Swapping Haiti lives: Interview on US Haiti Exploits

Ezili Dantò of HLLN


July 25, 2012 interview
Jeff Blankfort host of Takes on the World interviews Ezili Dantò on Haiti’s Exploitation / Radio Project MP3 KZYX Public Radio Interview

Summary: Ezili Dantò talks about her review, titled “Foreign investment means death & repression“(Part 1 and Part 2) of  New York Times July 6, 2012 article detailing how foreign investment at Caracol, Haiti raises bait and switch issues, worker abuse and environmental devastation concerns; tells how Obama, through the Clintons, pushed opening of South Korea sweatshop with US tax dollars and earthquake donations dollars requiring eviction of Haitian farmers instead of rebuilding after earthquake; of corporations, Newmont mining, VCS mining, etc., stealing Haiti’s (20bn) gold and oil companies waiting to plunder oil and destroy environment; of history of US-Haitian relations and occupation by Marines; of UN doing US dirty work; of Haiti being earlier robbed of its gold; of Haiti over $22billion independence debt to pay “reparations” to France for throwing it out of Haiti in 1804; of current Haitian government taxing remittances to Haiti from Haitian-Americans; of racism, race and gender as tools of empire; of five-star hotels built on donation dollars while the quake victims and Haiti peasants countrywide get evicted off fertile lands to make way for tourism in the time of cholera.


Francisco Herrera sings ‘Look at Haiti’



Video: Ezili Dantò Bwa Kayiman Ceremony

Excerpt from Excerpt from Dantò’s Haiti: Foreign investment means death & repression, Part 1:


Ezili Dantò speaks with Wombniverse Radio May 30, 2010: On Black womanhood, rape, mining, fracking, the earthquake, force assimilation, Vodun, Haiti, Janjak, Bwa Kayiman and the Great Mother in Haiti and Africa. (Interview starts 15 minutes into recording.)



November 22, 2010
Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio interviews Ezili Dantò of HLLN. Dantò talks about US shock doctrine, disaster capitalism in Haiti; UN cholera elections and democracy;
US occupation with UN guns as replacement for old Haitian army; Coup Detat/Bush Regime change participant, Richard Morse declaring “it was a coup d’etat, I participated, went to Washington.”


In view of preparation for full open pit mining in Haiti November 22, 2010 Full interview- Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, April McNeil, Saje Fitzgerald, Ezili Danto, Janine Bandcroft Nov. 22, 2010


The full interview with April McNeil and Saje Fitzgerald and Congo Rising in the first half is worth listening, discussing mining violence, culture of impunity, mining causing gender violence – rape, torture against women.

Day 27 – Feb. 8, 2010 Four weeks after the earthquake


February 8, 2010 – Day 27 after Haiti earthquake
Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio (CFUV) interviews Ezili Dantò of HLLN.
(Feb. 23, 2010 Update from Croix Des Bouquet/Carl Telemaque: I Survived and I’m Back From Haiti)


“This writing reviews, in two parts, the consequences of US investment in Haiti. It looks at the New York Times investigation into the Caracol industrial park, its anchor tenant, the South Korea’s Sae-A Trading, giving Haiti context with the Bitter Cane documentary on industrial parks in Haiti 40-years ago. The piece illustrates that Washington’s bait and switch use of donation dollars and US taxpayer aid for private profit is a colonial blueprint in Haiti. US intervention is not intended, even when called “Haiti reconstruction” to provide sustainable jobs and infrastructure for Haitians. Caracol itself is window dressing covering the infrastructure the US is building for the mineral and vast oil reserves the US occupies Haiti to exploit.”

Excerpt from Dantò’s Haiti: Foreign investment means death & repression, Part 2:

“Mostly, Haitian infrastructure improvements are allowed to stand in Haiti only if they serve foreigners or their local subcontractors. The roads and ports were built for foreign business use.

In the period of the first US occupation, HASCO controlled the electric company, the railroad company and the Port au Prince wharf. The Haiti railroad and train cars only carried HASCO sugarcane from the plantations to refineries to port for export while Haitians had no way to improve domestic agriculture by getting their produce to local markets before it rotted. This has been the case since neocolonialism began with the first foreign-supported Haiti coup d’etat in 1806 that killed Haiti’s founding father and put the assimilated sons of France in power. (Haiti a time bomb which must be defused immediately; Haiti: The soul of Africa, not for sale ; Obama’s offered HOPE is sweatshop slavery; Caracol, SHADA: Hoax masking foreign appropriation of fertile Haiti lands.)

