Solidarity with Haiti: Ezili Danto of HLLN in Toronto

Solidarity with Haiti: Ezili Dantò in Toronto April 15 – 17, 2011 (Photos)

Ezili Dantò’s Itinerary

As she visits Toronto
Ezili Dantò

1) York University, Toronto

Friday, April 15th, 2011

‘Ezili Dantò Speaks about Haiti’

Where: York University (Keele Campus)

Student Centre – GSA Office Room 433

Time: 3:30 pm – 6 pm

Cost: Free (Donation Accepted)

Info: 647.995.2624 or 416.736-5293 – Matt


2) University of Toronto (U of T)

Friday, April 15th, 2011

‘Ezili Dantò Speaks about Haiti’

Where: U of T (St. George Campus)

Woodsworth College – 119 St. George St.

Room 119

Childcare available RSVP at 416.978.0831

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

Cost: Free (Donation Accepted)

Info: 647.995.2624 or 416.978-0831 – Sis Yolisa


3) Knowledge Bookstore, Brampton

Friday, April 16th, 2011

‘Ezili Dantò Discusses the Art of Performance with students ages 4 yrs to 15 yrs’

Where: Knowledge Bookstore (Brampton)
177 Queen Street, W

12 pm – 2 pm

Cost: Free (Donation Accepted)
Info: 647.995.2624 or 905.459-9875


4) Trane Studio, Toronto
Saturday, April 16th, 2011

‘Welcome & Reception – For

Ezili Dantò as she Performs Spoken Word’

(Live Jazz Tribute: To Charlie Parker by – The Terry Logan Quintet w/ Michael Arthurs)

Where: Trane Studio

964 Bathurst Ave
Time: 8 pm – 11 pm
Cost: $20 Contribution
Info: 647.995.2624 or 416.913-8197


5) Ocean 49 Restaurant & Lounge, Toronto

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

‘Ezili Dantò Edutain through Drama, Dance and The Spoken Word – with the spirit of warrior goddess…’

Where: Ocean 49 Restaurant & Lounge

2625 Weston Road, Unit #31

(Beside Dollar Giant at weston and hwy 401)

Time: 5 pm – 9 pm
Cost: Adult $25
Info: 647.995.2624 or 416.249-0900

All Proceeds will go towards Humanitarian Trip to Ayiti in June 2011


Video Reels

Miami Live! RBM Video Reel
Ezili Dantò live in Miami with Sanba Yatande, Ti Rouj & Manno

Carnegie Hall -Ezili Dantò at Carnegie Hall
Jazzoetry Vodun Performances zilibuttonRBM Video Reel
zilibuttonRBM Jazzoetry CD audio clip of:
So Much Like Here (text)

Video excerpt of
Bwa Kayiman Ceremony

– A Vodun Theater Dance Show Celebrating the Gathering that started the Haitian Revolution


The StoryofJanjak: The Greatest Hero who ever Lived – Inspired by Ezili Dantò’s inspired by:
Haiti’s Founding Father – The Women who Influenced him, his Ideals and Legacy

Recommended HLLN Links:

Haiti Epistomology and Boukman’s Prayer

Ask Obama and Sec. Napolitano to STOP all deportations to quake and cholera-ravage Haiti by Ezili Dantò and

Support Humanitarian Parole for Haitians by Ezili Dantò

Colonization of Haiti’s food and seeds not earthquake relief by Ezili Dantò

***What Haitian Americans Ask of the New US Congress and President, 2008 ***

Haiti message to US Embassy
in Haiti: The Will of the People (2011)

Haiti Sovereignty Disaster relief Rebuilding with Dignity

Haiti has its own rebuilding plan: US/UN Stop blocking Relief…


By Another Name: Haiti’s Next Tyrant by Ezili Dantò of HLLN,

Pacific Free Press- ‎Apr 7, 2011

Haiti: Ezili Danto on the election of Michel Martelly

Aristide Returns as Haiti Seeks a New Course (April 7, 2011)

“It is the overcoming of the elites,” said Ms. Danto, “and even if it is for a moment, because we are the Haitians and we understand that from the womb-to-the-tomb, our life is about struggle, that the Empire will strike back, that they have their Duvalierist election on Sunday, to put a façade of voting on this sham that they’ve made of democracy.

“For us who have been in this vineyard and have never wavered, we remember those who have fallen, who demonstrated against the total disenfranchisement of the Black masses of Haiti,” in 2004 she continued.

“Now whether or not, at some point in time, they can elevate themselves off of this NGOrepublic, or this new Duvalierist who is about to be given five years off of this sham election, the struggle continues.

“There are some people who have stood with us and who we also remember today. We remember and lift up Minister Louis Farrakhan for standing with the Haitian Lawyers Leadership and the voices of Haiti when no others in the intelligentsia of Black America would do that. This is also a victory of justice of those who stood with us: Hazel and Randall Robinson, Danny Glover, these individuals who did not allow the spin of the mass media,” to convince them that the UN plans and the Congressional Black Caucus-supported HOPE Act, were anything but continued slavery for the people.

“Today for a moment we will smile because this shining and eternal moment must see us through what will come at us next.

We have these sham elections to look forward to. We anti-Duvalier Haitians managed to survive, whole and with dignity, and to witness that against all odds, for this moment, we beat back the elite, rabid rage,” Ms. Danto concluded. (Aristide Returns as Haiti Seeks a New Course)



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