No, Hillary: Haiti is not for sale to your family

1. KOMOKODA Press Conference against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and to demand her prosecution, March 31, 2015, 

2. Apology not accepted by Ezili Dantò

3. HLLN Statement Regarding the Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails: The US Undeclared War in Haiti hidden behind UN mercenary guns and NGO false benevolence by Ezili Dantò

Press Conference: Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti (KOMOKODA), March 31, 2015

“Let us be clear that President Obama, like presidents before him, have been feeding at the trough of the slavery of the people of Haiti. They have been feeding on all of the distresses, the unnatural calamities. We’re talking about slavery, real present-day slavery on the part of the Haitian people for the benefit of rich, American corporation. And I say both Republicans and Democratic presidents have been guilty of this, over the years, of keeping Haiti in a subservient condition. We must change it. We must not allow future presidents to continue on this dastardly way of life.” —Ralph Poynter, New Abolition Movement, Brooklyn, NY, March 31, 2015

KOMOKODA Press Conference in front of Hillary Clinton’s midtown Manhattan office to denounce the lies and the plunder Bill & Hillary Clinton have done in Haiti; to demand that the Democratic Party distance itself from Hillary; and to demand that Eric Holder and the US Justice Department initiate a prosecution against her for destruction on evidence and obstruction of justice.

Participants: Dahoud Andre for KOMOKODA; Lynne Stewart, Ex-Attorney and former political prisoner; Gail Walker, IFCO/Pastors for Peace Director; Nellie Bailey, Journalist/Harlem Activist; Roger Wareham, Attorney, December 12th Movement; Ralph Poyner, Long-term Activist

Media Contact: Minouche Lambert, 631-568-2078
Dahoud Andre, 347-730-3620
Jude Joseph, 718-940-3861

Haitian stand up. Never give up. They say give up. We say fight back!” — March 31, 2015 Haiti protest in NY

Obama, shame on you; stop supporting drug dealer.
Hillary Clinton shame of you; stop supporting drug dealer.
Joe Biden shame on you; stop supporting drug dealer.
John Kerry shame on you; stop supporting drug dealer.
Bill Clinton shame on you; stop supporting drug dealer.
Bill Clinton, where’s the money?
Chelsea Clinton, where’s is the money?
Hillary Clinton, where’s the money?
What money? $6 billion dollars!
— March 31, 2015, Haiti protest outside Hillary Clinton’s office, NY

“In the Haitian community, we call the Clintons, thieves and bogus democrats.”– Dahoud Andre

Hillary: Apology not accepted

Mobilizing Against Dictatorship and US imperialism in Haiti

When he was president, Bill Clinton, destroyed Haiti local agriculture with US unfair trade and foreign “aid” by dumping big-agro, subsidized Arkansas rice into Haiti. Then, when he wanted to steal Haiti’s mining wealth and the earthquake funds, he casually APOLOGIZED for Washington costing Haiti 850,000 rural jobs and ushering in Clorox hunger, famine and the slums of Site Soley. His wife, simultaneous to Bill’s apology brought in Monsanto seeds to further destroy and benefit big US agribusiness plunder in Haiti…Besides bringing in famine to make the people weak with hunger, the US destroyed the Haitian people’s native livestock to replace it with Iowa livestock. Simply slaughtered 1.3 million Haiti Kreyòl pigs to deliberately make Haiti poorer, sicker, more desperate and dependent on false charity NGOs. That’s US philanthropy! We’ve been writing about it for decades. Except the embedded media hypes up the Tarzan-Sean Penn-Jake Sully Avatar narrative on Haiti. Needless to say, it’s tough to compete with mega Hollywood productions of Haiti’s reality. Recently, Hillary Clinton took a leaf from Bill’s book and APOLOGIZED for wiping clean her email server.

