Haiti Year of Agony: Ezili HLLN's Bouquet of Tears & Light

Jan. 12, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of the Haiti quake, we re-member the lives lost and suffering agony of those left behind…


On January 12, 2011, HLLN re-members the Haiti quake victims with: A bouquet of tears by Michel Sanon (in English & French) a Crosstalk interview and Light by Daniel Beaubrun


CrossTalk on Haiti: Failed aid

CrossTalk on Haiti: failed aid – interview with Ezili Dantò, Nick Rossier and Stanley Lucas

Source: CrossTalk (CT on Facebook)
Broadcast date: January 12, 2011

Despite the army of NGOs and a strong commitment of the international community, Haiti is still broken and its prospects are dim. Is something fundamentally wrong with the aid programs? And can Haitians break out of it? Ezili Dantò, Stanley Lucas and Nicolas Rossier share their first-hand experience on CrossTalk.


Lymè (Light)

Lymè (Light) by Daniel Beaubrun for the one-year anniversary of Haiti earthquake – Jan. 12, 2011


Lymè (Light)
par Sanba Daniel Beaubrun for Jan. 12, 2011

12 Janvye 2011 ap fè nou yon lane depi listwa nou chanje,depi moso nan istwa nou efase, depi fanmi, zanmi,nou rete vivan sèlman nan memwa nou. Mwen pap pote dèy pou lespri frè ak sè nou ke n pèdi yo. Se limyè ke mwen ap mete pou yo. Limen limyè pou Ayiti, pou inosan ki pèdi lavi yo. Limyè pou nou konnen kisa ki te pase a. Limyè pou nou konprann jwèt k ap jwe a. Limye pou nou ka enspire pou yon demen tou nèf, limyè pou nou sispann rete tann moun vin fè pou nou. Limyè pou nou kwè nan fòs ki nan nou a. Limyè pou nou aprann retande vwa Lanati. Limyè pou nou tout fè yon sèl, pou yon sèl kòz ki AYITI.
HLLN English translation:
January 12, 2011 marks one year since our history changed, since part of our history was obliterated, since our family, friends, remain alive only in our memory. I will not mourn the brothers and sisters we lost. I will put a light on for them. Turn on the light for Haiti, for the innocent who lost their lives. The light to show what happened. The light to our understanding the game that’s being played. The light to inspire a brand new tomorrow. The light to stop waiting for people to do for us. The light to believe in our own strength. The light to learn to listen to the voice of Nature. I light the light for us to all be one, one single voice that’s AYITI.


A Bouquet of Tears

(Un bouquet de larmes)


Two hundred thousand stars
Extinct, evaporated
In a sunset
Wrapped in dust
On this galactic stage
Close to the hearts of those
Who cherish freedom
Two hundred thousand flowers
Abruptly chopped away
In the devastation
Of a garden drenched with blood
Two hundred thousand children
Of all ages and features
Snatched away woefully
From the trembling arms
Of a broken mother
Who had already shed
Almost all of her tears.
Haiti Cherie …
What does the future hold?
Blessed be those strangers
All people of good will
Who strived to lend
A helping hand
When that infamous Cross you bear
Was crushing your spine.
Then came in semidarkness
The hawks and the foxes
Vultures and hyenas
With gems of illusion
Set in blinding cynicism.
Once again
Adam’s Planet is on the verge
Of completing with no glory
Another journey around the Sun
Whose constant rays
Are a symbol of life.
Life be with you
Haiti Cherie!
Collect yourself your dignity.
In this bouquet of tears
You will receive
Two hundred thousand wishes
For better days to come.

Michel Sanon (Montreal)
Jan. 11, 2011


Un bouquet de larmes
par Michel Sanon

Deux cent mille étoiles
Eteintes, disparues
Dans un coucher de soleil
Enveloppé dans la poussière
Sur cette scène galactique
Proche du cœur des gens
Epris de liberté
Deux cent mille fleurs
Fauchées abruptement
Dans la désolation
D’un parterre arrosé de sang
Deux cent mille enfants
De tous ages et de tous traits
Arrachés funestement
Des bras tremblants
D’une mère martyrisée
Déjà à court de larmes
Haïti Chérie…
Qu’en est-il de ton lendemain?
Nous bénirons ces inconnus
Gens de bonne volonté
Qui se sont évertués
A te porter secours
Quand cette infâme croix
Te broyait l’échine.
Depuis sont venus dans la pénombre
Les faucons et les renards
Les vautours et les hyènes
Avec des joyaux d’illusion
Sertis d’un cynisme aveuglant.
Une fois déjà depuis
La planète d’Adam
Complète un trajet sans éclat
Autour de l’astre radieux
Dont les rayons imperturbables
Sont symboles de vie.
La vie soit avec toi
Haïti Chérie.
Ramasse toi-même ta dignité.
Dans ce bouquet de larmes
Tu recevras
Deux cent mille vœux
De lendemains meilleurs.

Michel Sanon (de Montréal)
January 11, 2011

Ezili Dantò Vodun Remembrance
To Honor Quake Victims

“Over 300,000 Haitians gone in 33 seconds at 4:53 on the 12th of January. Pour libation. Beat the drums, beat the drums. Louder please. Louder for those alive and living under sheets, tarps, tents and old cardboard. Suffering still. Endlessly before January 12th. Unimaginably after. Our blood and suffering waters the Haitian soil, 517-years still…Never felt so much pain…Si kriye te leve lanmò, manman nou tout t ap la – If crying could raise the dead, every mother would still be alive…Jete dlo, jete dlo, jete dlo. Into the Ancestors’ hands we place all our souls… Legba ouvri baryè a pou nou. Pitit Ginen, the next part is left to us. Gade byen wa wè. Nou la. Zanset yo e Timoun yo vini. Our love is stronger and survives every energy transformation. We Are The Haitians. Nou fè yon sèl kò.”
– Ezili Dantò of HLLN
Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network


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