Both Rangel and Espaillat guilty of endorsing Apartheid in Dominican Republic, Haiti activist, Dahoud Andre explains

Haiti activists say Rangel and Espaillat both guilty of supporting DR racism/apartheid

Haiti Activists Urge Rejection of Both Congressional Candidates in Harlem

Dahoud Andre, Haiti community activist talk to (16:10) Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report,  about Dominican Republic apartheid and how Congressman Charles Rangel and his main challenger, State Sen. Adriano Espaillat, are both guilty of supporting civil genocide and apartheid policies against Dominicans of Haitian descent.

Haiti-Dominican activist say Rangel and Espaillat both guilty of supporting DR racism/apartheid
Haiti activists say Rangel and Espaillat both guilty of supporting DR racism/apartheid

Under a law passed by the Dominican Republic and endorsed by Rangel and Espaillat, less than 10 percent of 200,000-plus people with roots in Haiti will quality for Dominican citizenship, even though most have never set foot outside the country and speak only Spanish. Community organizer and popular Haiti radio personality, Dahoud Andre, called on Harlemites “not to vote for either of these supporters of apartheid,” and for “people of conscience around the world to boycott Dominican products and services,” including tourism


Join the Free Haiti Movement

The Free Haiti Movement gives voice to Haiti voiceless: Denounce and boycott Dominic Republic for making racism legal.)

BOYCOTT the Dominican Republic as a rogue nation for making apartheid legal in the Western Hemisphere! Demand international sanctions and that Haiti government STOP all trade, commerce with he DR and deports DR ambassador/all its staff back to DR, recall its ambassador/all staff from DR IMMEDIATELY.

Boycott Dominican Republic goods, services, tourist travel and trade for making racism legal. Stop the civil genocide, legalize violence, apartheid and ethnic cleansing by law in the Dominican Republic.

Kreyòl Boykòt recording with Koralen:
Boycott sistematic tout sevis, biznis ak pwodwi Dominiken

In Kreyòl – This is a very important interview to listen to Ayisyen!-Tande emisyon Vwa Klodi Mizo sa a, Ti Pèp la di: Ilavach pap vinn tounen yon lòt Labadee. Ayiti pa pou vann! Nou pa vle yon lòt Labadee an Ayiti!

Share, circulate, give voice to the terrorized Haitians

People of Haiti will NOT allow their offshore islands, including Ile A Vache, to become another Labadee where foreign tourists don’t even know they’re in Haiti and where Haitians are forbidden to enter much less benefit in any way from this foreign presence on their lands! The Haiti public does not even know where the monies paid for the Labadee tourist project goes to!    *************************
Vwa Klodi Mizo interview: Nan emisyon sa animatè a chita sou pwoje touristik ile a vache avek manb MODEP.

Share and Circulate the links ad post widely- Help give voice to the most terrorize human beings in the Western Hemisphere while the white supremacist system drapes itself, its NGO collaborators and establishment figures as benevolent/charitable heroes saving Haiti, saving Africa!!!. Help stop MINUSTAH, stopAFRICOM. Free Haiti. End the terror of the international community in Haiti. Support the brave, like Dr. the Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves who stands virtually alone in the Caribbean at CARICOM denouncing this Dominican Republic apartheid and civil genocide against Haitians.Help defend Black Dominicans from historic white supremacist bloodlust, thievery and racial hatred. ENOUGH worldwide suffering for Haitians everywhere! Lift up human values and civil behavior. Join the Ezili/HLLNetwork, The Free Haiti Movement, MUDHA, Reconocido along with all our brothers and sisters in the DR, however they may define themselves, to stop racism and racial crimes against dark-skinned Dominicans and Dominicans of Haitian ancestry.


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