On March 31, 2015, Haiti militants and Haitian Americans and justice solidarity networks, held a press conference to say to  Hillary Clinton that the apologies are not accepted, and to demand that the US authorities make every effort to prosecute Hillary Clinton for obstruction of justice and racketeering. Haitians have already file suit in Haiti requesting an accounting from Bill Clinton and the members of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission on the whereabouts of over $10 billion collected for Haiti quake victims.  Haiti activists continually hold protests, both abroad and in Haiti.

The March 31, 2015 KOMOKODA-“Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti” – protest was held outside Hillary Clinton’s offices in New York. The justice seekers spoke about the Hillary email scandal, against her candidacy in 2016 for US president and to demand her prosecution. (See video and HLLN Statement Regarding the Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails: The US Undeclared War in Haiti hidden behind UN mercenary guns and NGO false benevolence.)

Bill and Hillary know, in terms of their racism and fraud in the Black community, that all they have to do is rent-a-Haiti-negro (like Gerald Latorture, Jean Max Bellerive, Gary Conille, Laurent Lamothe or Michel Martelly and his ilks) to grin next to them and “accept Bill Clinton’s apology” for bringing genocide to Haiti, more mass incarceration in US, destruction in the Congo, Rwanda, et al… Think this through, the US occupation of Haiti brings cholera to Haiti that kills, in just three years, over 10,000 people and infects 850,000. But, the fundraising-on-Haiti-deaths Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH-white saviors) marginalize HLLN’s Haiti narrative on the matter, and like Paul Farmer and Jim Yong Kim convinced their cohorts that they represent Haiti’s best interests.

IJDH crafted a cholera response for the disenfranchise Haiti masses and finally a lawsuit, without calling the respondiat superior to the table, but that begs for Black absolution by asking for a UN-Clintonesque apology for bringing cholera to Haiti. Here’s a few more such fake apologies the white liberals and conservatives in the white supremacist’s system think up and another Black woman answers them. In “Dear White Racists, Apology Not Accepted!” Stacey Patton gets Ezili on it, and writes:

My name is not “Mammy,” and I’m not here to soothe you….White racists, your apologies—no matter how frequent or varied—are NOT accepted…Don’t come asking me about forgiveness. I ain’t the one, boo. Do you see an Ike Turner sign on my forehead that says: “Come all ye KKK, rednecks, and closeted racists liberals and disrespect me all the days of my life on earth because White Jesus loves me and heaven lasts forever?” What kind of negress do you think I am?

I will not grant you the Black forgiveness that feeds into respectability politics. I am not one of those “Good Negroes” who will sacrifice themselves to uphold the status quo. I will not sustain this charade. I will not play my part in this heinous masquerade that privileges your people and denigrates mine. I will not support the continuing dishonesty and disrespect of people on both sides, and be the sustenance of this White supremacist monster that stomps all over the dignity of my people and keeps the scales tilted in your favor no matter what you say, what you do, or how you try to excuse it.”—Stacey Patton, Dear White Racists, Apology Not Accepted!

Se pa kado blan te fè nou, se san Zansèt nou yo ki te koule” –Haitian National Anthem
“Endless debt, fake elections, fake foreign aid and fake charity are cleverly managed reconquest tools. The Clintonite colonists make maximum profit with minimum accountability from their imperial perch in Haiti.”— Ezili Dantò, HLLN/Free Haiti Movement

HLLN Statement Regarding the Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails:

The US Undeclared War in Haiti hidden behind UN mercenary guns and NGO false benevolence

Hillary, Haiti is not for sale to your family!
Hillary, Haiti is not for sale to your family!

Washington Controls the UN in Haiti

No Hillary! Haiti is not for sale to your family. Haiti riches are public assets to be used to elevate the collective economic standards of local Haitians, not your brother!

Foreign earthquake aid to Haiti was put into the World Bank and divvied up by the Clintons and the Bushes. On top of this, Haiti’s gold, copper, silver and oil assets were auctioned off to big businesses and nations donating to the Clinton Foundation.

