Jean Lamy Maltunes Is Free!

Update: December 12, 2014

Jean Lamy Maltunes was released from prison today! Here are two (Kreyòl) interviews done on Radio VKM in Haiti and Radio Pa Nou in NY with Maltunes upon his release.

On the Radio VKM broadcast, Maltunes speaks briefly thanking everyone who pushed to get his release. He says he was liberated at 11 am last Monday. But top government officials refused to release him. But then early this Friday morning, December 12, he was awaken and taken to the courthouse and released. He says he’s grateful to everyone for standing up for justice. Maltunes thanks all the KOPI members, the people at Ile a Vache who remained mobilized, the journalists, and particularly the Haiti parliamentarians in the opposition who called for release of the political prisoners and all the international folks who helped pushed for him these last 10 months while he was imprisoned. Maltunes says the struggle continues. KOPI’s president may be gone, but the fight will continue in Marc Donald Laine’s name to protect peasant lands at Ile a Vache.

Hear Maltunes on Radio Pa Nou with Dahoud Andre and Jude. Jean Lamy Maltunes insists Ile A Vache property rights must be respected, Dec 12, 2014.

Jean Lamy Maltunes released from prison, on December 12, 2014 Credit: Radio VKM
Jean Lamy Maltunes released from prison, on December 12, 2014 Photo Credit:Radio VKM


December 10, 2014

Haiti Judge Release Political Prisoner Maltunes, Martelly Refuse to Respect Verdict

Ile A Vache Peasants Protest Repression, Fraud and Murder used to take their lands, give to tourist hoteliers
Ile A Vache Peasants Protest Repression. Claim gov. fraud and murder used to take their lands, give to tourist hoteliers, developers and cruise lines.

Jean Lamy Maltunes, falsely imprisoned, ordered released by Haiti judge. Top Martelly-Lamothe officials refuse to respect the order. (Listen to the VKM. Segment on liberation of Jean Lamy Maltunes starts at 43:58 of this VKM broadcast )

Haiti Judge Release Political Prisoner Maltunes, Villedrouin-Martelly Refuse to Respect the Verdict

Tourist development in Haiti under Martelly means Black Removal as Urban Renewal is in United States

On December 8, 2014, Judge Jean Louis J.Elysée ordered the release of political prisoner, Jean Lamy Maltunes. The Martelly-Lamothe regime, refuses to respect the judge’s order.

Top officials in the Martelly regime brought Maltunes back to jail. They’re “appealing” the judges’ verdict and keeping Maltunes behind bars at the overcrowded, cholera-ridden National Penitentiary.

Considering the Martelly-Lamothe regime’s history of fraud, bribery and criminal maneuverings to get their way extra-judiciously in Haiti, insiders knowledgeable with the suspicious death of Judge Jean Serge Joseph are now concerned for judge Elysée ‘s life. Judge Jean Serge Joseph died under suspicious circumstances two days after he reported being threatened by top government officials, including the US-propped-up President Michel Martelly. Judge Joseph presided over a high-profile case in which the President’s wife and son are accused of corruption, money laundering, abuse of authority, and squandering of funds from the Public Treasury.

Jean Lamy Maltunes was imprisoned on February 21, 2014. This young policeman is also the Vice President of KOPI, the organization representing the peasants at Ilavach. He is also the owner of the Ilavach community radio station. Jean Lamy Maltunes’ radio station was closed down by the Martelly regime. A new pro-government “community” radio station replaced this Ilavach radio outlet and Maltunes was thrown in prison for objecting to Martelly’s May 10, 2013 decree that illegally takes, through imminent domain and without Parliamentary oversight, the lands of the people at Ilavach to give to wealthy foreign tourist developers.

Stop the land grab at Ile a Vache
Stop the land grab at Ile a Vache

On Dec 8, 2014 Maltunes finally went before a judge. Young Jean Lamy Maltunes was arbitrarily charged, on trumped up charges of a gun discharged that happened a year before the Ilavach protests against Villedrouin/Martelly landgrabs’ started.

