Congress asks: What are the top three things Haiti needs?

At today’s U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Bernadel and Sassine said the top three things for increasing private investment (aka increasing private profit in Haiti) is Diaspora dual citizenship, ability to buy land, and I forget the other. (Bernadel may have mentioned health and education but later, on another question, he specified also supporting charter-type privatization of schools like in U.S.!!! Yuck – further privatization of education (or any other public service) is not a real option for authentic domestic Haiti change. And I’m so sure Sassine could not have said getting Rouzier as a Prime Minister was Haiti’s most important need! Must of been my fertile, crazy Haitian imagination. That’s it. For that answer is simply not plausible. What’s Sassine hinting at? – uhmm, for Congress to cancel Haiti visas again until Parliament changes their minds on Rouzier? Unreal.) Ok, I digress. But if Diaspora and foreigners can’t buy land in Haiti why are Haitians saying that Jacmel and some of Cap Haitian is bought up by the blan. Like Bill Clinton and Maria Bello, right now????? This is all political posturing to kiss up to the Diaspora who are also mostly clueless and letting themselves be used. Haitians with US passports own land, buy land with NO PROBLEM in Haiti. Ask Andy Apaid and Reginald Boulos. Get a grip people! Read some Ezili Dantò. Then you won’t be so easily maneuvered by the rats and vultures vying for power on your backs. Start nixing the mode souffle stuff in the bud, puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

The recent version of “dual citizenship” Sassine and Bernadel are referring to doesn’t give Haitians more power, other than ambiguous, non-executional voting rights to powerful positions the Diaspora can’t hold in Haiti! It’s merely a distraction to engage Diaspora emotions as the status quo and neocolonists continues to pillage and plunder.

If that bogus amendment Sassine and Bernadel are pushing as “Haiti priority” is illegally reinstated by Martelly, it shall take away more rights than the Diaspora posses now, adding more residency requirements and disqualifying provisions to political positions the 1987 constitution was silent on and therefore mostly deemed allowable for the Diaspora to hold. (See Ezili Dantò relevant links at, Occupied Haiti: A Prefab President, Parliament and Constitution; Dual citizenship, not a priority and Stop the assault on the Haiti Diaspora.)

Moreover, Sassine is simply in the twilight zone when he says that cholera is under control in Haiti. Nothing could be further from the truth than that assertion.

Barjon was the only one speaking truth. She said that 2/3rds of Haiti are peasant farmers. Haiti needs investment in domestic production, food sovereignty and supporting domestic manufacturing, especially in supporting the rural agriculture, the needs of the peasant Haiti farmers and creating jobs like investing in in-Haiti sugar mills for instance. Good job Barjon. Chapo ba! Mesi anpil. ( Regine Barjon at Senate Hearing: “The People of Haiti Know What They Want” – Barjon also mentioned something mostly all Haiti “experts” testifying before Congress never mention – that its critical for the US to repeal the Bumper’s Amendment so real U.S. investment could be made in sustainable Haiti agriculture.)

We still wait for the brave Haitian who will sit at one of these meetings and talk about the value of community property (the Lakou), community wealth in Haiti and how that is the Haitian cultural system! Ah, how we shall rejoice when that small truth finds light in these Western citadels of power. The Ancestors await the brave Haitian(s) who will utter those words soon and lift Haiti out of Western poverty narrative IMMEDIATELY – in that nanosecond value added and RECOGNIZED!

Ezili Dantò of HLLN
June 23, 2011
P.S. We’ll watch the video again once its posted or get a script and write more precisely on these points later. Check this blog post link for any more specifics or quote corrections. This is just the initial reaction to today’s hearing.


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One thought on “Congress asks: What are the top three things Haiti needs?

  1. Simply put, Haiti wants an immediate evacuation of the UN enslaving/colonizing forces; secondly, Haiti wants an immediate true election in which Aristide’s party can participate; thirdly, Haiti wants an immediate reparation – the UN cholera, years of economic and human cannibalism by France (europe included), the US, and others with mongoose snouts.These are just predicative of the preludes to immediate wants, for having locked Haiti into a dependency clamp-hold, the US, France, the UN, etc.,need to leave Haiti for Haitians alone, and to let them deify Janjak


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