Haiti Oligarch Clifford Brandt Smuggled Out of Prison

August 12, 2014 UPDATE: Breaking news or Act II of the Haiti Escape thriller?:

Authorities: Fugitive Clifford Brandt is captured along Haiti-DR border | Photos: Clifford Brandt arrêté

Dominicans Capture Brandt, transporting him in the DR back to Haiti
Dominicans captured Brandt in Hondo Valle DR, transported him to Jimani for return back to Haiti.

Ezili Dantò: The Dominicans say they captured fugitive Clifford Brandt in Hondo Valle in the Dominican Republic. This photo, with no Haiti police in site show he was arrested in the Dominican Republic. But Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles rushed to first publish the Laurent Lamothe spin that Brandt was captured in Haiti along the DR border at Cornillon Gran Bwa by a joint DR-Haiti operation. She cited Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe where he announced on twitter the Haiti police captured Brandt and congratulated them for the arrest. (@LaurentLamothe Clifford Brandt a été capturé! Bravo PNH!)

If Brandt was in Haiti, technically the Dominican Army could not come into Haiti to arrest him. It would make more sense, as the pictures evidence, that Brandt was captured in the DR and through a joint-cooperation agreement he was duly handed over to Haiti.

There is a gratuitous Haiti police/government insinuation that they captured Brandt, a nuanced lie. What’s important is that Brandt was recaptured. Does it matter who did it?  It should not. Unless it’s more about absolving the Haiti police and  higher-ups of complicity in the initial breakout? Did Laurent Lamothe lie to take credit to make himself and his government look good? Give the heretofore Martelly-Lamothe Haiti injustice system some semblance of non-partisanship? If so, that ruse backfired. (Jean Bertrand Aristide officiellement convoqué par le Juge Tet Kale Lamarre Belizaire pour demain 13 Aout)

Tuesday evening, Minister of the Dominican Armed Forces, Sigfrido Pared Perez, told media that Brandt was arrested with two other prisoners in the town of Hondo Valle, in the west of the DR, near the Jimani border with Haiti. An army patrol stationed on the border between Jimani and Hondo Valle led the operation. Brandt and his accomplices were pulled over, the Dominicans say, for trying to circumvent a police check point called “Indio.” But the Martelly-Lamothe administration first confirmed Brandt was arrested by Haiti police at Cornillon Grand Bois.

Don’t believe the hype! The seemingly bungled Brandt capture becomes clearer if we see the smuggling of Brandt out of prison as the tree that hid the forest of criminality – a psychological warfare operation with Brandt as decoy  to keep attention away from even bigger drug traffickers and high-profiled prisoners that were amongst the reported 329 prisons that “escaped?” Remember, a Haiti police station was just a few meters from the prison as well as a UN base. But, the Haiti authorities tell us 329 prisoners simply “escaped” in plain view of these forces with no discernible struggle?! (See our original essay below.) Although it’s a bit like closing the barn door after the horses have bolted, the colonial Haiti government announced the firing of prison guards and police authorities involved in the matter. Shovel a bit of dirt away and the entire escape scenario and manhunt for Brandt looks more and more like it was also a cover for the release of Colombian drug traffickers and higher-connected criminal kingpins who were at the Croix-Des-Bourquets prison and who obviously bribed the Lamothe/Martelly authorities to be smuggled out, covered-up by the manhunt for Brandt.

USA, STOP supporting: Drug-dealers, Kidnappers, Robbers, Bribers Against Haitian People!!! Photo credit: Nouvelliste
USA, STOP supporting: Drug-dealers, Kidnappers, Robbers, Bribers Against Haitian People!!!
Photo credit: Nouvelliste

Some folks who know the US intelligence psychops hands behind the criminality in Haiti, also point to backroom deals amongst the criminal Oligarchs, pointing to Brandt’s vulnerability shown with the “recapture” as also a staged psych operation? The going consensus of those trying to see through all the psychological warfare is that  1. Clifford Brandt was in on the escape and recapture while handsomely being paid for it to allow for the real escapees to go free with no manhunt since their names, pictures and escape Fugitive Brandt returned to Capitalwasn’t given blaring public coverage and at the same time 2. the public recapture and subsequent Lamothe conference with great show of force – heavily armed Haiti police swat-team police dragging a cuffed, dishevelled Brandt for the cameras – was also perhaps a warning to Brandt that he needs to keep his mouth shut about naming President Martelly’s son and USA buddies as his accomplices  in the Gang Galil criminal cartel he ran if he’s allowed a trial. The psychological warfare to hide the colonial hands and Haiti government higher ups criminality will surely continue as we await for Act 3 of the Great Haiti Escape saga. Haiti is an easy laboratory. It’s where the largest US embassy in the Western Hemisphere is located and gets to conduct, without US or international media scrutiny, its various war games, dry-runs and test its operatives and stooges at will. (See, US terrorism in Haiti, US Crowds Next