Judge Jean Louis J.Elysée heard the case and released Maltunes of the trumped-up charges with a small fine of 39 gourds and one month in jail. Since Maltunes has served nearly 10-months prison time at the abusive National Penitentiary already, he should be immediately released. But the Martelly regime, through their government prosecutor at Port au Prince, Kerson Darius Charles, are appealing the judge Elysée’s verdict to keep Maltunes in jail. Martelly family say this is unconscionable violation of human rights and call on all the top human rights organizations to note that Jean Lamy Maltunes is obviously a political prisoner in violation of international and national laws.

Callers on the VKM radio broadcast expressed their outrage at the total disrespect and contempt for Black life in US occupied Haiti under the Martelly-Lamothe dictatorship.

Anti-government protest is widespread  throughout Haiti for similar egregious violations of the citizens’ Constitutional rights. Haiti protestors say, the Martelly regime, must fall. ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬.  (See, VKM radio broadcast: the Maltunes case starts at 43:58).

The family of Maltunes and others affected plan a sit-in, in front of the Ilavach courthouse, for December 13, 2013, to demand the immediate release of Maltunes and for the Ilavach repression to stop.

Marc Donald Laine, President of Ile A Vache Peasant association (KOPI) against Martelly-Lamothe expropriating peasant lands dies in suspicious accident. Vice President of Kopi, Jean Lamy Maltunes, falsely imprisoned
Marc Donald Laine, President of Ile A Vache Peasant association (KOPI) against Martelly-Lamothe expropriating peasant lands dies in suspicious accident. Vice President of Kopi, Jean Lamy Maltunes, falsely imprisoned



Haiti-jistis: Apèl jijman Jn Mathulners Lamy

Komisè Gouvènman Pòtopwens lan Kerson Darius Charles deside mennen nan Apèl jijman Polisye ki se Vis Preszidan Konbit Peyizan Ilavach la ( KOPI ) Jn Mathulners Lamy apwè odyans lendi 8 desanb lan nan palè jistis pòtopwens lan. Se sa yon nan òganizasyon dwa moun nan kapital la kominike direksyon sal nouvèl VKM lan madi 9 desanb lan. Menm Oganizasyon sa vin konfime efektivman jij Jn Louis Elysé ran yon vèdik ki mansyone kondanasyon Polisye a pou yon mwa Prizon ak pou Peye 39 gd amann. E, anfen kòm Polisye a deja pase 9 mwa anviwon nan prizon, pou kounye a li benefisye lalwa Lespinasse. Ki donk li pwosede a liberasyon nan limedya Jn Mathuners lamy.

Pa rapò a yon lòt lwa nan peyi dAyiti ki bay privilèj a komisè gouvènman yo, apwè yon desizyon jij yo si yo pasatisfè de jijman kote yo gen dwa fè apèl jijman. E nan Vèdik jij la nan dosye Polisye a, se lwa sa komisè Darius aplike pou trenen Polisye a nan apèl.
Selon dispozisyon komisè a pou mennen jijman nan apèl genyen posiblite pou jijman polisye a refèt, konsa tou li kapab libere menm kote a. Sa ta vle di apwè diskisyon yo nan apèl, si jiris yo twouve sa komisè gouvènman repwouche nan jijman pa kenbe osinon pa fonde yo p ap retounen Polisye a nan jijman ankò.

Oganizasyon dwa moun sa k ap echanje ak VKM nan dosye sa ta fè remake Komisè a genyen jiska 30 jou pou pi plis pou li fè apèl la. Sou baz sa genyen posiblite pou pi piti jan sa ta kapab fini an pou polisye a pase ankò yon mwa nan prizon.

Opinyon piblik la deja montre desizyon Pakè pòtopwens lan pou fè apèl jijman Polisye a ki se Vis Prezidan Konbit la Jn Mathuners Lamy se Politik govènman Matelly/Lamorthe pou kontinye kenbe Vis Prezidan KOPI a nan prizon. E, rezon an se paske Polisye a te patisipe nan tout leve kanpe ki deja fèt nan zile a kont pwojè Touristik Matelly/Lamorthe la nan ilavach.