The George W. Bush, Jr. administration first brought in the US military occupation outsourced to the United Nations as peacekeepers in 2004. This force helped to take down Haiti’s democratically elected government and since that time Haiti has been ruled under a veiled US military occupation, hidden behind UN guns, Paul Farmer NGOs, the World Bank and other Breton Woods institutions.

Susan Rice has publicly stated,

“The truth is: the UN Security Council can’t even issue a press release without America’s blessings.”

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the United Nations. February 11, 2011

Haitians demand an end to the US occupation behind UN guns and NGO/World Bank administration.

Haiti was the first place in the Western Hemisphere where the Europeans and their white settlers started their slave trade in 1503. For 300 years the Africans who would become Haitian in Ayiti were subjected to the greatest European terror and barbaric slavery the world had ever known. Our Ancestors won our freedom, in combat, in a vicious-Rochambeau 13-year war against the enslaving French, Spanish, English, their private military mercenaries and a US embargo. So, no Hillary, your BROTHER cannot have our lands, our mines, our gold, our oil, our uranium, our labor, our wealth. Desalin’s lands and wealth are the property of Desalin’s descendants, not yours Hillary! Haiti is not for sale Bill Clinton!

Ayiti se pa kado blan kolon te fè nou, se san Zansèt yo ki te koule – The white man did not gift us Haiti. It’s the blood of our Ancestors that poured for our freedom, Hillary.

We, who have paid for this land three eternal times over and suffered interminably at the hands of the enslavers, the white settlers and then their neocolonists; free Haitians say to Hillary and Washington and its colonial agents on Wall Street, at the UN and World Bank: hands off Haiti gold, oil, copper, uranium and iridium resources. Hands OFF!

Tiny Haiti, which is as small as Rhode Island, was forced to pay an Independence Debt, ten (10) times the amount William Jefferson paid to Napoleon for the 13 US States that were carved from the Louisiana Purchase. The Africans in Haiti have paid and paid and paid for these mountains, rivers, seas, lands, offshore islands and all that they contain.

We paid the Independence Debt for 122 years. First to the French and then, after 1914, this slave-trade debt was paid, by Haitians, as reparations to the United States of America until 1947.

Neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton nor the World Bank have any right to create laws for the Haitian people in any areas whatsoever.

Especially not to benefit their families and rich friends. Emails from the Clintons to the UN and World Bank, regarding Haiti mining resources and quake funds, collected by the World Bank under Bill and Hillary Clinton’s supervision, should be made public.

Deleting these emails doesn’t only obstruct the US citizenry’s view of Hillary Clinton’s dealings while she was Obama’s Secretary of State, but it continues to hide the US occupation of Haiti behind UN guns and NGO false benevolence.

It hides the World Bank‘s role and pillaging complicity and the UN and the Clinton Foundation’s role in this imperial enterprise and colonial destruction and plunders in Haiti.

Haiti is an international crime scene for the masses. But it serves as a fiscal paradise for the United States’ richest families and the well-connected global oligarchy.

In the eleven year of its occupation in Haiti, the US has brought in cholera, then gone to court to claim its neutrality and to defend immunity for its UN employees.

It’s brought in dictatorship and the resource pillage we see in the news today where Hillary Clinton’s brother, Anthony Rodham, was given one of two rare mining permits to take Haiti’s untold billions in gold. This was done without the Haitian public’s participation or consent and it’s renewable for 25 years at the lowest 2.5 royalty rate in the Western Hemisphere.

Why hasn’t this US invasion, quiet genocide and colonial plunder, provoked international outrage? Or, at least the same public scrutiny as the debacle over Secretary Clinton using a private email server to conduct State Department business and then wiping the server clean?