With such US-orchestrated or abetted criminality clearly in view, what better psychop cover-up to intimidate public dissent than to announce, in the same time-span of Brandt’s recapture, the coming arrest of the US’s favorite scapegoat. The most popular political opponent to US domination in Haiti – the twice democratically elected and twice US-removed, President Jean Bertrand Aristide!  This constant US-orchestrated political execution of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide resurfaces regularly and on manufactured charges thought-up by their coup detat/Duvalierist/crooked justice system. Meanwhile, 329 prisoners are released, the un-named Colombian drug traffickers and other high-profiled prisoners who “escaped,” remain at large.

Scroll down to read our original report on the prison breakout. Watch the Lamothe/Haiti police press conference and then the Dominican Army video press conference after they captured Brand. The slick Martelly-Lamothe administration took credit for the Brandt capture to the point of lecturing Haiti, during their press conference, about the unwarranted public mistrust! Yet, Haitians had every reason to believe the police released Brandt, covered it up with a massive prison break, and that the manhunt was for show if the Dominicans hadn’t found him first. Haitians point to the case of other businessman let out of prison like businessman Daniel Evinx, another close friend of President Michel Martelly, arrested in 2013 for drug trafficking but released 24 hours later without ever facing charges. Instead the Government Commissioner who arrested Daniel Evinx was relieved from his position.– Ezili Dantò of HLLN

Fugitive Brandt recaptured by Dominican Army- Breaking news or Act II of the "Haiti Escape Thriller?"
Fugitive Brandt recaptured by Dominican Army– Breaking news or Act II of the “Haiti Escape Thriller?”

A SPOOF(Accidentally leaked) Confidential instructions to all field agents: The chaos, confusion, plausible deniability is on purpose. Serves our neocolonial subversive purposes. More of these moves are on the horizon in the tomorrows to come. Stay tuned for Act III, of the Great Haiti Escape Thriller. Here’s scene dialogue for coming episodes: “If Brandt gets to court and talks,” says his fellow crooks, “nou tout pedi– we all lose!” Give ’em more carnival. Maybe test getting Aristide indicted, arrested and make that trial the focus. Use your imagination! Washington expects secured elections.  –(End of mocking SPOOF)

Fugitive Clifford Brandt apprehended

Lamothe Press Conference on Recapture Fugitive Clifford Brandt

Haïti-police: Brandt retrouvé, le comissaire qui a réussi l’opération est révoqué

Clifford Brandt recaptured by the Dominicans
Clifford Brandt recaptured by the Dominicans- Photo Source: Tout Haiti

August 12, 2014 Dominican press conference after announcing they caught fugitive Clifford Brandt


Brief summary of below article dated August 10, 2014: Haiti oligarch Clifford Brandt, escapes prison…Sources say Brandt was probably quietly smuggled out of the prison long before the “prison break” occurred. The very public “escape” narrative is the charade to make his absence official – look like an escape instead of a typical clandestine Haiti oligarchy mafia action…During questioning after his arrest (in 2012), the crime boss implicated the eldest son of the President of Haiti, Olivier Martelly, as part of his kidnapping ring, along with the sons of the country’s other billionaires… The facts are still coming in. People are perplexed about the delayed or absence of immediate police or UN response. The new prison is built within the perimeter of the Croix des Bourquets police station. (August 12, 2014  6:40 p.m. – UPDATE: Clifford Brandt recaptured. Check this website often for updates.)

Wealthy Clifford Brandt arrested for kidnapping, victims rescued -2012

Haiti Oligarch Clifford Brandt Smuggled Out of Prison

The story is that a spectacular prison break occurred around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. in the morning on August 10, 2014 in Haiti. Nearby vendors reported hearing lots of gunshots as 10 to 15 heavily armed commando gunmen descended upon the prison in Croix des Bouquets Haiti. Haiti authorities, however, say the breakout originated from inside the prison. The prison is located on the outskirts of Haiti’s capital and is where kidnapping ringleader, Clifford Brandt, from the billionaire Brandt family, was being held since Oct. 22, 2012.

