Celebrating Bwa Kayiman 2014

The white man gives the Afrikan one choice: serve Euro interests or die! Desalin Haiti responded, “we shall not integrate with injustice. Our rallying cry, in contrast to the white man’s ‘assimilate or die,’ is: Libète ou lanmò–Liberty or death!”

Bwa Kayiman 2014 photo album

Photos 1–41
Photo credit: Frantz

Photos 1–15
Photo credit: Dahoud Andre

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Haiti Flag - National colors shall be black and red--Haiti Constitution, 1805 Libète ou Lanmò- Liberty or Death
National colors shall be black and red–Haiti Constitution, 1805
Libète ou Lanmò- Liberty or Death

Ezili Dantò’s Note:

Haiti Resistance Celebrates Bwa Kayiman 2014

On August 14, 1791, after 300-years of European slavery, terror and colonialism, the Haitians gathered at a clearing at Bwa Kayiman to strategize battle plans for war against their terrorist enslavers. They finalized plans for the war to began one week later on August 22, 1791.

Cecile Fatiman was the woman who presided at the war council as priestess, mounted by the irreducible essence of the feminine principle and warrior mother, Ezili Dantò. Manbo Fatiman chose Boukman amongst all the fierce warriors present to lead the war. (See, Comparing Isis and Ezili Dantò to reveal the hidden African mother of all the races ; Vodun, the Light and Beauty of Haiti and Bio of Ezili Dantò, 1791)

After 13 years of war, the Africans beat the French armies, the English armies, the Spanish armies and a US embargo and all their mercenaries to create Haiti.

Haiti/Ayiti is the first nation of the modern world to outlaw slavery. The first nation in world history where the enslaved had the courage and iron will to overthrow their masters. Today, the Haitians celebrate this unparalleled human victory.

An artist rendering of Manbo CecileFatima, the priestess that orchestrated Bwa Kayiman
An artist rendering of Manbo Cecile Fatima, the priestess that orchestrated Bwa Kayiman (Read the story of Manbo Fatima, here)

223 years later, on this August 14, 2014, Haiti still fights off the return of the enslavers. The epic struggle for Haitian liberty and human rights continues in 2014. Haitians fight off the white invaders and their Black collaborators to keep their offshore islands, regain nation sovereignty. Fights off the taking of lands won in war after three hundred years of slavery, 147 years of paying an Independence debt (slave trade debt), first to France and then to the United States and in rivers of blood and pain for 210 years of European containment in poverty and trade blocking.

Free Haiti battles the profit-over-people invaders to keep their lands, way of life, Ancestral legacy and live in peace and prosperity on Ile a Vache, La Gonave, Ile de la Tortue, Mole St. Nicola, Fort Liberte, La Visit, Jacmel, Port au Prince, all of Haiti. Our sacred highlands, paid for in over 500 years of terrible European tyranny. (Haiti not for sale.)

Jodia, 14 Daout 2014 nou sonje kote lombrik nou ye, kote premye san n antere.

Today, on the 223th anniversary of the Bwa Kayiman war council that started the Haiti revolution we bow to the power of our great ancestors. We’re one body, one soul. The union at Bwa Kayiman is the only Haiti union that has never wavered. Nou se Ginen, nou fè yon sèl kò

One people, one African culture, one language, one Vodun spiritual imperative: the Haitian union forged at Bwa Kayiman by the amalgamated African nations has never wavered.

Comparing Isis and Ezili Dantò to reveal African mother of planet earth
Comparing Isis and Ezili Dantò to reveal African mother of planet earth- For the photo essay album, go here

Haiti still fights off European development that is forced assimilation, endless debt, dependency, containment-in-poverty for the majority and white domination and control of all life on planet earth.

The Bwa Kayiman war strategy, Boukman’s prayer, Cecile Fatiman society organization tactics and remembering to throw away the white man’s images and ift up the Ancestors, their spirit, our way of life in konbit, lakou and viv economic system, are, for the free Haitians, our August legacy. Our way to live free, in plain sight, within a hostile American Mediterranean where the monsters announce daily they’re humanitarians. And we respond: E, e, Mbomba,e, e! Kanga Bafyòti. Kanga Mundele. Kanga Ndòki. Kanga yo!.

Witnessing to Ourselves

Tire Manchet! Traditional Haitian machete Fencing- Martial art of Haitian combat. Professor Avril’s class


Ferguson Unmasks the War on Black America


The war against Blacks is a permanent feature of social control in the United States”— Glen Ford


How tear gas was used in Ferguson


How tear gas is used in Haiti, in Ferguson Missouri against Black children: US terrorism and chemically-laced water


Si n Blije Mouri – If we must die

Si n blije mouri, ann pa fout mouri kou bèt
Trake epi kwense nan yon koridò pwennfèpa
Pandan tout alantou nou djòl bouldòg yo ap fè dlo
Dan yo griyen sou nou, yon bann lach k aksepte sò yo

Si pou n mouri, ann mouri tankou fanm ak gason vanyan
Pou menm lè san n ap koule
San manman yo ap blije wete chapo devan lonè ak kouray nou