Polisye an menm tan Vis Prezidan KOPI a arète nan 21 fevriye 2014 dapwè sa papa li Mathulien Lamy di nan jou sa yo sou antèn radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo ( VKM ).

KOPI ansanm ak fanmiy Vis prezidan Konbit la ta deja anonse nan jou k ap rive la yo yo pwal kontinye limen flanbo mobilizasyon an nan zile a pou liberasyon J n Mathuners Lam y ak pou bloke pwojè touristik pouvwa nan zile a.

Jn Claudy Aristil
Vwa Klodi Mizo
December 10, 2014

Haiti is not for sale. Free Jean Lamy Maltunes
The Île à Vache Archives


Join the Free Haiti Movement
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The Haiti People’s Agenda:
– Free all political prisoners in Haiti
– Departure of Martelly/Lamothe regime
Haiti Senate: Impeach Martelly to Avoid a Bloodbath and Further Unconstitutionality
Formation of a transitional government chosen by the people not foreign powers

– Create electoral council based on article 289 of the Constitution
– Void SOFA : End US occupation behind UN mercenary guns
– Void all the Martelly Lamothe Decrees and all “laws” imposed on Haiti under occupation, stop the corruption
– For Haiti to invest the mineral riches and assets of the country in the local economy and thus
– An end to unfair US-Euro trade in Haiti and the NGO invasion that’s mostly humanitarian imperialism.
– An accounting of the Haiti Interim “Hillary and Billy” Reconstruction funds, collected in the name of suffering Haitians.

Current Haiti State Violation of Basic Rights: MORE BACKGROUND INFORMATION

“In this country when you try to do the right thing they either kill you or put you in jail while the criminals and kidnappers are rewarded. The country is upside down.” – Marc Donald Laine, March 5, 2014

Marc Donald "Ginal" Laine, president of KOPI dies under suspicious circumstances
Marc Donald “Ginal” Laine, president of KOPI dies under suspicious circumstances

#IleaVache is not for sale. #Haiti is not for sale. Free #JeanLamyMatulnes

Does Wolf Hengst and Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas know the landgrab terror, illegal gov. decree, displacement, impoverishment, the imprisonment of islanders and homelessness upon which their resort spas hotels shall be built?

Eske Misye M. Wolf Hengst e Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas konnen sa gouveman malfektè Martelly/Lamothe/Villedrouin ap fè Fanmi Mesura Mascary e Ti Pèp la lan Ilavach?

Six Sense, Ile A Vache Landgrab
A Six Sense Resort In Occupied Haiti, Ile A Vache Landgrab


Martelly/Lamothe/Villedrouin Government Terrorizing Mascary Family at Ile a Vache to Service the Wealthy

On October 27, 2014 Ezili’s HLLN transmitted, for our local and international audience the report, by Jean Lexès Mascary, who spoke on the RadioVKM Oct 26 radio program about what happen to his family on Friday, Oct. 24, 2014. (Go to: Vwa Klodi Mizo (VKM) emisyon espesyal sou lanmò Jinal .

He explained how the militarized police brutally beat and dispossessed his 89 year old mother and 82 year old father, who feebly tried to stop the Lamothe/Villedrouin demolition crew from destroying their farm and fruit trees without warning or compensation to the family in the name of Ile a Vache “tourist development”.

The idea of a group of heavily armed Black men, IN HAITI, beating up on an almost 90 year old grandmother for the former slave-holding country’s benefit, is horrifying, criminally sad and demoralizing.

After hearing the story on RadioVKM, Ezili’s HLLN connected with Ile a Vache residents on the matter of this elderly couple and for detailed updates on the resistance against the peasant land grabs and imperial resource plunders and pillages happening all over Haiti. (See, “The Quiet Genocide in Haiti. How it is wielded from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Barack Obama: The United Nations, a criminal organization from Lumumba to Aristide” by Ezili Dantò, HLLN/Free Haiti Movement.)

Ezili’s HLLN spoke directly to the family, RadioVKM and others on-the-ground, working for justice for Ile a Vache peasants and fishermen.

What the Mascary family wants most is justice for their family.

