Haiti: Interview with Ezili Danto on return of Duvalier

Interview Ezili Dantò, Ron Daniels on WBAI with Felipe J. Luciano, Jan. 21, 2011 (31:58). Listen here.



A Haitian walks next to graffiti on the fence of the national palace in Port-au-Prince, January 20, 2011. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

2 thoughts on “Haiti: Interview with Ezili Danto on return of Duvalier

  1. Of course Sean Penn will be staying in Haiti for life, cheap drugs, readily available sex with children , and socially sanctioned rape: Hollywood Nirvana! He, his Hollywood homeboy Wyclef Jean, and the rest of the Hollywood degenerates probably have hatched contingency plans to turn Haiti into the next Cuba, a destination for hedonists around the world. Of course this will all be done under the aegis of Dubya who thinks it will fulfill one of grandpa Crowley’s prophecy’s: “we shall take strange drugs and make love to great purple beasts of women”!

    Since Duvalier absconded to France in 1986 Haiti has been forced to “modernize” its economy. Under President René Préval there has been trade and tariff liberalization, measures to control government expenditure and increase tax revenues, civil service downsizing, financial sector reform, and the modernization of state-owned enterprises through their sale to private investors. In short Reaganomics and the same type of benefits it has brought to America: the desolation of the middleclass and the enslavement of the working class. Seems to me Preval was just as much a stooge of the Bush Dynasty as that doddering idiot of a front man Reagan. Maybe Duvalier is not as bad as you think Ezili. After all he had to bought off with Haiti’s entire treasury and not force fed a lead sandwich like his American counterpart the great obfuscator Reagan. Reagan was informed that his only purpose was to serve the Bush’s when one month into his presidency he and his entourage were gunned down on a Washington street by the son H W’s largest financer in his primary against Reagan on the pretext of impressing a random Hollywood whore. I appreciate the irony of that just like I appreciate the utility of an organization like the Tonton Macoutes. Sometimes sheep must be kept in line for their own good or they will all run off a cliff. When evil is used against the few to perpetuate the benefit of the many then evil is really good and only time can make that judgment. Again I have not been there but I read everything you write Ezili and listen to your interviews it seems to me that things can not get any worse than they are already. Why did Duvalier come back when he could have spent the rest of his life reclining in the lap of luxury in France? Could it just be that he plans on putting an end to play time for Hollywood and the Globalists. Say what you will about Duvalier but he is not a man to be trifled with. I think you should reserve judgment on this Ezili. If the wolves are circling about you and planning their diner you cannot expect to be saved by an attractive and civil ax man. If he is to save you he will be even more brutal and fierce than the wolves.


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