Witnesses say there was no battle from the guards inside, while Haiti officials report at least one or more National Penitentiary Administration (APENA) guards were injured. In the rampage, on the ground Haiti sources report that 100 or so prisoners fled the prison, running in every direction. Others say 100 or so inmates where left in the prison after the “prison breakout.”

Ezili Dantò vèvè - HLLN
Ezili Dantò vèvè – HLLN

The post-earthquake, Canadian financed prison held between 800 to 899 inmates according to varying sources. Besides Clifford Brandt, early reports indicate, another right-wing government affiliated crime boss and accused kidnapper, Woodley Ethéard alias Sonson Lafamilia, also escaped. This is not confirmed by Haiti APENA authorities.(Haiti officials later reported a total of 329 inmates escaped.)

Sources say the confessed kidnapping ringleader, Clifford Brandt, from the billionaire Brandt family, was probably quietly smuggled out of the prison long before the “prison break” occurred. The very public “escape” narrative is the charade to make his absence official – look like an escape instead of a typical clandestine Haiti oligarchy mafia action.

For a while now, it’s been reported, with some credibility, Brandt did not spend the nights at the prison, just the days or appeared at critical times for show. No one knows the truth. The bottom line is, most local Haiti media are known not as journalists, but public relations agents on the payrolls of Martelly-Lamothe or the morally repugnant Haiti elites. It’s not likely they’ll ferret out the ruling Haiti billionaires’ criminality. Nor explain the vicious internal fight amongst the mercenary families. They’re not paid to focus on the serial killers of the Black masses. Or, the US-Euro handlers creating and manipulating the whole scene.

The Clifford Brandt Case

Clifford Brandt mug shot
Clifford Brandt mug shot

Brandt is accused of running a decades long criminal cartel, but wasn’t taken into custody until he kidnapped and terrorized another Haiti billionaire’s children, the Moscoso children.

Before the Brandt affair, the Haiti ruling elites most involved in Haiti-based criminal cartels, made sure the new kidnapping phenomenon in Haiti, that started after the US colonial troops arrived in 2004, was handily blamed on the poor Black youths and street gangs of Site Soley. This served the dual purpose of keeping the light away from the real criminals while providing cover for the UN and US military raids into the populace areas in Haiti that were loudly protested the US regime change– overthrow of Aristide-Neptune. The racist international press turned a blind eye and repeated the lies. The biggest culprits are Miami Herald, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, LA Times, Wall Street Journal.( See HLLN’s Media Campaign (Ezili Dantò/2004)

In October 2012, Brandt was arrested, along with 14 other accused members of his criminal syndicate. He is charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment for ransom, smuggling of firearms, fraud, forgery, usurpation of title, criminal conspiracy, illegal possession of weapons of war, illicit enrichment, money laundering, and issuing death threats.

The two Moscoso family victims, Brandt was literally caught red-handed for authoring their kidnapping, said they were abducted by armed men wearing uniforms of the National Police of Haiti (PNH). Brandt, in handcuffs, brought the police to the empty house location where the bound and tied-up victims – Coralie (23) and Nicolas Moscoso (24) – were rescued by PNH anti-kidnapping unit.


They’ll sooner refocus on the colonial narrative that: Black Haiti is evidence of all evil. They’ve got Aristide and Lavalas – shorthand for representing the African masses in Haiti- to scapegoat for all criminality. Their story is that the Clintons, the Bushes, the UN/USAID-NGOs/US Embassy and their billionaire Haiti business partners are the vehicles of morality; the civilized catalysts for a cleansed and reconstructed Haiti. A white pearl, again! That’s their story. The establishment warlords are sticking to this spin, until European World War III, wipes out planet earth. (Media Lies and the Real Haiti News, by Ezili Dantò, 2007.)

So, what the public knows, for sure right now, is that Brandt is no longer in prison. The official story is, he was there up until August 10th and then “escaped.”

Knowledgeable Haiti insiders opine that the Brandt prison breakout could not have happened without high-level, insider help. Brandt, who ran the Mazda dealership in Haiti, is a long time friend of US-selected Haiti President, Michel Martelly. The five police and security officers who were arrested, as part of the Brandt kidnapping “Gang Galil” posse, are already set free by a Martelly-Lamothe government judge.

