Zili Dlo – Clean Water for Haiti

Zili Dlo- Dlo pwòp pou tout moun:

Grand launching in August for Bwa Kayiman, 2011

Zili Dlo - Dlo pwòp pou tout moun - Zili Dlo: Clean water for everyone in Haiti

Support Clean Water for Haiti, Support Ezili Dantò’s work

Ezili HLLN has been working to positively impact the cholera epidemic facing Haiti and the Haitian people.

Cholera ravages Haiti and solutions are needed to prevent further death and misery. Access to clean water continues to be a major obstacle to combat water born diseases in most parts of the country.

This August 2011, at the start of the rainy season and with the UN finally admitting it imported cholera to Haiti, but denying liability for environmental clean-up, justice and reparations, the

Ezili Network has stepped to the front lines to bring the latest clean water purification technology to Haiti with the help of a generous donor.

Zili Dlo, a yearly crisis relief project since 2004 of the Ezili Network. This relief provides skills-transfer, solar and green technology teachings to Haitians providing alternatives such as harvesting and cleaning of rain water, promotion of Jatropha biofuel as a homemade domestic fuel source, uses of the sun for solar cooking, electricity and cleaning drinking water. Showing how to use what’s in our hands to lessen NGO money-laundering-dependency, apartheid, loss of sovereignty.  Zili Dlo promotes relief with human rights, healing, self-sufficiency and dignity to the underprivileged with no access to clean water and fuel. We’ve provided biosand filters and acquatabs to clean drinking water since 2004 to storm victims. This year we are now able to bring more solar technology and more clean water to hundreds of thousands of Haitians per month by delivering solar powered water filtration and purification equipment directly to two women Haitian grassroots organizations. ( See, Aug. 6 through Aug 13, 2011: The launching on “Bwa Kayiman, 220 years later” of Zili Dlo – Clean Water for everyone in Haiti! ZILI DLO! not NGO Dlo, Mundele Dlo, Bafyoti Dlo, nor Ndyoki Dlo! But Zili Dlo – purified water for FREE for everyone in Haiti! managed and distributed by native, Haiti-led grassroots women organizations: Fanm Vodou Pou Ayiti/Ms. Euvonie Georges Auguste and Sopudep/Ms. Rea Dol.)

Ezili Dantò, Rea Dol, Manbo Euvonie Georges Auguste, Manbo Belle Deesse - August 10, 2011 Photo Credit: Dominique Esser, HLLN

The honorable minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam – our generous donor – has purchase the state of the art water purification unit, but your help is needed to maximize the water distribution, to introduce more “Zili Dlo trucks” water distribution fanning out throughout the Port au Prince capital area. HLLN is inviting folks to help with some of this cost; which includes a delegation for maximum publicity and engagement in the on-going efforts, a public awareness campaign, and distribution costs. We’d like the resources to assist our Haiti team with delivery and distribution of as much clean water as possible to prevent further deaths from cholera and so Haitians can save their own communities.

Zili Dlo – Clean Water for Haiti

Zili Dlo: Dlo pwòp pou tout moun – Zili Dlo: Clean water for everyone.

How can you help? Join Zili Dlo’s efforts to provide access to more clean filtered water directly to Haitian families by donating via paypal: here. All contributions go: 1). to assist Zili Dlo to launch and maximize the capacity of the purification unit; 2). to create the visibility in Haiti that will focus on sustainable relief and development with human rights and dignity, 3) to provide set-up, security and maintenance for the Zili Dlo clean water distributions. This will be accomplished by getting the unit safely up and running by Haiti-led, front-line grassroots organizations while also making the implementation visible enough that it begins to change the discussions toward long term solutions and local sustainability.

Join us in Haiti. Ezili”s HLLN will be in Haiti the week of August 6 to August 13, 2011 to launch the project. Your donation is needed NOW! We are gifting this solar technology to cleanse water to two Haiti-led, Haiti-capacity building grassroots women organization. Providing such relief directly to Haitian-led, grassroots women’s organizations sets the standard for supporting the backbone of Haiti and for sustainable relief with human rights, healing and dignity.

Make an on-line donation. Be part of the real solution to the cholera epidemic and for earthquake relief. Support Zili Dlo – Clean water for everyone/Dlo pwòp pou tout moun.

Public campaign for clean water for Haiti//Zili Dlo fundraiser in August, 2011.

This is a positive and globally needed initiative. Join Zili Dlo and help our volunteers craft an effective public campaign in the coming months to maximize the delivery of clean water all over Haiti. We with your donation, support and participation, we hope to have a documentary of this trip to launch this project. When the Zili Dlo delegation returns next week, we’ll share with the EziliNetwork, our FB pages, Flickr and on our blogs, how your donation was used to make this a successful launching. Our goal is to bring more of such green technology to our friends and family in Haiti to help them stay alive, healthy and productive.

Mesi anpil. Men anpil chay pa lou! – Many hands make light a heavy load! Write to: erzilidanto@yahoo.com for further information

Together we can make a difference! Join the Zili Dlo donors and fundraising team to help raise money for maintenance, operation and to help us purchase water trucks to maximize delivery of clean drinking waters to more of our families in Haiti. Clean water is life, health and solution to cholera.

For updated news about Zili Dlo: Dlo pwòp pou toun moun – Zili Dlo: Clean water for everyone, follow Ezili Dantò on Facebook, Twitter and  Zili Dlo on twitter.

Ezili’s HLLN proactively pushes solar power to make Haiti’s rural women and urban poor less dependent on the NGOs.

WATCH THIS VIDEO and envision barefoot solar engineers for Haiti.

(An important point of disagreement with this video to highlight is the way it dismissively relegated the African male to worthlessness. Why must the males in their societies be encouraged to be towers of strength, while in ours they must be dismissed as worthless flotsam? Whatever we do should always attempt to strengthen the bond between our men and our women – not shred it to nothingness. Ezili’s HLLN underlines the stereotyping disrespect of poor African males contained in the video and categorically rejects this colonial narrative. That being said, the relevance of solar skills-transfer with dignity, respect and community healing not division is supported as a model for Haiti.)

Be part of solution: Support Zili Dlo’s solar programs for clean water and generating power from the sun.

Make a donation to support Ezili HLLN’s clean water project and Solar programs

Ezili in Miami

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Ezili Bwa Kayiman

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UN responsibility for importing cholera to Haiti


Make a donation to support Ezili’s HLLN clean water project

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Ezili Dantò

Human Rights lawyer Ezili Dantò is dedicated to correcting the media lies and colonial narratives about Haiti. A writer, performance poet and lawyer, Ezili Dantò is founder and president of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN). For updates, join the Ezili HLLN’s Listserve. Learn more at the website at:http://www.ezilidanto.com

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Ezili Dantò

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