The Lamothe/Villedrouin government is taking away their lands, history and culture. These legal bandits are recognized and glorified by the global international tyrants, led by the Obama administration that is continuing the US-Euro warmongering tradition destroying humanity worldwide.

These legal bandits have illegally announced, with a May 10, 2013 “eminent domain decree, the land grabs, pillage and international plunder at Ile a Vache. When the people objected, they’re met with force, brutality, dogs, tear gas, chemically-laced water cannons and the point of a gun.

Konbit Peyizan Ilavach (KOPI), the Ile a Vache community organization representing the people’s voice have had their Vice President, Jean Lamy Maltunes jailed since February, 2014.

On October 25, 2014, KOPI president Marc Donald “Jinal” Laines, suddenly and conveniently-for-the-imperial powers, died under suspicious circumstances. (Go to: Vwa Klodi Mizo (VKM) emisyon espesyal sou lanmò Jinal and starting at 51:00 into VKM broadcast.)

Jean Lamy Matulnes, the Vice President of the Gathering of Ile a Vache Farmers (Konbit Peyizan Ilavach, or KOPI) has been put in prison for the political reason of championing Ile a Vache peasant protest against the brutal right wing Haiti government’s unilaterally taking of Haiti offshore island for foreign “tourist” interests. Part of the land being taken is for permanent housing for the wealthy that can purchase the 1500 seaside luxury condos and 2500 villas that are to be built on lands previously inhabited by relatively poor Haitians. A mere 2,000 “new jobs” for local Haitians is projected for this massive disenfranchisement of the 20,000 Haitians living on the island.

VKM) emisyon espesyal sou lanmò Jinal, 26 Oktob

The Mascary parent’s names are: Lomanie Mascary, the 89 years old mother and Mesura Mascary the father, 82 years old. They live on the island of Ile a Vache at the southernmost point of Haiti. Ile a Vache is under siege by the militarized Haiti police and some dual Haiti/Canada “coast guard” fleet down there.

When Lomanie and Mesura Mascary were young, they build up the farm, or to use their words the field – “champ”- and its their main source of food and income in their old age. It’s a fenced-in area the family has owned where they farm and feed their livestock. Now it’s gone. We asked if their main living quarters were mowed down also. One source, said “just the farm/field” and it’s a fenced in area where they grow yams, peas, mangoes, coconut and other staples products and other food to take care of the family’s needs.

But now in their old age, their property and income base has been taken with no warning; no compensation and they’ve been beaten, shackled, shamed in public, arrested. The parents were brought to the police station and then released. These are intimidation tactics of the heavily armed, militarized Haiti police.

It is especially sad that an 89-year-old woman was force to “freeze” in place, on her own lands, to watch its demolition.

The parents are so old, they could not stay frozen in place at gun point and were beaten again for moving and protesting the horror of seeing their life mowed down as they watched.

The mainstream media is absolutely silent on the Ile a Vache terror and travesty. Most of Ile a Vache residents don’t speak fluent English, only Kreyòl and some French. They feel so alone and wonder where the world is as they are being terrorized.

Ezili’s HLLN and Free Haiti Movement urges all decent humans reading this piece to think about reaching out to KOPI, the organization working to defend the Ile a Vache islanders, to support them and the community radio station men at RadioVKM who are also receiving government threats for their coverage of the Ile a Vache land grabs and other basic human rights and justice issues.

This new Haiti earthquake is being financed, in part, by Venezuela. Let Venezuela know the terror it is funding by giving $27 million for Haiti tourism development including at Ile a Vache.

Write to the hotel chains like “Six Senses Spa Resort Hotels” about the terrorizing of the voiceless poor at Ile a Vache, like the elderly, retired Mascary family to make way for the wealthy to be entertained and get a spa massage in Haiti.

Does Wolf Hengst, Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas and the other hotel chains “investing” throughout occupied Haiti know of the land grab terrors, the illegal government decrees taking Haiti offshore islands and coastal lands, the Haiti resource pillage, plunder, displacements, impoverishments; the arbitrary imprisonments of islanders like Jean Lamy Maltunes and homelessness upon which their resort spa hotels shall be built?

