Save Haiti – Annul the fraudulent Nov. 28 elections

Save Haiti – Annul the fraudulent Nov. 28 elections

Source: Youtube

Miami Herald: Letter to the Editor

Haitian election was a sham

Some months after the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake Edmond Mulet and the Organization of American States were the first to direct the Haitian people to hold official elections at the end of 2010. Despite the contrary opinion held by the majority of political parties, many civil society organizations, public leaders and fellow citizens – who had raised the issues surrounding elections due to the displacement of the civilian population, the destruction of buildings and insufficient time to purge the electoral list – the supposed friends of Haiti, executing their own agenda, did not want to listen to reason.

As a result, the elections took place Nov. 28, 2010, and as expected, the results plunged the country into chaos. During four days of wild demonstrations, the rise of violence caused destruction almost everywhere in Port-au-Prince, Petionville, Cap Haitian and Les Cayes. The sovereign Haitian people expressed their disapproval of Ambassadors Edmond Mulet and Colin Granderson and the OAS and their anger at the organizers of the sham elections, namely the OAS, the government and the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), who developed a diabolical machine to divert the popular vote. They continued, nevertheless, to show their disregard of the people by signing an agreement on Dec. 29 on the Mission of Experts of the Joint Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS and Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

The leaders of the electoral observation mission, in concert with the government, ignored the false ballots, the distribution of arms, particularly in poor neighborhoods, and the displacement of the electoral population. The leaders of the mission, the OAS, strongly implicated in these distortions of democracy, now want to be a part of the solution by proposing recommendations that will further spiral this country in crisis.

It is true that on Dec. 13 the government of Haiti prompted the OAS to send an expert mission to verify the tabulation. Nevertheless, the agreement between the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, the Government of the Republic of Haiti and the Provisional Electoral Council on December 29, 2010 deliberately violates the charters of the United Nations and the Organization of American States, the current constitution and electoral law.

The Senators protest in the strongest manner possible against the report of the expert mission of the OAS, requiring that the Secretary General of the OAS recognize that elections are an act of sovereignty, so that this kind of intervention of the expert mission of the OAS in the electoral process flagrantly violates the right of Haitians to freely choose their leaders.

Edmonde Supplice Beauzile, Jean William Jeanty, Maxime Roumer, Nenel Cassy, senators, Port-au-prince


Protesters look on as US Secretary arrives

Source: Yahoo News photos, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


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5 thoughts on “Save Haiti – Annul the fraudulent Nov. 28 elections

  1. Dear Presidents of France and the USA

    Please do what is right by the people of Haiti. Give them an opportunity to elect a man of the people, somebody who embodies the essence of the country’s struggle for genuine independence.
    Don’t deny him his right to return – and rescue
    his people.

    Peace and love.

    Gerry German
    Communities Empowerment Network
    United Kingdom


  2. I positively agree. Haiti has struggled too long to regain it’s Independence and Democracy, while the rest of the world sits back and do nothing. It is time for JUSTICE!



  3. A gift from the White House: right-wing dictators for you!

    The message of the former white supremacist states of Europe and North-America to the real International Community remains clear and consistent, whether in Haiti or Egypt: Democracy for us, right wing dictatorships for you!Soon enough, Mubarak will be replaced by a new, suitable, right-wing puppet. In Haiti, only right-wing puppets are allowed in the second round of “selections”.

    What a wonderful world indeed!


  4. Is Celestin being out of the presidential running a good thing or a bad thing? I know that a corrupted govt back candidate being eliminated is a positive, but it truly does not matter because whoever goes into office will be a carpet for “The West.” Either way, there’s no one with real power who can represent the majority and stop the tyranny of the rich, while also standing up to The World Imperialists, like South America has.
    Additionally, I would not vote for neither Manigat nor Martelly. From My understanding, Martelly is extremely immature, and he supports the Duvaliers. . What does that tell you??? And Manigat, on the other hand, is (I believe) rich or suburban, so Im afraid that she has more interests in making money and furthering the elite’s reign in our beloved Ayiti.

    Bon Dieu please let something good come out of this….


  5. ma chere soeur Ezili,
    J’ essayerai de ne pas jeter vers le haut pendant que je t’ecris ce message. J’essayerai de ne pas evoquer la colere au-dessus de la puanteur de l’injustice qui a englouti la maison de la revolution et de la liberation noire dans l’hemisphere occidental. Ce qui est devenu davantage qu’evidente est la corruption et le logement de la conduite haitienne, parce que elles sont les concubines provisoires du capital etranger qui veut seulement le Haïti car la des magasins de sueur/camps de travail.
    Et les resultats de l’élection et du procede d’election elle-meme sont seulement les raisonnables politique des besoins du capital étranger de donner l’impression de eclairent le consensus.
    Maintenant, nous faisons face a un ecoulement faux pour la presidence haitienne les candidats de droite avec deux concubines de clown’, avec avoir des liens aux militaires brutaux, contestant dans l’election du 20 mars. Nous avons Mme. Mirlande Manigat, l’epouse de l’ancien president, et le chanteur Michel <> Martelly, qui a soutenu un nombre de dictatures militaires, avant le clown Rene lache Preval.
    Maintenant, nous voyons quelle puissance réelle que ces harlots sociaux de la conduite Haïtienne n’ont pas. Pour l’ancien President Bill Clinton des USA de womanizer blanc de chien comme delegue de l’ONU et Co-Président speciaux du Comite de retablissement du Haiti d’interim, qui commande l’ecoulement des argents de tremblement de terre comme aide de desastre, qui avait rencontre chaque candidat separement dans l’hotel exagere et cher et luxueux Karibe, ou le talonneur d’upscale servirait le touriste etranger. Je devine que l’endroit etait plus qu’approprie pour Clinton et ces candidats.
    Au commencement, le candidat de la partie d’Inite de Preval, M. Judas Celestin, a ete declare comme le deuxieme gagnant d’endroit, malgre la protestation violente par des defenseurs <>
    Mais Preval et Celestin ont eu le bas arriere apres une visite au Port-Au-Prince le 1er fevrier par le vieux sachet a the dehors lave par moment le secretaire d’etat des USA Mme. Hillary Clinton, qui a exige que Preval et Celestin accepte les resultats des OAS. Ce sac lave-vers le haut de l’imperialisme va indiquer <>
    Ici nous voyons que les Américains ont categoriquement rejete un compromis propose pour un ecoulement a trois voies comprenant Manigat, <> Martelly et Celestin. Le seul os doux qui le chien Preval a obtenu etait que les Americains acceptent de prolonger sa limite dans le bureau a partir du 7 FevrierTh au 14 maiTh.
    Cependant la partie la plus populaire au Haïti est Fanmi immobile Lavalas et Jean-Bertrande Aristide etait bande de l’election par le CEPE, sur l’insistance de Preval
    Je, toutefois pensez que nous devons prendre une vue dialectale de l’imperialisme des USA et la conduite haitienne dans l’arrangement la situation.
    Pour la plupart de conduite qui existe au Haïti est une insulte a notre experience et intelligence. Pour lui doit etre compris que le neocolonialism est seulement phase provisoire de nouveau au colonialisme. Pour nous devons nous rendre compte que l’histoire soit toujours de notre côté, mais, pas temps …..


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