The US outsourced military operations in Haiti circumvents and violates US Congressional War Powers Act and international laws of nations since February 29, 2004. You would think the mainstream pundits calling for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton over the private server irregularities would also be concerned that the Clintons deliberately created an environment for more death, disease and poverty in Haiti while enriching Wall Street? Would be concerned that the US is circumventing international law by using the UN as its military front, the World Bank as its economic front and the poverty-pimping NGOs as its administrative fronts to conduct its 21 century colonial invasion, effectively expropriating Haiti lands, offshore islands, gold and oil riches?

Dessalines’ Law
Article 36-5 of the 1987 Haiti Constitution and other relevant Haiti law, forbids foreign ownership of Haiti mines, coastal properties, springs, rivers, water courses, mines and quarries. Haiti law forbids exploitation of Haiti resources without public participation and approval. These are public assets of the nation. Mining exploration may not be allowed without public participation, legal and parliamentary approval. There can be no legal contracts made in Haiti while the people are under US occupation and Haitians are not free.

US imperialism in Haiti did not begin with the Clintons, but under the Obama administration, Bill and Hillary Clinton brought the World Bank into the UN, not only to collect Haiti quake funds that mostly never reached Haiti, but the World Bank was used as the Clinton/Obama front to unilaterally amend Haiti’s mining laws to benefit Wall Street, the Clintonites and their foreign affiliates without Haiti public participation or Haiti legal approval. Let it clearly be heard, that all actions forced on Haiti and all contracts entered into in the name of the Haitian people while Haiti is under this US multinational occupation are a violation of basic human rights and international rights’ laws.

1. A career UN employee named Gerald Latorture, living in Boca Raton Florida and chosen by US officials, was the one to sign the Status of Force Agreement, known as the SOFA, which is the US-negotiated, UN agreement that brought in this military occupation to Haiti. The SOFA agreement was illegal in 2004. It’s illegal today.

2. Hillary Clinton’s emails would provide a wealth of evidence about the US foreign aid scam and resource plundering racket in Haiti.

For instance, Haitian-Americans would like to view Secretary Clinton’s emails to World Bank president Jim Yong Kim and to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and to the South Korean executives at Sae-A, – the anchor tenant running the Caracol sweatshop up in Haiti’s North. We believe this critical information would help reveal the nefarious uses of philanthropy to enrich the wealthy Clintons off the back of local Haitians. Haitians are dying from the terror of US imperialism.

Hillary Clinton Cannot Delete the Caracol Scam in Haiti

The Caracol Industrial Park, the Clintons’ flagship reconstruction project in Haiti, is nowhere near the earthquake zone in the South. Caracol was built in Northern Haiti’s gold and resource belt. A mere nine (9) miles away from the copper and gold mining operations being fought over by the world oligarchs.

The 25,000 units of housing that was to be built for quake victims went down to 2600 while the price tag went up from $53 million to $90 million. Two contractors on the project have been suspended. Five-years later, there’s only 750 shoddily built units completed.

At the Hollywood star studded inauguration of the Caracol Industrial Park in 2012, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced to built Haiti back better with Caracol housing that would be “affordable homes with clean running water, flush toilets, and reliable electricity… built to resist hurricanes and earthquakes.” The housing for the quake victims at the Caracol complex are flooding, the roofs leak and the drinking water lines to the houses are crossed with the sewage lines. Obviously the luxury housing for foreigners, living at five-star hotels and gated Caracol and Port au Prince communities, built with the Clintons’ earthquake funds, do not experience these horrendous USAID/Clinton era construction “mistakes.”

Also, knowing full well the international market would not support it, has not supported garment factory economies in the Western Hemisphere when China will accept much less labor costs, the Clintons touted themselves qualified to do Haiti “recovery” because they would use their presidential connections to bring in 20,000 new Northern Industrial Park jobs in garment, textile and other fields by 2014.

It’s 2015. There are less than 1500 jobs at Caracol. The women garment workers have been holding protests for over a year because even the lowest (61 cents per hour) minimum wage in the Western Hemisphere that Haiti was forced to agree to by the Clintons, have not been paid to the Haiti women workers. The Sae-A South Korean industrialists brought in by the Obama Administration are well known in other countries for worker abuse.