Haiti Resistance to new US slavery behind UN guns & NGO humanitarian imperialism

(Go to -Le groupe hotelier “Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas” intéressé à l’Île-à-Vache October 31, 2014 and A Six Senses Resort in Haiti? at ; Twitter- Minister of Tourism in Haiti.)

Ezili Dantò
Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN)
November, 2014
See, Île à Vache Archives – Ezili Danto . Haiti news


Ezili/HLLN Urgent Action Appeal from the Mascara family of Ile a Vache

The VKM broadcast (linked below) not only covers the death of Jinal (Marc Donald Laines) of KOPI but also the forceful invasion and attempted taking, also on Oct. 24, 2014 of the family lands of the Mascari family of Ile a Vache. The government trucks and tractors entered and when the family resisted they were handcuffed and brutalized. The Mascari father 82 years old, the mother 89 yrs old were both handcuffed, beaten and arrested in their own front yard while government tractors mowed down the family’s coconut and mango trees, et al… The Mascary property was taken supposedly to build an artificial lake for tourist pleasures. Listen to Bernard Rene at 39 minutes and the Mascari family speaking at 1:26: 51 NOW at – Vwa Klodi Mizo (VKM) emisyon espesyal sou lanmò Jinal

The three demands of the people of Ile a Vache with regards to the May 10, 2013 decree taking their Ancestral or communal lands for “tourist development” without their participation or compensation:

Ile a Vache population demand that Haiti’s cholera democracy government and their international hired guns:

1. Recall the May 10, 2013 decree making Ile a Vache a zone for tourists and public utility;

2. The release of local policeman and the Vice President of KOPI, Jean Maltunes Lamy from jail where he is being illegally warehoused since February 2014;

3. The unconditional withdrawal of all the militarized police from the island and the firing of the Martelly-appointed Interim Executive Agent, Fritz Cesar from dictatorship power over Ile a Vache residents.

For more info, go to:
Île à Vache Archives – Ezili Danto . Haiti news

Haïti : Jean Lamy Matulnès est toujours en prison

Vwa Klodi Mizo (VKM) emisyon espesyal sou lanmò Jinal, 26 Oktob

Goute Sel 100 Tan Okipasyon Ameriken 31 Oktob

Marc Donald Laine (Facebook page)

Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN)

Before his suspicious death Marc Donald “Ginal” Laines, president of KOPI wrote, on his Facebook Page:

“In this country when you try to do the right thing they either kill you or
put you in jail while the criminals and kidnappers are rewarded. The country is upside down.”– Marc Donald Laine, March 5, 2014, Source: Facebook

“Peyi sa lew pran bon direksyon swa yo touye w ou byen w pran prizon poutan kriminel kidnape rekonpanse peyi a tet anba” —Marc Donald Laine, March 2005,  (English translation by HLLN above.)
Photo credit: Île à Vache, Haiti

Funeral of #Ginal, the President of #KOPI
November 5, 2014 – VKM

Île à vache Funeral of the Prezidan KOPI
(Translated by HLLN, see original Kreyol below for entire details)

Radio Vwa Klodi Mizo (VKM) announces that the memorial service for Marc Donal (Ginal) Laine, president of Konbit Peyizan Ile Vache will be held at Saint Eugene De Mazno Church at Savann Aux Cayes at around 8 am in the morning on Saturday November 8, 2014. The burial will take place at Ilavach at Soulèt.

Konbit Peyizan ilavach ( KOPI ) has organized the wake for the victim to be held on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 8pm

Radio VKM shares the pain of the family, friends, colleagues, supporters and collaborators of Marc Laine, aka Ginal. And wish them courage in these sad circumstances.

Île à vache Antèman Prezidan KOPI.

Radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo ( VKM ) ap anonse nou: Samdi 8 novanb 2014 la vè 8tè nan maten antèman Marc Donal Lainé alyas ginal Prezidan Konbit Peyizan Ilavach (KOPI) ap chante nan legliz Sentejèn de mazno nan savann okay. Aprè antèman fin chante fanmiy lan aprale ak kadav la nan ilavach nan lokalite soulèt pou antere li.

