Ezili's HLLN denounces massacres of Haiti Vodouist, holds UN responsible

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Ezili’s HLLN denounces the massacres of Haiti Vodouist accused of responsibility for the cholera outbreaks; holds UN responsible for inaction

Ezili’s HLLN denounces the murder and massacres, to date, of at least 75 Vodouist in Haiti accused of being responsible for the cholera outbreaks; denounces Bill Clinton as UN envoy, the Obama Administration, the UN, the local and international press and the Haitian government and police for standing by as these killings took place, mostly remaining silent for practically one-year, allowing the UN to pour their raw feces onto Haiti with immunity and impunity. (Note: According to HLLN sources, 50 Vodouist were massacred by opportunists and religious fanatics in Grand Anse alone, 14 in the Plateau Central, 3 and more in the North, at least 2 in Nippes and more than 3 Vodouist were murdered in the South.)

The UN-MINUSTAH soldiers sit all day long, mostly surfing the internet behind gated military bases when not molesting Haiti women, men, children; tear-gassing grieving cholera or earthquake survivors or protecting the commercial interests of the morally repugnant and rapacious Haiti oligarchy along with that of over 75,000 foreigners and 16,000 NGO/NPO organizations living the antebellum ol’ Dixie-era lifestyle in Haiti .

Most Haitians already knew it. But, now a whole-genome study gives irrefutable evidence that the UN brought cholera to Haiti.

The study should have a practical upshot, Piarroux says. Now that there’s evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, the United Nations should accept responsibility and make amends to Haiti, he says—for instance, by offering financial compensation or by supporting an all-out effort to make the country cholera-free again. “More than 6000 people are dead,” Piarroux says. “It’s our fault, as the people of the world.” (Whole- Genome Study Nails Haiti-Nepal Cholera Link by Martin Enserink on 23 August 23 2011
http://bit.ly/pWeVEt .)

As a voice of the voiceless, Ezili’s HLLN again condemns the UN, the international and local press, their civil societies and the Haitian government and press for providing the tolerable atmosphere that blames Haiti for the cholera outbreak and gave reason to some wayward Christians in Haiti whose fanaticism are generally ignored by the international authorities, to massacre Vodouists. We condemn these authorities for all the months – almost one-year after the outbreak even in the face of irrefutable scientific evidence – where they have not raised the alarm but kept SILENT. These authorities have failed to demand and insist that the UN-MINUSTAH mitigate its damages, do environmental clean-up, quarantine its contaminated soldiers, provide guarantees to Haiti its soldiers are not contaminated with some other disease, that they are no longer dumping their raw feces into Haiti’s water system, and provide filters to clean Haiti’s drinking water which action could have prevented a large number of the over 6000 sufferings and deaths and over 370,000 Haitians who have been hospitalized. (See HLLN photo essay on cholera in Mirebalais, August 2011 – http://bit.ly/pfGEXj .)

As a voice of the voiceless, Ezili’s HLLN stands in solidarity with victims of UN cholera and with the Vodouist whose families and friends were massacred and are being murdered by the opportunistic and fanatical Christians in Haiti who accuse Vodouist of being responsible for the cholera outbreaks. It is depraved and criminal that the international authorities, because of the historical disdain for Haiti’s indigenous culture and their mainly Christian faith have failed to strongly denounce the religious fanatics’ murder and massacre of Vodouist in Haiti, who are the scapegoats for all ills that befalls Haiti, ala Pat Roberson’s insane, racist, illogical thinking.

At Ezili’s HLLN we are proud of Haiti’s culture, Vodun psychology, spirituality, herbal medicine, bad-vibe makeovers, Lakou, Viv and Konbit inter-connected way of life. From our beginning, we’ve taught its grounded-in-reality light and wholesome beauty and carry it forth as a matter of course. But are most glad at the happy coincidence that HLLN’s Zili Dlo – the modest purified water project started after the 2004 hurricanes in Gonaives, is today, by its historic reference, name and Ancestral symbols, also the literal antidote to toxic-foreign-feces-poisoning; empowering, in a myriad of ways, the ravaged and downtrodden 80% Vodouist in Haiti living and suffering with UN–cholera while being blamed, by opportunists and Christian religious fanatics, for causing it. (See Zili Dlo artwork by Fanm Vodou pou Ayiti /earthquake and cholera relief with healing human rights and dignity; Solidarity with victims of UN cholera and, More Zili Dlo photos on Facebook , HLLN website , and Flickr .)



One thought on “Ezili's HLLN denounces massacres of Haiti Vodouist, holds UN responsible

  1. Amsterdam August 25th 2011

    Greetings Sea-Star Ezili,

    I downloaded the pictures and will make a compilation and put it on the net-you tube.
    You do good work…keep it up.
    Everytime I see you…I see your love for your people.



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