been undermined by their tactics. It’s become a norm now. It’s not in only the United States.”

“We’re not talking about elections from your (the special interest) perspectives. There has to be a genuine representative for the people. If you live in a community, the community will have to elect the people who manage the affairs of the community. Without that you cannot live as a community. And that’s a basic requirement for a nation building… If you buy votes, is that representation? … If one percent of the population is the percentage that has everything; and if money is elections, then one percent will buy the votes of 99%. The end result represents one percent of the population. Ok?… We can’t put aside this issue. It’s a critical issue…”

“99% of the population in the United States is like everybody else in the world. We don’t have our economic rights. We don’t have our political rights. We don’t have our cultural right. We aren’t allowed to survive without their (the special interests) blessings. This state of affairs will have to change by allowing people to freely have their own representative bodies. Whatever that body will be. We need to focus on this… They have undermined the concept of democracy. They have abused the concept of democracy. They have totally eroded and compromised the basic values that should have governed the lives of human beings. Now, when they’re doing this, this is part of their culture. They talk as if they uphold (democratic) values. They don’t like these values at all.”


At 8:33 in this video regarding border dispute and food crisis, the Eritrean president takes on the US concept of democracy for African nations through fake elections:


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The Aid Racket: Food Aid and promoting hunger as a Weapon
The Aid Racket: Food Aid and promoting hunger as a Weapon


The price of gold: Chinese mining in Ghana documentary | Guardian Investigations


“If you cannot feed yourself you cannot be independent” — Yahya Jammeh, president of Gambian talks about rice plan
“The West has only been ungrateful. Abject poverty drove Europeans to Africa. And they exploited Her for four hundred years. In those years there has never been any elections. They were no parliamentary systems. After four hundred years of looting Africa, some of us had to take up arms to kick them out. Now they have come around to give us lectures about democracy and human rights. When in their own countries there’s no democracy. Where’s the democracy for Blacks in the UK or Blacks anywhere in Europe? The so-called skin heads or neo-Nazi or the Far right, if they were in Africa or in the Gulf States they would be called terrorist organizations. Why are they not being called terrorist organization and being dealt with?…They are all anti-human. They hate humanity. But why are they not called terrorists and being bombed…like the Islamic extremists? The KKK in the United States are called Far Right or white supremacist. White supremacist against who? I am not anti-West. I am anti their hypocrisy and their racism…The British never built a high school in this country in four hundred years…Democracy is respecting the will of the people…Who do they think they are that they have to teach Africans democracy when we’ve never colonized anybody? The Western democracy is a fallacy. It doesn’t exists.”–Yahya Jammeh,  president of Gambian

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