Haiti and the Clintons, Can Obama afford not to act?

by  Jean Yves Point-du-Jour

Haiti and the Clintons, Can Obama afford not to act?

By Jean Yves Point-du-Jour, Haiti Perspectives, Special Op-Ed, September 12, 2012

Watching the Democratic National Convention (DNC) held last week in Charlotte, North Carolina was an eye opener. On Wednesday night, former US President Bill Clinton said during his well awaited speech that “President Barack Obama in the spirit of cooperation has hired Hillary’ Staff and also Hillary herself”.



Homeless quake victims get evicted in the hurricane season, while the Bush-Clinton fund builds a new US $29 million shelter for Westerners with donation dollars to help quake victims. Photo Source: Caricom News Network


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It was the defining moment for me as a Haitian. It clarified that in return for the Clintons’ support, Barack Obama handed over the State Department.

The January 2010 earthquake which destroyed various parts of Haiti especially the Capital Port-au-Prince, causing hundreds of thousands of Haitians deaths provided the opening that the Clintons needed to completely dominate Haiti politically and economically.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the incompetency of the Haiti leaders to deal with the reconstruction effort was apparent. Unfortunately, many of our Haitian brothers and sisters still harbor the slave mentality. Some Haitians always want the international community to validate their actions and credentials. As a result, we lose faith in our own ability to deal with our own issues and missed a great opportunity to take control of the destiny of Haiti. When someone else decides for us, that individual is not going to make decisions based on Haiti’s interests. They will always act on what is in their best interests. This is exactly what has happened and continues to occur in Haiti.

First, Bill Clinton took over the Haiti reconstruction effort as Chair of the Haiti Interim Reconstruction Commission. Billions of dollars in aid were promised by the international community and millions more were collected in the name of helping Haitians rebuild their country.

Two years later, the result has been disastrous. Hundreds of Haitians are still living under tents. Yet, according to the New-York Times, more than a quarter of the $412 million allocated for reconstruction has instead been used to build an industrial park in an area not touched by the earthquake. In a July 5th, 2012 article, the New-York Times questioned the building of the Caracol industrial Park. Contracts were awarded to firms, individuals associated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign when she ran for president of the United States in 2008.

Second, the results are no different politically. First, a sham “election” was organized under the leadership of Hillary Clinton to select a demagogue as president, someone who can best apply and protect the interests of the Clinton’s vision of sweatshops, business opportunities for Clinton Associates, etc. in Haiti. Serious candidates were eliminated and once again the destiny of Haiti has been compromised. Clinton’s fingerprint can be found in almost every key nomination of the Martelly’ s administration, from Prime Minister to Ambassador of the United States, even among government Consultants.

Haitians are currently witnessing the effects and dealing with the impacts of past and present policies of the Clintons.  There is a political malaise settling in Haiti. A climate of fear and intimidation prevails in the society especially in the political class and now the business sector.

Cap-Haitien Wednesday September 12, 2012 / Haiti: Anti-government protests growing throughout the country


There is no clear strategy for development. There has been no respect for the fragile institutions of the country. Natural resources of the country are being pillaged. Signs and evidences of corruption are everywhere.

Symptoms of political persecution and repression are appearing. Cholera brought to Haiti by UN soldiers continues to kill Haitians. Hunger and insecurity are rampant in the society. Hope and change have been transformed into despair, frustration, and anger. Human rights and freedom of speech are being threatened.

Since Michel Martelly became President, Haiti has seen crisis after crisis, beginning with the arrest of Deputy Arnel Belizaire to the publication of the so-called amended constitution and the current formation of a council to organize legislative and municipal elections.

One thing for sure, each time an important decision is to be taken, Cheryl Mills, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton key Deputy always makes a one day trip to Haiti.

We are witnessing the development of another election debacle in the Caribbean country. Michel Martelly has unlawfully hijacked the formation of the electoral council. He makes sure that he has total control of the process so that he can handpick Mayors, Senators, and Communal Representatives.  The political class, Civil Society, many Popular Organizations are visibly upset and are calling for a credible council to organize the elections. President Michel Martelly has clearly exhibited his intentions.

Can anyone imagine a Jean Bertrand Aristide or a Rene Preval making such a move? There would have been a firestorm in the US press.  So far, the international press has been silent. It seems that the Miami Herald’s Jacqueline Charles pen has been stolen or has run out of ink. Likewise for the American lady supervisor of the Haiti news section at the Voice of America in Washington DC who always removes objectionable items regarding the Martelly administration in their news broadcast. But an important question remains: can the Obama administration afford another election breakdown in Haiti?

Haitians are upset with the Obama administration. They realize that progress in democracy is being thwarted. The country has once again fallen victim of the Clintons. They blame Washington for the policy that lead to the current status quo. Nothing has been done regarding the reconstruction as promised.

The political situation is very precarious. President Obama needs every vote he can obtain, especially in Florida where a large Haitian community exists. Hillary Clinton is due to make another visit to Haiti to inaugurate the Caracol industrial Park. (Refer also to HLLN review of New York Times investigation)  Bill Clinton has already destroyed the Haiti rice production. He has apologized for what he has done. But the damage has been done and Haiti has yet to recover. Now we are witnessing another set of policy that is bringing irreparable damages to the country once again headed by the Clintons.

It is not too late. But a short window of time and opportunity is available. The time to act is now. The Haitian people are not dumb and stupid. Their silence and patience up to now cannot be translated as a sign of weakness or obedience. The Obama administration ought to understand the seriousness of the situation. Otherwise, once again, Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton’s apology will be too little and too late.


Transportation Engineer Manager, better known as “Yves Dayiti” was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He lives in Maryland USA and works as a transportation engineer manager. He is a broadcaster and has produced and hosted the Haiti radio program, “Konbit Lakay” in Washington, D.C.  for over 28  years. Contact email: youri44@hotmail.com.

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