Konsa tou n ap mete nou okouran yon veye patriyotik Konbit Peyizan ilavach (KOPI ) ap òganize pou vktim lan nan mèkredi 5 novanb lan Bò 8tè nan aswè.

Radyo vkm pataje pèn lan ak tout Fanmiy, Kanmarad, Zanmi, Akonpanyatè Marc Donal Lainé alyas ginal. E nou di yo kouraj nan sikonstans lan.
November 6, 2014 – VKM
Île à vache: Antèman / Kadav Prezidan KOPI pa dwe antre nan Pò Madan Bernard.
#Update on #IleaVache via Ezili Dantó

Marc Donald “Ginal” Laine: Even the dead find no sanctuary from Imperialist’s hatred. Ile a Vache Pap Bay Legen

As previously noted, Marc Donald “Ginal” Laine’s memorial service is scheduled at Aux Cayes for Saturday, November 8, 2014. He will be interred at his hometown on Ilavach. Marc Donald “Ginal” Laine is president of Konbit Peyizan Ilavach (KOPI) and he died in a suspicious motorcycle accident that many believe was an assassination through high-tech surveillance/sharpshooting equipment on October 25, 2014. Witnesses observed Ginal suddenly flying backwards off his motorcycle where his body was dragged. He died the next day from fatal injuries.

Today, HLLN knowledgeable sources report that the government of Martelly-Lamothe, through their Interim Executive Agent, Fritz Cesard, have provocatively declared that the mourners won’t be allowed to disembark at Port Madanm Bernard to go bury the dead on his own island plot. This sacrilegious interference in a funeral rite incrementally ramps-up the psych ops and terror for Haitians at Ilavach and throughout Haiti: Guantanamo Bay terror II at Haiti. What American imperialism and their Villedrouin restaveks euphemistically call “touristic developments for Ilavach” is very well understood by the peasants of Haiti as a public relation mask for outright US landgrabs at a crucial coastal corridor in the Caribbean they will use to house oil rigs, more US military surveillance against Cuba/Venezuela (China-Russia) and transshipment centers for the parasitic Wall Street barons. Si fòk yo touye tout Ayiti pou fè sa, yap fè’l.

Grenadye alaso, sa ki mouri zafè ya yo. Nanpren manman, nanpren papa, sa ki mouri zafè ya yo.

We are the Haitians, Desalin’s descendants and we commit, before god and the devil: liberty or death. San Zansèt yo se san nou. Nou fè yon sèl kò. Inyon nou ak Zansèt yo fè fòs nou. Pouvwa yo se pouvwa nou. Nou sèmante devan dye e dyab: Libète ou Lamò. Ile A Vache pa pou vann. Ayiti pa pou vann.

Ezili Dantò,
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (“HLLN”)/Free Haiti Movement
November 6, 2014
November 10, 2014 – VKM
Île à vache: Antèman Prezidan KOPI Transfòme an manifestasyon.
November 11, 2014
Konbit Peyizan Ilavach manifeste ak kadav Marc Donald Lainé nan vil okay.

“He was buried without Justice investigating his death, even though the government’s Interim Executive Agent, Fritz Cesar, on VWAL FM, the government’s radio station, cited the name of a person he accuses of participating in Marc Donald Lainé’s assassination. He died yes, but the name of the president of the organization representing Ile a Vache peasants lives eternally in the island’s struggle.”- Max – Imbert Marcelin , Konbit Peyizan Ilavach manifeste ak kadav Marc Donald Lainé nan vil okay, Nov 11, 2014

“Li antere san Lajistis pa bay okenn esplikasyon, tandiske ajan enterimè komin Ilavach la, Fritz Cesar, sou vwal FM, radyo gouvènman an, site non moun daprè li ki ta patisipe nan zak asasina sa a. Li mouri se vre, men non prezidan Konbit Peyizan Ilavach rete ajamè nan lit peyizan zile a.”—Max – Imbert Marcelin , Konbit Peyizan Ilavach manifeste ak kadav Marc Donald Lainé nan vil okay , Nov 11, 2014

Jounal Kalbas Gran Dyol 10 Novanm

#Ginal #KOPI #IleAVache #Haiti #NotForSale


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