The police collusion extends to members of Martelly’s National Palace security detail, reported to also be on Brandt’s payroll. Haiti experts say that contrary to what’s being initially served, in corporate media headlines, this “prison break” was not some random, street-gang related, prison break. (Haiti gang raids jail and frees inmates; Armed raiders attack prison, free inmates in Haiti. See sidebar).

They point out that the Croix des Bouquets maximum security prison facility is located not too far away from a UN/MINUSTAH sub-base. But it’s reported the authorities didn’t show up for three hours or so after the allege “escape.”

Various witnesses also confirmed that Haiti police reinforcement and government authorities did not arrive on the scene of the “prison break” until around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Then began a massive search, house-by-house, but not for some three hours or so, after “the escape.” By then, the authors of this Brandt cover-up, some say, were probably already out of the country on some private colonially-paid-for plane, laughing their heads off. The facts are still coming in. People are perplexed about the delayed or absence of immediate police or UN response. The new prison is built within the perimeter of the Croix des Bourquets police station.

It’s likely, one Haiti source explains, the corrupt Haiti oligarchs/mercenary families had reached an agreement with their white colonial paymasters for Clifford Brandt and his accomplices safe passage, long before the “prison break.” While the manhunt begins in Haiti, experts believe Clifford Brandt has enough money, access and criminal knowledge to trade that will keep justice implementers looking away. Brandt, they opine, is probably already sitting back in some General Raoul Cedras-like asylum location, financed and supported by those same US-Euro intelligence folks, involved in the kidnapping/drug/sex/weapons/organ-trafficking enterprises and global money laundering racket. Those enterprises are the “businesses” the transnationals’ and their local enforcers and stakeholders, often painted as the arbiters of law and order, engage in with total impunity.

The only people in Haiti who seem to go to jail and stay there are the very poor and those Haitians who actually serve the poor, like Jean Lamy Maltunes. Point in fact, Guy Philippe is a DEA-suspected drug dealer and right wing death squad leader. This Guy Philippe who murdered his way into Haiti operating the US-funded paramilitary wing for Group 184 that helped the US Special Forces, take down the democratically-elected Aristide-Neptune government in 2004, even ran for president in 2006. But neither the UN troops, nor the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) could find him in Haiti. His partner, Louis Jodel Chamblain. still roams free in U.S. colonially occupied Haiti. (See also- “Criminal state”, decries population after release of wife of Sonson Lafamilia.)

Haiti arrested Clifford Brandt, son of businessman Fritz Brandt accused of kidnapping, October 23, 2012
Haiti arrested Clifford Brandt, son of businessman Fritz Brandt accused of kidnapping, October 23, 2012

US colonial paymasters generally won’t allow the arrests of the subcontracted Haitians, their own destabilizing operatives. Not even those who’ve gone rogue. It’s also a logistically difficult task to always reign in their Black opportunists working for empire in Haiti. First, because the suspected billionaire Haiti families involved with the Brandt illegal sidelines, are well able to pay to get a visa, passports to anywhere or simply to make up their transport papers to travel out of the country. Haiti has the most billionaires in the Caribbean. They operate under the radar of journalistic scrutiny and have access to their own planes, boats, multiple homes, businesses and international criminal escape routes, beginning with their interconnected families and business monopolies in the Dominican Republic, reaching all the way across the Atlantic to their Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Israeli, French and European dual citizenship havens. Not to mention the ruling Haiti oligarchs mostly run the Haiti import-export businesses, have access to containers, ports and actually staff the local Haiti consulate franchises connecting across the globe.

The United States trains the Haiti police and customarily uses them to preserve US corporate interests against Haiti national interests and as infiltrators and secret agents for empire. It’s been documented Clifford Brandt, like Guy Phillipe, had Haiti police on his criminal payroll and probably have done enough jobs for the white colonist paymasters  – which trains the Haiti military forces – that they’re both more of a liability in jail than out of it.

Haiti is an international crime scene. This open secret is intricately weaved into the neocolonial (Black- ruled-US-colony) structure imposed, top down, by the Western imperialists. It’s an international crime scene with the biased United Nation acting as the colonial military force for the United States — leading the criminality from child molestation, trafficking and rape, to legitimizing the United States Special Forces‘ kidnapping of President Jean Bertrand Aristide, to importing the deadly cholera virus with total impunity, to giving the Haiti police firepower protection as they kick Haiti peasants off their offshore island homes, making way for high level land and Haiti resource thefts.

