Western Traditional NGOs: Tools of War

Editorial point – USAID is not an NGO as stated by the writer below. USAID funds traditional NGOs and, in Haiti, they are mostly a tool of destabilization and neocolonial destruction – a tool of war,  which is the  main point in the article, also relevant to Haiti – “The Republic of NGOs”, we wish to underline.

Ali CordobaWestern Traditional NGO’s: Tools of War

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NGO’s or non-governmental organizations or commonly known as ‘non-profit’ making organizations. What are they really used for? Well, if they are from the Western hemisphere or

if they are ‘third world’ generated but financially supported by the West, are they really ‘humanitarian’ in nature?

In the past, not that remote altogether but some 30 to 40 years ago, Western based NGO’s were used as weapons carrier and were also ‘spy’ offices for the CIA, Mossad and what other killing agencies from the West.

Recently, NGO’s were used in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria. In Libya, they carried weapons for the rebels, they assisted in the murder of 100,000 Libyans and they were present when Nato hit the Gaddafi convoy in Sirte!

Examples from the past were rampant: Nigeria conflict (Biafra) where American NGO’s were used to carry weapons for the anti-Nigerian rebels, instead of medicines or food for the starved and needy.

This is but one example and there are others. Uganda under Iddi Amin: NGO’s were used by the Israeli army to penetrate deep into the Amin quarters in a clear attempt at eliminating him. The killers were used their ‘volunteer’ undercover to organize attacks against Amin.

In Indonesia, more recently, NGO’s and even ‘business centres’ owned by Americans and Europeans (including Australians) were used as spy ‘fronts’. This happened mostly during the Megawati Sukarnoputri era as President of Indonesia. Most of the activities of these NGO’s were in remote areas of Indonesia, including the hotspots like in Maluku and don’t forget Madera. In Madera, in one of the reports I made, it was about a ‘U.S. owned car rental’ business joining a well known NGO to collect data and other information on the children, wives and other members of the family of ‘mujahideen’ fighters who died in Afghanistan fightning the Soviet invasion.

The results of these spy-ops were handed to the American embassy in Jakarta which then submitted names to the Megawati regime, names that they Americans said were to be barred from everything ‘as these names were names of children’ of the dead mujahideen. The memo to the Megawati government from the U.S. embassy stipulated that these ‘children’ were ‘would be terrorists’ and the USAID were to ‘handle’ them and their ‘mothers’ in clear attempts at ‘christianizing them’.

All these institutions and other organizations that are “Trojan horse”, working for Western hegemon. As said above,, already during the war ‘biaffra’ weapons and mercenaries were transported through the red cross.

Recently I stumbled on a blog that shouted loud about the criminal acts by the NGO’s, mostly western, who used their freedom to assist Nato in Libya. “believing that justice, freedom and especially the respect for others can be expected from these organizations is crappy swim in the ocean of darkness and live in error. They are evil instruments, set up to tackle in depth with moral, intellectual and cultural of other peoples, to cultural uniformity in the style “” Oxidant way of life “, the blogger said.

He wrote: UNICEF, the ICRC (Red Cross), the AICF (Action against Hunger), UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), FAO (Food & Agricultural Organization), Organization of the United Nations specializing in agriculture and food, WFP (World Food Programme) and other so-called Western “humanitarian aid agencies” are for decades, the real accomplices of Western states with their food processing industries, trade, finance and members who are responsible for this disastrous situation in Africa.

He lambasted that “acording to a Canadian expert to save those children PERMANENTLY of poverty (caused by the West with the help of African leaders) should be three million € uros. But these (combined) and have now collected more than 260 billion € uros. Affect their bosses (on average) 28,000 €uros per month (staying & cars)!”

“The Senegalese Jacques Diouf (FAO boss) affects € 23,000 EUROS per month and is to FAO for 19 years! The patron of UNICEF, Ann Veneman key UROS € 42,000 per month, WFP boss key UROS € 26,000 per month, the UNHCR Antonio Guterres key UROS € 35,000 per month!”

USAID, a well known NGO from the U.S. is sometimes praised as the group that helps Muslims in Mindanao, Pattani, Aceh and so on. The truth behind USAID is that it is virtually a CIA front end camouflaged as an NGO. Most of the ‘NGO’ heads from the Muslim world who dealt with USAID have either turned into CIA informants or American spies.

This tells you more about the undercover ‘war’ agencies called NGO’s that are so called ‘humanitarian’ agencies!

Quotes taken on the site http://www.hackermocking-cartel.com/diaporama91.php


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