Ile a Vache resistance

HLLN/Lakou New York/Radyo VKM Updates – Dosye Ilavach – April 16, 2014

Ayisyen, tande vwa rezistans moun Ilavach yo ki djanm anpil” — Dahoud Andre/Manno Louizaire, Lakou New York

“We will fight to the end to keep our lands at Ile a Vache.” “Lamothe, Martelly and Haiti tourism minister, Stephanie Villedrouin will steal this land our fathers paid and bled endlessly for over our dead bodies.” “The contracts they make to sell Desalin’s lands from under us are null and void” – Ilavach residents, Lakou New York: Kolaj son nan repòtaj Radyo VKM sou manifestasyon 16 Avril 2014.

Ile a Vache resist death project

Ile A Vache resistance against Martelly-Lamothe government land grab
Ile A Vache resistance against Martelly-Lamothe government land grab. Photo Radyo VKM
Lakou New York (Kreyòl) broadcast
Kolaj son ki soti nan repòtaj emisyon Goute Sèl nan Radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo sou manif 16 avril 2014 nan IlavachThis is a Lakou New York audio compilation of the Radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo broadcast covering  the April 16, 2014 Ile a Vache demonstration against the colonial land grab at Ile a Vache, Haiti.


Lakou New York (Kreyòl) broadcast
Dosye Ilavach – Lakounewyork
Nouvèl; Entèvyou ak konpatriyòt Jean Claudy Aristil, responsab nan Radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo, sou dosye Ilavach la; Liy ouvè ak oditè yo; Segman liy ouvè ak oditè emisyon Goute Sèl ki pase jodi a nan Radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo – Mèkredi 23 Avril 2014 –  A LakouNY interview with Radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo journalist Jean Claudy Aristil on the Ile a Vache crisis… with a listener question and answer segment.

Lakou New York brings you these two excerpts to make the public aware of the on-going  Ile a Vache strong resistance, the censorship efforts of the occupying forces and the urgent need for Haitians and justice-seekers to support the resistance and journalists who are being threatened with jail as Jean Lamy Maltunes and lost of their property, livelihood and freedoms like the resisting residents at Ile a Vache.

At Ile à Vache Haiti, the United State’s occupying forces have already cut down the island’s only forest to put in a cement airport. The forest used to provide the local Haitians with livelihoods harvesting crabs and honey. The people, at great risk, are publically and peacefully protesting the colonial forces plans to uproot peasants from food producing land in order to put in for-profit luxury hotels,  villas, golf courses and casinos. All, from stealing Haiti lands, ancestral legacy, pillaging its natural resources, destroying its communal heritage and culture.

This, is just a brief summary of the Kreyòl broadcasts presented here for non-Kreyòl speakers.

The two Kreyòl broadcasts records details of the Ile a Vache resistance and the determination, resolve and Kapwa Lamò  courage in the face of the rabid rage of the greatest superpower on earth and its colonial armies in Haiti.

Check back often for updates. If time permits we’ll post, in English, the words to the KOPI song in the beginning of the broadcast where the members from the Organization of Ile a Vache Farmers – Konbit Peyizan Ilavach, “KOPI”- sing that they want nothing to do with the government’s Ile a Vache death project; that they have plenty of sweet potatoes, fish, cassava, millet, pigeon peas,  cornmeal – all sorts of good food to eat and don’t need this poisonous food, this criminal project whatsoever the Martelly-Lamothe government is forcing Ile a Vache to swallow…and more specifics.

Desalin2Ile A Vache residents flooded the streets on April 16, 2014 to demonstrate against the US occupying forces colonial project to take peasant lands at Ile a Vache, evict the local population. In these Kreyòl excerpts, put together by Lakou New York, you’re hear Jean Lamy Maltunes’ elderly and frail father, who recently had prostate surgery, speak about his son’s illegal incarceration. Maltunes’s father said this piece of land is his, his families legacy. He is 65 years old. Has lived on his land for 65 years. His mother before him died on the piece of land he is living on. “She died at 95 years old , he says, “so you can imagine how long I’ve been living on this land…I want my son (Jean Lamy Maltunes) released from prison.”

This re-broadcast of Radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo interviews by Lakou New York includes audio clips from the April 16, 2014 Ile a Vache peoples’ street demonstrations. Radyo Vwa Klodi Mizo host, Jean Claudy Aristil, details the censorship against their radio station, how their Ile a Vache journalism coverage has been subject to government censorship.

For instance, for one month the colonial government shut down Radyo VKM and during the recent April 16, 2014 people’s demonstration, 15-year veteran VKM journalist Aristil describes how he was being personally harassed and filmed at the demonstration by Henry Cesar who is Fritz Cesar’s brother and his bodyguard/sidekick – “security”. Jean Maltunes’ father also described how this thuggish Henry Cesar goes around firing his weapons in the streets to scare the people of Ile a Vache with strong armed tactics. (See, also Free Île à Vache: Pursued by government hound dogs and US occupiers in Haiti privatizing Île à Vache – Chronicles of a coming massacre.)

The excerpts are important because there is no major media coverage of the Ile a Vache resistance, the US role in the matter, the dictatorship of Martelly-Lamothe in Haiti or of the government intimidation by Fritz Cezar who kept following and filming the Radio VKM staff even after the demonstration was over. Radyo VKM accuses Fritz Cezar, the appointed consul from the Martelly-Lamothe government of using their cameras for intimidation purposes.

Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Haiti / Ile-à-Vache : Pirates d’hier et d’aujourd’hui, Alterpresse, 24 avril 2014

Ezili Danto
Ezili Dantò interviewed on Uhuru Radio by Africa Live host Dedan Sakara, Feb. 4, 2014

Haiti : In a State of Permanent War and Cholera

4 years after the earthquake

Listen to the counter-colonial narrative on Haiti. Learn the truth rarely, if ever, published by the international media. The international media, from the Left and Right political game, mostly maintains the colonial narrative on Haiti to elevate the white establishment’s profit-over-people barbarity and to promote the US hidden war, resource extraction plunders, imported famine, diseases, terrors and Western imperialism in Haiti.

Ezili Dantò speaks on the current conditions in Haiti on Africa Live with Dedan Sakara, Go to the original post at Haiti : In a State of Permanent War and Cholera: 4 years after the earthquake

Part 1

Part 2

Ezili Dantò speaks on the current conditions in Haiti on Diaspora Music with Norman “Otis” Richmond of Uhuru News & Radio

 Other relevant Ile A Vache resitance post from Ezili’s HLLN:

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US occupiers in Haiti privatizing Île à Vache – Chronicles of a coming massacre


In Kreyòl – This is a very important interview to listen to Ayisyen!-Tande emisyon Vwa Klodi Mizo sa a, Ti Pèp la di: Ilavach pap vinn tounen yon lòt Labadee. Ayiti pa pou vann! Nou pa vle yon lòt Labadee an Ayiti! – Share, circulate, give voice to the terrorized Haitians… –

People of Haiti will NOT allow their offshore islands, including Ile A Vache, to become another Labadee where foreign tourists don’t even know they’re in Haiti and where Haitians are forbidden to enter much less benefit in any way from this foreign presence on their lands! The Haiti public does not even know where the monies paid for the Labadee tourist project goes to!


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