The US legislative conditions (HOPE ACT II) imposed upon Haiti for hosting non-tax paying foreign companies such as the Caracol industrial park, which make duty free garments and goods for the export market, COMPELS Haiti to agree NOT TO INVEST in needed public services – clean water, sanitation and waste management, public roads, health care, et al. Imposes controls, rules out Haiti government ownership of economic assets. (See, Statement of Haitian Activists on the HOPE legislation passed by Congress, December 16, 2006: Enriching the few at expense of the many is not “HOPE” but fueling more despair.)

Haiti is in dire need of public services, clean water, sanitation, infrastructure, local manufacturing, local food production, local agriculture and for the government to invest in this and be accountable to its citizens for these services.”

(Haiti: Foreign investment means death & repression, Part 2)

Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Haiti: Where Did the Money Go? What the American Red Cross Does Not Want You to Know by Center for Economic and Policy Research

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“This Caracol “jobs-for-Haiti” is bait. Window-dressing to provide infrastructure and housing for the Denver-based miner Newmont(Eurasian/Marien Mining), Canada’s Majesco/VCS Mining and other foreign companies mining Haiti for gold, silver, copper, worth more than $20 billion dollars.

During the first US occupation, both HASCO (the Haitian-American Sugar Company) and SHADA (Haitian-American Society for Agricultural Development) were foreign controlled, but used Haiti figureheads to circumvent Haiti Constitution prohibiting foreign land ownership. For the SHADA and HASCO similarities with the looting Haiti-American collaborators of today, see on our website, Caracol, SHADA: Hoax masking foreign appropriation of fertile Haiti lands. ( Haiti: Foreign investment means death & repression, Part 1 – http://bit.ly/NhilyS )

South Korean stranglehold in Haiti keeps multiplying
“The South Korean stranglehold in Haiti keeps multiplying and the correlations brings the picture of tyranny and power-holders over disenfranchised poor Haiti very clear.  The UN-MINUSTAH troops in Haiti are led by South Korean, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Paul Farmer is the Deputy UN Special Envoy to Haiti and his partner at Partners & Health is South Korean, Dr. Jim Yong Kim who is the US-dominated World Bank’s newly elected Korean born President. For the first time in UN history the World Bank, not the UNDP are bankers for Bill Clinton’s funds raised for Haiti. They gather together destroying Haiti as their latest excursion in their proposed Korean operated factory slave labor jobs in Northern part of the country on the burial ground of Haiti’s revered liberator, Charlemagne Peralte.” ( Haiti: Foreign investment means death & repression, Part 1 – http://bit.ly/NhilyS )

“Washington swapped Haiti lives and lands to get a South Korean Maquilas into Haiti but not a Brazilian Maquila? The geopolitical maneuverings fills a few US imperial agendas: cements Haiti poverty; sends a message to all dissenters in the region about US elites’ dirtier capacity for maintaining their world looting system despite the horrors of the quake in Haiti; underlies efforts that contains Brazil’s economic ascendancy in the Hemisphere; promotes a servile and useful South Korean client state; makes no apology for using charity donation dollars and US taxpayer dollars to support unfair labor practices, corporate welfare for giant US manufacturers, worldwide low-wages or to feed the WalMart-ilk’s appetite for closing down small local businesses.”( Haiti: Foreign investment means death & repression, Part 1 – http://bit.ly/NhilyS )

Economic fascism against Haiti poor
“Caracol capitalist vultures pay no taxes, tariffs or custom duties, get free land, free factory, luxurious gated communities but see NO PROBLEM with their money changers taxing Haiti Diaspora remittances, the only direct aid that keeps the poor alive. Under the US-supported Martelly government, Haitians overseas pay an extra $1.50 per transfer and .05cents extra per phone call to Haiti. No other nationality in the world are paying these in-country transfer taxes.” ( Haiti: Foreign investment means death & repression, Part 1 – http://bit.ly/NhilyS )

HLLN on Haiti Riches

July 25, 2012: Ezili Dantò with Jeff Blankfort – KZYX Interview on US occupation of Haiti behind UN mercenary guns, New York Times report on using donation dollars where Haiti isn’t broken