Haiti oligarchs like Brandt are, with few exceptions, accomplices in the disenfranchising of the Black masses. The Internationals wouldn’t want someone like Brandt or a paid enforcer like Guy Philippe to tell what they know about the real white supremacist crimes and corruptions going on in neocolonial Haiti. (See, the high level connections and our extensive coverage when Clifford Brandt was first apprehended and the US sent in the FBI to investigate. Go to: Clifford Brandt Kidnapping Ring Busted as Clintons with Hollywood Celebrate Haiti Sweatshop.)

Confessed crime boss, Clifford Brandt, escape Haiti prison-August 10 2014
Confessed crime boss, Clifford Brandt, escape Haiti prison-August 10 2014

The Haiti government has put up a $22,000 reward for the recapture of Clifford Brandt. It’s to be hope that justice will actually prevail.

But the Clifford Brandt kidnapping ring and murder cartel was revealed, in 2012 by local and international investigators, to be one of most sophisticated and powerful criminal syndicate, not just in Haiti but the Caribbean. During questioning after his arrest, the crime boss implicated the eldest son of the President of Haiti, Olivier Martelly, as part of his kidnapping ring, along with the sons of the country’s other billionaires. Clifford Brandt allegedly confessed that he is only number #4 within the leadership hierarchy of this well-dressed, establishment-credentialed group of gangsters connected to the Caribbean oligarchy.
If that is so, our Ezili Dantò Witness Project experts believe the named and un-named higher ups in Brandt’s transnational criminal syndicate, most likely helped author his escape.

Also, if confirmed, the opportunistic escape of Sonson Lafamilia is subject to similar analysis. Sonson Lafamilia is another President Michel Martelly-connected crime boss.

Djab pa manje djab an Ayiti. Yo manje ti inosan selman – Devils don’t hurt the guilty. They mostly hurt the innocent.

Ezili Dantò of HLLN,
August 10, 2014
(Update: Haiti officials report a total of 329 inmates escaped.)

#FreeHaiti #Haiti #StoptheHumanitarians #StopMinustah #HaitiNot4Sale #FreeMaltunes

Comments welcomed: If you’ve got updated information or you’d like to add to our understanding, please add a comment below or share your comments on the Free Haiti Movement page.  Follow us on Facebook and check this website  often for updates that may become available.


HLLN referenced links:

A SPOOF on the the lukewarm government attempt to “re-capture?” Brandt

– The video is making fun of the small reward monies ($1mil gourdes/approx. $22,000US) the Haiti gov has put up for the recapture of Brandt. In the Kreyòl video, the author uses the image of Brandt to talk through. The facsimile of Brandt is laughing at the bounty on his head. He says going to put a 10 million gourdes award on the heads of the Haiti government officials who dare to even search for him! After all the kidnapping he’s done, it’s an insult to have such a small bounty on his head. This expresses the popular conviction in Haiti that the Haiti government let Brandt go.
Clifford Brandt Kidnapping Ring Busted as Clintons with Hollywood Celebrate Haiti Sweatshop

“Criminal state”, decries population after release of wife of Sonson Lafamilia

Affaire Brandt : le gouvernement Martelly-Lamothe savait quel gang avait enlevé les jeunes Moscoso, mais n’en a informé la DCPJ que sur injonction d’une “haute fonctionnaire US”, selon le RNDDH

Haiti gang raids jail and frees inmates

Armed raiders attack prison, free inmates in Haiti

Clifford Brandt évadé de la prison de Croix des Bouquets

Police search for kidnapping suspects with ties to Presidency 

Haiti: Human Rights denounces release of police officers in Clifford Brandt case


Update– August 13, 2014

Detenido en República Dominicana el prófugo haitiano que propició una fuga masiva

Fugitive Brandt returned to Capital
Fugitive Brandt returned to Capital. Arrested by Dominican Army in town of Hondo Valle. Handed over to Haiti police as you see above. –Detenido en República Dominicana el prófugo haitiano que propició una fuga masiva

EFE | Santo Domingo

Autoridades militares de República Dominicana informaron de la detención de Clifford Brandt, hijo de un influyente empresario haitiano, cuya fuga el pasado domingo de una cárcel de Haití propició la de centenares de reos.

El ministro de las Fuerzas Armadas dominicanas, almirante Sigfrido Pared Pérez, señaló a medios de comunicación que Brandt fue capturado junto a otros dos presos haitianos en la localidad de Hondo Valle, en el oeste dominicano, cerca de la frontera con Haití.


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