Haiti: 2011 HLLN FreeHaitiMovement Demands

HLLN 2011 FreeHaitiMovement Demands

Bon fet Papa Desalin!: We are in our homeland but are homeless. Remembering Haiti’s Founding Father on his birthday- Janjak Desalin born September 20, 1758.

On September 20, which marks the birthday of Haiti’s founding father, Janjak Desalin, HLLN’s Free Haiti Movement says thank you Janjak Desalin, lifts up the three ideals of Janjak Desalin, Desalin’s 1805 Constitution and Desalin’s Law. We stand in solidarity with Haiti’s masses and all decent people worldwide who are working to support the 2011 FreeHaitiMovement Demands:

-End the US/UN occupation of Haiti.
– Down with the militarization of Haiti for the benefit of foreigners and the tiny undemocratic monopolizing/mercenary ruling Haiti Oligarchs
-Release all political prisoners indefinitely detained without trial or hearing
-Stop the brutal evictions of earthquake victims
-Stop threatening, tear-gassing and shooting at Haiti demonstrators and students demanding justice and end of US/UN occupation
– Down with privatization
– Down with endless debt
-Fair trade not fraudulent free trade
– Long live a free and sovereign Haiti
– Long live Haiti’s State enterprises
– Support a living wage
– Down with Impunity
Justice for the Coup D’etat and UN victims:

  • Justice for Johnny Jean
  • No more UN sexual exploitation of minors
  • No more UN rape
  • No more food for sex
  • Justice and reparation for all cholera victims- 438,000 infected, and over 6,200 dead. The UN Stabilization Mission to Haiti (MINUSTAH) equals Cholera. Start immediate environmental clean up.
  • Enforce human rights, don’t violate them
    Yes to dignity, self-determination, self-defense, self-respect and Haiti’s national sovereignty
  • -Stop deportation to earthquake and cholera-ravaged Haiti. Justice and equal application of laws towards Haitian immigrants and refugees
    – Grant humanitarian parole to all Haitian beneficiaries of approved immigrant visa petitions
    -Allow Haiti government to use the assets of Haiti not to benefit foreign profiteers and the morally repugnant Haiti billionaire oligarchy, but to elevate living standards for Haiti’s masses, to build water treatment and sanitation plants, to build Haiti health care, invest in Haiti agriculture, infrastructure,  national production and manufacturing (Clean water and sanitation is a human right.) Support Haitian literacy, Non-Pèpè education and Haitian domestic economic development!
    -Void the SOFA Agreement with the UN immediately
    -Void the Haiti Interim Recovery Commission to end US/Clinton/Obama colonial rule of Haiti through UN auspices
    -Stop diluting Haiti remittances with neocolonial and neoliberal death plan policies, and manufactured conflicts that gives rise to pretext for US/UN/NGOs “restoring order” in Haiti.
    – France & US must return the original Independence Debt and the independence debt they are forcing Haiti to pay even to this day through endless IFI debts, Financial Colonialism, Coup Detat and Occupation!
    – Respect for Haitian culture, dignity, human rights, resources and riches, freedom of religion, for Kreyol, for Haitianist-designed reforms.
    – Down with mainstream media lies and simplistic reporting about Haiti.


    Justice for Johnny Jean the 18year old Haiti youth, pinned downed and brutally gang raped inside the Uruguan/MINUSTAH base at Port Salut, Haiti by five MINUSTAH soldiers. No more rape of our boys, impregnating and raping our women and girls. Justice for the UN victims in Site Soley and the populous areas since 2004. Justice for the young 16-year old Gérard Jean-Gilles found hung from a tree inside the MINUSTAH/Nepalese base camp at Cap Haitian, August 18, 2010. Justice for the mourner shot dead by MINUSTAH at father Jean Juste’s funeral… End the force assimilation of Haiti, whitening of Haiti, re-enslavement and US occupation under Obama and this UN cover. Get all the SAVIORS and blan kolon out, out of Haiti. Long live Janjak Desalin, Desalin’s Law and Three Ideals. (See also: Haiti Policy Statement for the Obama Team ; What Haitian-Americans Ask of the New US Congress and President ; HLLN’s FreeHaitiMovement Demands, May 18, 2009 ; HLLN FreeHaitiMovement links re-MEMBERing Haiti’s founding father, Janjak Desalin! and HLLN’s 2011 page on Janjak Desalin http://bit.ly/d8psxN ; and Kouwòn pou Defile and Live free or die. )

    Sept. 20, 2011

    I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divide –Jean Jacques Dessalines (Janjak Desalin)

    Remembering Haiti’s Founding Father on his birthday- Janjak Desalin (Jean Jacques Dessalines) born September 20, 1758 assassinated Oct. 17, 1806. Long Live the Spirit of Janjak Desalin.

    Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN)

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    Comments relevant on this day under US/UN occupation

    Maud Jean Michel, Sept. 20, 2011 on Facebook
    Jodi a se fet papa Desalin, malerezman, lespri n, nanm nou ak ke n anchennen. Tout nasyon an pa ka selebre fondate l paske blan di nou mouri, epi nou dako nou mouri….

    Guy S. Antoine, Sept. 19, 2011 on Facebook
    My Haitian brothers and sisters, we need to step up. All of us as one! Haiti is now overrun with foreigners who are telling us that they are more Haitian than we are, that Haiti needs to be occupied militarily FOREVER. Furthermore, they are telling us that somehow we are ungrateful whenever we protest against the wanton killings in the slums of Port-au-Prince, the boy hung inside a MINUSTHA base in Cap-Haïtien, the 17-year-old boy gang-raped in Port-Salut, the 6,000 people dead from the UN-imported strain of the cholera virus, the nearly half a million people who have been infected with the same virus, and the minors whom they have been raping and impregnating. At each and every turn, it seems, we need to say: “Thank you, nice people, for the security you are providing to our country. Thank you with a smile. You are our protectors. You are our gods, because we are worthless.” Is that what we as a people have been reduced to? Hell No, we will not shut up just to please you. Nor shall we submit to your attempts at inducing an inferiority complex in Haitians. Other countries in the Americas have seen far higher levels of violence than Haiti. Why do they persist in portraying Haiti as the most hopeless country in the continent? Of course, we reject Haitian-on-Haitian violence. However, does the threat of Haitian-on-Haitian violence justify the indefinite presence of a foreign military on Haitian soil? Would they also occupy all other countries with higher levels of violence, such as Jamaica and Mexico? Why hasn’t the UN spent their allocated Haiti funds to support a State of Law in Haiti run by Haitians? In any case, Haitians should be FREE to protest ALL HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES without getting shamed for saying: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. DO GOOD OR DEPART!” ( Mobile Uploads: Guy S Antoine Represents At the rally @ 47th and 1st ave entrance at 47th & 2nd, Source on Facebook- Cosy Joseph.)


    Alix Saintil, Sept. 19, 2011 on Facebook
    Doing good was not, is nor will ever be the UN miision in Haiti. It is there to dictate and perpetuate the will of the colonial powers. We can only discern this charade by its outcome: systematic killings of the poor, propagation of diseases, and terrorizing the masses. It is not up to us to determine if these actions are consistent with the suspected yet apparent policy of population control or any other Machiavellian plan . It is with great indignation we hear the selected president, consistent with his mission, praising the performance of the foreign rapists. We are however grateful for his effort in eradicating any possible ambiguity concerning his allegiance.

    Alix Saintil, Sept. 19, 2011 on Facebook

    …rete kè poze paske Ayiti pap mouri. Ayiti pa k mouri paske li pa jis youn espas jeografik men you ide pou viv lib. Ayiti pa k mouri paske li se youn resistans a tout fòm de opresyon. Ayiti pa k mouri paske li se youn rèv. Toutotan ke genyen injistis sou la tè, Ayiti pa k mouri.


    Judith FineandSaved Dolcine, Sept. 19, 2011 on Facebook
    …We are in our Homeland but are Homeless. Instead of will work for food it’s more like will F*** for Food. Please excuse the French or English well Kreyòl Pale Kreyòl Konpranm. Sispann explwate tèt nou pou lòt moun pa explwate nou… .


    Three Ideals of Dessalines

    F.M.I., travay Feliks Moriso Lewa
    Lewa’s Audio recording of FMI


    “Live free or die!” – Libète ou la mò

    Kanga Mundele: Our mission to live free or die trying, Another Haitian Independence Day under occupation


    2 thoughts on “Haiti: 2011 HLLN FreeHaitiMovement Demands

    1. On this solemn day and taking the time to reflect on the ideals of our founding father, I conclude that oppression is a contract between the oppressed and the oppressor which is unsustainable without the collaboration of both parties. We have passively accepted the role of the former by accommodating the latter. We should annul this contract and fiercely declare: liberty or nothing. What do we have to lose?


      1. What have we not lost already? The current status or status quo is assuring that the next generation has the highest risk of failure in the context of development. I concur that silence equals death in this context: Death of our historical legacy of freedom, eradication of the nature of our land, exclusion of a successful legacy of farming that sustain the Haitian peasantry through a fierce colonial period; losing sight that the role of governance is critical to reverse the trends that resulted in the Haiti today. Thank you for your insight.


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