Frè ak sè m yo, ann gonfle fòs pou n mache kontre lennmi an
Menm si yo pi plis pase nou, ann leve kanpe doubout, ann goumen
Pou chak rafal mitrayèt yo, ann lache yon kokenn kout poud ki fè yo tranble

Menm lè n ap gade lanmò fasafas
Ann kale je n nan je atoufè lach yo
Ann sèmante pou n mouri nan batay olye n kontinye viv ajenou”- Claude McKay (1919),
tradiksyon Kreyòl powèm Claude McKay,If we must die– se travay Dahoud Andre 2000, re-posted August 25, 2014, #FreeHaitiMovement/HLLN and dedicated to Michael Brown, Eric Garner and the Black youths at Ferguson, Missouri standing their ground, claiming human rights to life


If We Must Die by Claude McKay, 1919

If we must die, let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursed lot.

If we must die, O let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!

O kinsmen! We must meet the common foe!
Though far outnumbered let us show us brave,
And for their thousand blows deal one deathblow!

What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back.


We witness to ourselves, by ourselves.
For, we are the Haitians.
From the womb to the tomb, our lives is about struggle.
Free Haiti understand a US-European war is declared and waged daily against
our lives, our lands, our resources, our culture, religion, our future, our
very soul.

But for
over “five hundred years in sanctuaries beyond your reach Prozac-man, in
living shrines within Her mound. Safe from the dark vicissitudes of this
protracted nightmare, Grann Guitonn, Defile, Gran Toya have held our soul.
That’s why
we’re strong
today to celebrate Bwa Kayiman’s 223rd anniversary in the midst of your
terrifying re-occupation. The coming forth of the dead is at hand. We are with lè Marasa, lè Mò e lè Mistè, everywhere…The dawn of another Bwa Kayiman Petwo gathering.

Even protestant bible thumpers in our midst know when to throw away the image of a white man as divine when his deeds, taking away their lands, and the regular spraying their fields and foods with poisons to stop their fields from producing are so pitiless and criminal.

High priestess and Desalin's spiritual advisor, Grann Guitonn
High priestess and Desalin’s spiritual advisor, Grann Guitonn

The Free Haiti your media and partisan academics can’t write about, listens to
the God within, to the voice for liberty that sings in all our hearts.

Today, Free Haitians light red candles, pou libation. Pray Boukman’s Prayer while shouting the Bwa Kayiman call – stop the strangers/invaders, their Black collaborators and all their evil forces (military, religion, schools, academia, profit-over-people and the environment economic systems, et al)

Nou pap bay legen. Ayisyen alaso! Jodia, 14 Daout 2014 n ap sonje kote lombrik nou ye, kote premye san n antere. Nou rele Boukman, Fatiman, nou jete dlo pou yo. Jete dlo pou Zanset nou yo! Ayiti pap peri. (Haiti Epistemology )

Boukman’s Prayer at Bwa Kayiman, the African, Vodun war council on August
14, 1791 that began the Haiti revolution launched on August 22, 1791.

“The God who created the earth, who created the sun that gives us light. The God who holds up the ocean, who makes the thunder roar. Our God who has ears to hear. You who are hidden in the clouds, who watch us from where you are. You see all that the White has made us suffer. The White man’s god asks him to commit crimes. But the God within us wants to do good. Our God, who is so good, so just, orders us to avenge our wrongs. It’s our good God who will direct our arms and bring us victory. It’s our good God who will assist us. We all should throw away the image of the white man’s god who is so pitiless. Listen to the voice for liberty that sings in all our hearts.”

Lapriyè Boukman (Kreyòl)

Bon Dje ki fè la tè. Ki fè soley ki klere nou anwo. Bon Dje ki soulve lanmè. Ki fè gronde loray. Bon Dje nou ki gen zorèy pou tande. Ou ki kache nan nyaj. Kap gade nou kote ou ye la. Ou wè tout sa Blan fè nou sibi. Dje Blan yo mande krim. Bon Dje ki nan nou an vle byen fè. Bon Dje nou an ki si bon, ki si jis, li òdone vanjans (jistis). Se li kap kondwi bra nou pou nou ranpòte la viktwa. Se li kap ba nou asistans. Nou tout fèt pou nou jete pòtre dje Blan yo ki swaf dlo lan zye. Koute vwa la libète k ap chante lan kè nou.—- Lapriyè Boukman nan Bwa Kayiman, August 14 1791

“Dessalines who is my history teacher tells me the only good white is the white that shoots the bad whites.” – Moriso Lewa, Blan Mannan | Dr. John Henrik Clarke – You Have No Friends

Ezili Dantò of HLLN/Free Haiti Movement
August 14, 2014



travay Koralen (Jean Claude Martineau)
Original source -(Koralen – lan premye pati emisyon LakouNY sa a.)
Kiyes ki ka monte Galipòt? Dat “Galipòt” ap tann nou…
Ayisyen alaso! Grenadye alaso, sa ki mouri zafè yayo. Nanpren manman nanpren papa. Sa ki mouri zafè yayo!


Ezili re-enactment Bwa Kayiman-Gathering started Haiti Revolution 223yrs ago


“If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”― Samuel Adams, one of the founders of American Independence from England rallying his countrymen to action


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