Haitians at Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network exposed, years ago, that the Caracol flagship reconstruction project is not about bringing sustainable jobs to Haitians. It’s a cover for the Clintons and World Bank executives and their investors to use earthquake funds to build infrastructure for Clinton Foundation mining magnates and financiers.

Haitians at Caracol and surrounding areas have no reliable electricity, sewage system or clean water infrastructure. But the Clinton’s South Korean industrialists and other foreigners imported to Haiti at Caracol have all the amenities not provided to Haitians in the gated communities where they live in Haiti. Haitians at nearby Fort Liberte are protesting the community’s inability to benefit from the same electricity the foreigners do.

3. Justice demands that the impunity of these legal bandits privatizing Haiti foreign quake funds from other donor countries and carting off Haiti natural resources behind this illegal occupation are stopped.

4. The US outsourced military operations in Haiti circumvents and violates US Congressional War Powers Act and international laws of nations.

The three questions Haitians ask US citizens to consider are:

What’s so important in Haiti that the US would built its fourth largest embassy in the world there, while funding a UN proxy occupation force for over 11-years now?

Haiti has the lowest crime rate and the lowest prison population rate in the Caribbean if not the entire Western Hemisphere. The Dominican Republic has FOUR times more violence than Haiti. Why is the UN not bringing stability to the more violent DR? Or, in Brazil, Detroit, Washington DC, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas – all with greater violence than Haiti?

Why is there a UN, Chapter 7, shoot-to-kill “peace enforcement” mission in Haiti for over 11 years? A country not at war, without a peace agreement to enforce and with less violence than most countries in the Western Hemisphere? A country with the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean?

Haiti has trillions of dollars in natural resources – gold, oil, natural gas, iridium, copper, et al– why does Haiti need Obama/Bush/Clinton’s meager 41cent an hour sweatshop jobs or US charity (false aid) with so much of its own resources to develop the local economy?

— Ezili Dantò, Executive Director of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network and the Free Haiti Movement, March 30, 2015

Dessalines’ Law:
“…Never again shall colonist or European set foot on this soil as master or landowner. This shall henceforward be the foundation of our constitution.”

Jamais aucun blanc ni Europeén ne mettra pied sur ce territoire à titre de maitre ou de propriétaire. Cette résolution sera désormais la base fondamentale de notre constitution. (Liberté ou La mort, Jean Jacques Dessalines, April 28, 1804)

“…No whiteman of whatever nation he may be, shall put his foot on this territory with the title of master or proprietor, neither shall he in future acquire any property therein…” (Jean Jacques Dessalines, 1805 Haitian Constitution, Art. 12.) Dessalines’ Law

“Recall everything I have sacrificed to fly to your defense – relatives, children, wealth, so that now the only riches I possess is your freedom. Recall that my name horrifies all those who are enslavers, and that tyrants and despots everywhere only bring themselves to utter it when they curse the day I was born. Remember, if you should ever discard or forget the law that the God who watches over your well being has dictated to me for your happiness, you will deserve the fate that inures to ungrateful peoples. “ — Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haitian Act of Independence, January 1, 1804 Translation by Ezili Dantò for HLLN’s FreeHaitiMovement – Dessalines is Rising, Sept 20th to Oct. 17th commemorations
The African Holocaust: Maangamizi (Kiswahili for catastrophe) from Akala
“AFRICOM, imperialism for the new age but with a Brown face on it.” At the beginning, Ayi Kwei Armah explains well why so many Blacks are asleep.


2 thoughts on “No, Hillary: Haiti is not for sale to your family

    1. Yes indeed. Thank you sisters Stacey and Danto. Thank you KOMOKODA. You are not afraid to speak truth. That is leadership. Let the stout of heart among us step up and join with you.

      Bro Mario.


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