Ezili and Edwidge on the Haiti reality

“Life was neither something you defended by hiding nor surrendered calmly on other people’s terms, but something you lived bravely, out in the open, and that if you had to lose it, you should lose it on your own terms.”― Edwidge Danticat, The Dew Breaker


What’s going in Haiti: Two Haiti women speak the Haiti reality

Kwa! Kwa lou. Si m pa ka pote l, m ap trennen l
(Cross! The cross is heavy. If I can’t carry it, I’ll drag it.)

Bio of Ezili Dantò, 1791
Ezili Dantò of HLLN, performing Vodun Jazzoetry one-woman show- Red, Black & Moonlight series, See the Bio of Ezili Dantò, 1791

What’s going on in Haiti? On an October day shadowed within the 2nd US occupation of Haiti, two Haiti women – Edwidge and Ezili – speak about the Haiti reality

Ezili Dantò

October 30, 2013/Blogtalk Radio, The Culturel rebel with Iya Adjua

Connecting Afrikans to Afrikans! What’s going in Haiti…The Culture Rebel with Iya Adjua WMP CRC interview Ezili Dantò of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) on the non-colonial narrative on Haiti



Edwidge with daughter Mira, whom she named after her father. “Hopefully I’ll have an uninterrupted lifetime with her,” she writes, “a lifetime to plant some things that have been uprooted in me and uproot others that have been planted.” (NEW YORK TIMES/CINDY KARP). Source: Ezili Website

Edwidge Danticat

October 29, 2013/KPFA Radio

KPFA, Against the Grain show with Edwidge Danticat, broadcast October 29, 2913

Haitian-American writer Edwidge Danticat comments on developments in Haiti, including the cholera epidemic and the rebuilding process following the 2010 earthquake. Also, Noam Chomsky assesses what’s been done over the years in the name of humanitarian intervention.

Edwidge Danticat was born in Haiti and moved to the United States when she was twelve. She is the author of several books, including Breath, Eyes, Memory, an Oprah Book Club selection; Krik? Krak!, a National Book Award finalist; and The Farming of Bones, an American Book Award winner. She is also the editor of The Butterfly’s Way: Voices from the Haitian Dyaspora in the United States ; The Beacon Best of 2000: Great Writing by Men and Women of All Colors and Cultures and Haiti Noir Akashic, 2012.

Ms. Danticat’s newest book is Claire of the Sea Light Knopf, 2013

Danticat earned a degree in French Literature from Barnard College, where she won the 1995 Woman of Achievement Award, and later an MFA from Brown University. She lives in Miami with her husband and daughter.


A Free Haiti Movement / November 18-Vertierres post

Release AVATAR Haiti – End the US occupation of Haiti behind UN proxy guns and the NGO invasion – Avatar Haiti (http://bit.ly/h3LK7O)

Emisyon espesyal pou make fèt Gede

Papa Gede Bèl Gason

November 1, 2013/Lakou New York Radio

Ezili Dantò’s November 1, 2013 Note:

While we’re celebrating November 1st and November 2nd- Day of the Ancestors, Day to honor those who’ve transitioned and the various collective African/Ayisyen souls celebrated from time immemorial such as Gede yo, the African Tricksters, Baron Samdi/Grann Brijit -Guardians  of all Ancestral knowledge, guardians at the crossroads of life and death, of the transition of the season. Grann Brijit -Gede yo- bestow fertility, sexuality, spiritual wisdom, abundance, are protectors of children. Let’s remember in Haiti while under this second US occupation-Freedom of religion for the Vodouist has been repealed. Haitians in Haiti may legally be arrested for dancing Gede! Honoring the Ancestors!
La sosyete, pandan n’ap danse Gede. Pandan n’ap salyè e rele tout Zansèt yo jodia, pa bliye gouvèman Micky a siyen yon chanjman lan Konstitisyon an ki retire proteksyon pou n fete Gede jan nou vle… Yo retire atik 297 e renouvle lwa 1935 lè nou te anba premye okipasyon Meriken ki deklare tout Vodouist lan asosyasyon ak malfektè !

On August 24, 2012, we wrote at Basic Haiti rights repealed :
Basic Haiti rights repealed under two occupied Haiti governments
The new Constitutional Amendment, ratified under the Michel Martelly government makes several clandestine changes behind the public clamor that this amendment was about giving MORE rights, that is, dual citizenship to the Diaspora.

One such change is the repeal of Article 297 which had terminated laws propagated specifically against Haiti masses, particularly the Vodouist, Haiti’s own indigenous peoples.

For instance, the amendment reinstates the September 5, 1935 law that declared all Vodouist are asosyasyon malfektè – bad people, evil people.” — Ezili Dantò of HLLN, Basic Haiti rights repealed

Rele Gede yo:

Celebrate Haiti culture- All Saints Day (Sa nou pa wè yo) and Day to honor the dead (Departed loved ones) – Nov 1st and 2nd are at hand…Rele Gede yo! Rele Zansèt e Timoun yo! Souple, frape tanbou pou yo! Frape l fò pou tout Ginen yo leve. Pou Papa Legba ouvrè pòt la, ouvrè baryè a pou yo…Laugh, love and live with Gede yo.


Zili Misik Performs Gede Zarenyen


Se sòt ki bay, enbesil ki pa pran



Celebrate Haiti culture
Vinn danse Banda, Gede Nibo
Fete Gede Nibo

DONATE to support Ezili Danto’s work and Zili Dlo: Clean water, skills transfer and solar power for Haiti

Zili Dlo – dlo pwòp e enèji solèy pou tout moun

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